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9 out of 10 people found this review helpful:
"You pay for what you get."
5 stars"

Review by Paul on 2nd June, 2010

When considering handing over $400 for a set of headphones, a lot of doubt and worry goes through your mind. Rest assured that this product delivers on every level of quality. If you're like me, living in a city apartment, noise level (mostly base) is a concern when playing explosion heavy games like COD MW2, Battlefield BC2 and Borderlands. This headphone unit is the perfect replacement for your home cinema surround sound during late gaming sessions (2100 to 1000hrs). I have given the headphones a thorough testing, from FPS; to immersive 3rd person thrillers (Alan Wake); to Party games (Rock Band and Guitar Hero); to Racing games (Forza 3); and finally RPG's (Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasy XIII). From this experience it has been clear that there is a lot of in-game sound/noise/con­versations that you miss out on through you're standard set-up. You will be amazed at the quality of sound and how immersed you become in your games (1hrs sessions become 4hrs). One minor negative: the distance of the wireless isn't the best. Word of warning: Don't fool yourself thinking you can walk to bathroom with them on, because you'll be in for a shock (cracks and hisses that almost deafen you); take them off it you're going into another room.

5 out of 6 people found this review helpful:
"Home Theatre In A Headset!"
5 stars"

Review by Russell on 25th May, 2010

After reading all of the reviews all over the internet and doing alot of thinking about weather to get these or not, not because of the price but the amount of people that complain about the faint static when you use xbl chat, I went for it and found that it was so minimal you cant even notice it when the gun fire is blasting away with the 7.1 surround sound, if your the serious gamer or the mrs dosent like how loud you have the surround sound up then these are a must have, you can hear the enemy comming from left or right to give you that edge!! Get them before they sell out!!

2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
"A must buy if you own an xbox!"
5 stars"

Review by Nathan on 15th September, 2011

Im a bit of an audio and video nut so I thought long and hard about buying this, or any headset that claims to be dolby 7.1 I have to admit the reviews on-line for this product are fantastic and people seem to like it so I forked out my hard earned cash to buy it, and I wasn't disappointed! Although I fail to differentiate 7 speakers it really brings a whole new element to gaming, I have for a long time used a loud dolby 5.1 stereo to play my games with, I love it! but im pretty sure the neighbours aren't to thrilled on a Saturday night when it sounds like world war 3 is happening next door! (my long suffering spouse seems to be able to sleep through it!) I wanted to have that full sound experience without upsetting people. This headset does exactly what it states on the box! it is very comfortable to wear, the mic system is awesome! for Call Of Duty games it really shines as it enables the ability to taunt your teammates clearly! and being able to here yourself means that you don't end up yelling at people(unless they deserve it) and the sound does not disappoint! it brings a whole new level of gaming, you can here people creep up behind you, and can pinpoint which direction an explosion came from, all and all this is a great piece of tech and will be the most used accessory I have for the xbox, Cheers Mighty Ape!

4 out of 6 people found this review helpful:
"Worth every penny"
5 stars"

Review by michael on 12th May, 2010

I know that $400 is a lil high for some ppl but when I got them today I was shocked at how good they are. You hear ppl saying they drop out every 30 mins; that might be true for some ppl but I have not had any drop outs as of yet. They are super easy to set up very nice!!!

3 out of 6 people found this review helpful:
"Amazing at time's, but not perfect."
3 stars"

Review by Scott on 17th May, 2010

First off all I should point out I have tried 2 sets so far, the 1st had a constant loud hiss. The promo material states that there is no hiss so I assumed my pair were broken and got a replacement. The replacement was a lot better, but still has a slight hiss. You cannot notice it when play games at all so its not a deal breaker.

But after few days use my 2nd pair have now starting to crackle when ever a certain frequency is played, mostly during deep bass, which in games like battlefield bad company 2 is a lot. So am now having to send these ones back too.

But apart from the defects that I have accounted when they have been working fine they are great. The sound is amazing, the surround is better than my dedicated surround sound 5.1 speaker setup and they are comfy too. So they do what they say, great sound. Easy 5 stars then? Not quite.

The cons, it's not completely wireless. You must plug in a cable to the controller to use xbox live chat. That then brings me to my next, and biggest con, the chat hissing noise. Once the cable is connected it triples the hissing noise in the background. Playing Splinter Cell conviction coop last night I could hear it the whole time. Some game's it is not to bad because there is alot of sound and it drowns it out, but for a quiet game like splinter cell, or even more-so Tiger Woods golf, it get's annoying. You may get used to it but so far I have not. Some reviews out there claim that they do not have that problem but so far both of my headsets have had it. My next gripe could just be my small head, but it feels slightly to big on my head and can sometime's sli­de off.

Some people complain about interference but so far it has been fine for me even with my laptop and xbox wifi adaptor right next to it (and yes I turned all wifi off and the hiss is still there).

If you can forgive the chat cable (It only has to be plugged in if you want to chat) and the chat hissing then it would be close to 5 stars. I just hope that its 3rd time lucky for me and my next pair will be great, maybe even fix the chat hiss! For $400.00 you deserve the best. If these were half the price it could get away with it.

