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5 stars"

Review by Khalib on 18th July, 2015

5 stars, of course. The one movie what actually makes us root for a bad guy. This motion picture goes into so many themes like: greed, passion, envy, lust and power. The character development of Michael is so captivating as he goes from a family out-sider and a life full of grace to a ruthless mob-boss. You simply can't die in peace until you experienced The Godfather from start to finish.

"One of the good ones"
5 stars"

Review by robert on 7th April, 2015

Long movie but did not drag,great actors.

5 stars"

Review by David on 23rd September, 2012

Great movie, keeps you going the whole way through!

"Fantastic Classic Now Even Better"

Review by Denny on 29th May, 2012

One of the greatest films of all time, with Marlon Brando in his definitive role, it looks and sounds even better on Blu Ray Disc. A must see for just about anybody.