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"The Long Wait Is Almost Over!"
5 stars"

In the lead up to the announcement of the pre-order and release date, the “New GW” is delivering on promises. Every day since the announcement that 8th Ed was coming, GW have been releasing working rules snippets, faction focus articles and TWO live FAQ's on what shape your favourite wargame (now 40 years old!) will take. Wounds have been beefed up, to hit rolls have improved, armour penetration modifiers are back! GW has promised that EVERY SINGLE MODEL in the current Citadel range will be playable DAY ONE. Many former players who dropped out over the years are coming back, lured by the promise of more balanced play instead of the “power creep” that has been so prevalent in the last two decades. And no more waiting for your army's codex to be released. Now, every faction gets a fair shake! Frankly, I can't wait to get my hands/teeth into this edition and get playing!

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