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Review by George on 6th March, 2012

As much as I like the book and the movie, my thoughts on the Blu-Ray were average. I didn't get the intended “WOW, OMG HD” factor as I usually do when watching a Blu-Ray movie. Nonetheless, I do enjoy the movie, just probably think before you buy “ it reeeaaally worth it on Blu-Ray-”

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"A different spin on old lore!"
4 stars"

Preview by Dominic on 24th February, 2009

I don't know what I expected. The books are being snapped up by teenage girls around the world. Being a huge fan of vampire movies such as Blade, Underworld and being a proud owner of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer boxset, I was not about to let the “teenage girl” thing put me off. And I am glad I didn't.

Without saying too much, the movie offers little action for blood and gore loving movie goers…and yet the atmosphere is intense. You could possibly work out from the cover-art and the Paramore hit Single “Decode” video, that this is a love story so that's not giving anything away. Twilight really is a moving and yet torn tale between an immortal and a human, with new "vamp” rules added to the mix (as mentioned in a previous review; the skin sparkling in the sunlight instead of burning…because THAT's a true story folks and this is made up…hello this is a MOVIE people!) this is new material and worth a watch. Each character is important to the story and the two main roles Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart – Zathura, Panic Room) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson – “Cedric” in Harry Potter) are played out perfectly, each actor fitting the roles like a glove. Bella is your typical teenage girl with self esteem issues, just moved in with Dad, and embarks on a new college in a new town, and on her first day finds that she seems to repulse this mysteriously pale student. Little does she know…

I watched this with a fellow male friend and he was expecting an action movie and therefore was a little disappointed. I hesitate to call this a chick flick simply because it takes things slowly. You have to remember this is the first, in a series of (potentially) four movies, so the characters need to be fleshed out fully for the next instalments to make sense. Trust me, I have read ahead (sorry but I have) and there is plenty of action on the way.

If you are like me, and enjoyed the Buffy and Angel relationship/ten­sion more than the Buffy and Riley standard boy/girl stuff, then you will enjoy this movie. I am a straight married man, and Kristen Stewart is attractive in every sense…but I am sorry to say; Robert Pattinson stole the show with his brooding intensity and ridiculous good looks.

If the movie does nothing but gets you reading Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, then that's more than most movies I've watched have achieved.

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"Poor PQ and AQ"
1 stars"

Preview by Stewart on 1st May, 2009

Whatever the merits of Twilght as a movie I cannot recommend this movie in Blu-ray. The sound problems have been documented (DD5.1 not True HD) but the PQ looks like a poorly upscaled DVD.

This seems to be borne out by the format of Menus with about 30% missing off to the left of my 16×9 TV.

Buy the DVD instead

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"Audio Warning"
2 stars"

Preview by Adam on 24th April, 2009

Although the disc's case and the website indicate that this Blu-ray disc has a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack, the disc does not in fact include one. The only audio tracks, apart from a director's com­mentary, are Dolby Digital 5.1 and PCM stereo. There is no lossless (TrueHD/DTS-HD MA) or uncompressed audio to be found. I doubt this will be a significant concern for the film's target demographic, however.

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Preview by Alicia on 21st April, 2009

This is going to be a classic for the modern times. It will be the new Romeo and Juliet!.

If you liked the movie you must read the books. This is a collection for all to have.

Recommend to all but guys remember this is based on a love story so dont expect to much violence. That should be in the last two.

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Preview by Kallum Petersen on 14th February, 2009

This is a Horrible book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer She is a horrible writer all twilight is a horrible Romance book

The story has no depth the romance is questionable firstly he falls in love with a plain simple not very beautiful character why? I don't know either

there seems no connection and no Reason for the two to be in such a relationship they hardly have any romantic gestures in it.

it doesn't follow the idea's of Vampires Edward shines in the sun instead of burning up into flames which is ridiculous.

Characters aren't introduced properly and the whole story is Idiotic

One of the worst vampire movies ive ever seen I highly recommend not seeing it if your a fan of a “good” vampire movie