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"Bigger. Badder. Better."
4 stars"

Review by Linda on 30th November, 2011

When I turned on the Xbox. Picked up the controller. And saw this game for the first time, I was hooked. WWE' 12 is quite simply the best WWE game by far, from the beautiful graphics to the all new “Predator Technology” WWE' 12 surely fails to disappoint.

Many aspects of the game have drastically improved over the years for sure. The creation suite is fantastic this year, there are many modes, Create a Superstar, Logos, Entrances and better yet the all new Create a Arena. What else could u ask for-

Road To Wrestlemania however was a let down for me. All the stories looked fantastic but when I got to playing them I was very disappointed. Some parts were good but not to the standard that it should be. It was mostly all backstage, when this game is meant to be about “Wrestling” remember-

But the best part of WWE' 12 is the Universe Mode. Universe Mode is without a doubt the best mode THQ has ever made. To the amazing cut-scenes, and relationships and storylines between superstars. You can also have championship control so if you want to edit a match you can do it. Another cool thing is momentum so if John Cena is on a losing streak his attributes will drop and his momentum will go down. There's so much you can do in this mode its not even funny.

Don't get me wrong, WWE' 12 is a amazing game and is a true hardcore game for hardcore WWE fans. This game was a nominee at E3 for the game of the year award, and in my opinion it should of won. I haven't gone through everything yet, it just shows how many modes this game actually has! if You haven't picked up a copy of this game you must be insane! this is a must buy for WWE fans, hell you don't even have to be one to like it! that's all I have to say about this amazing game. Cheers. Rating: 9.0

"Simply Amazing"
5 stars"

Review by aaron on 30th November, 2011

I loved the Smack-Down vs Raw series, I brought every single game since 2006 and I know that series is gone now and its replacement WWE12 is Astounding. The graphics are astonishing and the gameplay has been improved almost to perfection.

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"Can't Wait!!!"
5 stars"

Preview by James on 11th July, 2011

The WWE Smackdown vs Raw series may be dead but WWE '12 looks amazing!!!

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"Cant wait ... Seems like THQ has really put the nail on the head"

Preview by Daniel on 26th October, 2011

More time for grappling and interactive game play rather than waiting for opponents on the ground to get up. More fast paced and making the game simpler – well this is gonna be a hit for summer 2012

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"Just Bring it"
4 stars"

Preview by Kevin on 29th September, 2011

So far from all the available information previewing the NEW WWE ‘12 video game looks amazing. But Only time will tell if my opinion will change when I get hold my hands on WWE ’12

"Best wwe game ever"
5 stars"

Preview by jason on 24th November, 2011

Wow a must get game for wwe and wrestling fans even people new to wrestling can pick up the controller best wwe game ever I highly recommend this game