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"Must have!!"
5 stars"

Review by Arnon on 14th December, 2011

Uncharted 3 is a game with no equal, theres really no wonder ign gave this a 10/10 score, truly a great game, recommend to all, buy this now !!

"Perfection x 3!"
5 stars"

Review by Darryl on 8th February, 2012

Well, what can you say. It seems Naughty Dog just keep getting better and better!. This games has the most expansive storyline of the 3 games so far with you visiting many locations around the globe. The addition of chases, playing as young Nate, and some other cool mind bending moments keep this game fresh.

The voice acting is, as always, superb and though the story is a little more cobbled together than previous titles it's complex enough to keep it interesting.

I fear for the next installment, can anybody do 4 10/10 games in a row- If anyone can it's Naughty Dog.

"If you own a PS3 but not the Uncharted series you're missing out"
5 stars"

Review by Ben on 31st January, 2012

A wonderful continuation of an excellent series.