Would also like to point out that Mighty Ape have been great with replacing them, I messaged them telling them my problems and the next day a new pair arrived! So Thanks Mighty Ape :)

0 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
"PS3/PC Chat Adapter Cable + Amigo II"
4 stars"

Review by seyha on 24th September, 2011

It's a really good product but it will be great if mightyape import the PS3/PC Chat Adapter Cable + Amigo II so I can use for PC and PS3 :) I hope you have it on sell soon


The Ear Force X41 is Turtle Beach’s top-of-the-line XBOX 360 headset featuring 7.1 channel Dolby surround sound, XBOX LIVE chat and a digital RF wireless connection for crystal-clear game audio.

Combining outstanding comfort with a stunning 360 degree sound field and enhanced online communication, the X41 puts you in the middle of the action so you’ll enjoy a gaming experience that’s second to none.

Playing your favorite XBOX game with the Ear Force X41 is like having a “secret weapon” in your arsenal. You’ll get a competitive advantage by hearing sound cues that you can’t hear with speakers, such as the soft footsteps of an enemy sneaking up behind you, or the loading of a weapon far in the distance, regardless of the direction. By hearing sounds others can’t - and by knowing where they’re coming from - you’ll react faster and take them out before they take you out.

If you’re serious about XBOX 360 gaming, get serious about the sound. Invest in an Ear Force X41 and experience the game the way it was meant to be heard. It will help you to become a better player and you’ll have a lot more fun enjoying your XBOX 360.

Dolby 7.1 Channel Surround Sound
The Ear Force X41 transmitter uses a 150MPS Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to deliver genuine Dolby Digital sound, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, and Dolby Headphone surround sound processing technologies - the industry-standard formats for encoding multi-channel sound in XBOX 360 games and DVD movies. The X41 uses the latest version of Dolby technology to create realistic game sound in 7.1 channels for improved surround sound accuracy.

Dolby Pro Logic IIx and Stereo Enhancer
The X41 transmitter incorporates the latest Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoding system for surround sound realism from Dolby Pro Logic II encoded audio. When used with stereo sources, the Dolby Pro Logic Decoder also enhances the sound by spreading the stereo signal to provide a “wider” effect. This results in a richer, fuller sound than normal stereo - almost as if it originates from outside of the headphones.

2.4GHz Wireless Digital RF Technology
The Ear Force X41 transmits game audio to the headset with an uncompressed wireless digital radio frequency (RF) signal to deliver CD-quality sound that rivals professional-grade wired headphones. Best of all, the wireless RF signal does not require "line of sight" to operate. That means you can stand anywhere near your XBOX 360 and hear a clear, noise-free signal.

Chat Boost Dynamic Talkback Expander
If you’ve ever had trouble hearing teammates on XBOX LIVE when the game action heats up, then you know how frustrating it can be when you have to keep adjusting the chat volume. Chat Boost fixes this problem by automatically adjusting the XBOX Live chat level when the game gets louder, so chat from teammates isn't lost in the exciting parts of your game. As the game sound gets louder, Chat Boost turns up the chat volume automatically so you can still hear what everyone is saying.

It's a simple solution to an annoying problem, and it all happens automatically - so you don't have to adjust anything!

Microphone Monitoring
It's hard to hear yourself speak when a headset is covering your ears. The X41 corrects this annoyance with its microphone monitoring feature. The X41 adds a portion of the microphone signal into the headset signal, so you can hear a portion of your voice along with incoming chat and game audio. Microphone monitoring not only prevents you from talking too loud or accidentally yelling into the mic, it also eliminates that annoying "clogged ears" feeling when talking while the headset is covering your ears.

Bass Boost
The X41 headset DSP also lets you turn on a Bass Boost feature that produces deep, rich bass tones by increasing the volume of low frequency sounds - just like turning up the volume on the sub-woofer on your home theater system. Bass Boost improves your gaming experience by kicking-up the sound level of explosions, gun shots and other deep-bass sound effects, making them even more dramatic.

Wired Headphone Connection
The X41 transmitter includes a headphone output jack with volume control to connect an optional pair of wired headphones in addition to the wireless X41 headset. This jack outputs the same high-quality Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound that’s being transmitted to the wireless X41 headset, which allows two people to hear the game sound at the same time.

Independent Chat/Game Volumes
Separate volume controls let you adjust the game and chat levels individually, so you can easily balance them and never have to worry about missing a cue from your teammates.

Advanced Battery Booster Circuitry
The X41 has a “battery booster” circuit that squeezes every last bit of power from the batteries and assures high quality sound until they’re completely dead. This allows a pair of AAA Alkaline batteries to last for as long as 25 straight hours of game play. You can also buy standard rechargeable batteries in place of Alkaline batteries.

Powered By USB
The transmitter is powered by a single USB port on your XBOX, or from a nearby PC or laptop. So there is no need to fuss with a separate AC power adapter.

  • Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound & Dolby Pro Logic IIx with Digital RF wireless technology (up to 30' range) CD-quality pure-digital sound transmission Digital input “pass thru” allows the X41 and a home theater system to be connected simultaneously
  • Volume control on ear cup Independent game & chat volumes Built-in mic monitoring Mic mute Bass Boost (button on ear cup) Oversized ear cups Fabric mesh ear cushions Removable mic with flexible boom Headset powered by AAA batteries (over 20 hours)
  • Transmitter powered by USB (no AC adapter) Includes headphone output on transmitter (second set of headphones can be used simultaneously or in place of X headset) Chat Boost feature automatically increases incoming chat level as game sound increases
  • 50mm oversized speakers for deeper bass response




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May 12th, 2010
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