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Episode VII

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"Love It"
5 stars"
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Great movie- Can't wait for more

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"A great start to the trilogy"
4 stars"

The moment they announced the director (JJ Abrams) I knew this movie was going to be a success and unsurprisingly it was! Although what many believe as a direct copy of a New Hope I believe it had the right balance between bringing in new elements to Star Wars and including classic and unforgettable elements from previous films. This movie definitely has some flaws but overall a great Star Wars movie and a great start to the sequel trilogy.

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"Decent movie, just not a good Star Wars movie"
3 stars"

This is a solid action movie, but for a Star Wars movie it's very average.

If you can overlook things like the main character being able to use mind tricks without waving her hand, or being trained, then you will love this movie.

If you don't mind that the antagonist is so powerful that he can stop a blaster bolt and hold it in mid-air, but can be beaten in a lightsaber duel by a force sensitive female with no prior training, then you will love this movie.

I take Star Wars lore more seriously than this, so these minor details, some may say plot holes, break my suspension of disbelief.

The movie does contain some big highlights. Snoke, the apparent leader of “The First Order” is extremely compelling – because you wonder how he was able to stay hidden from the Jedi AND The Emperor in the previous films. Also any scene with Han Solo in it is extremely enjoyable, except for the last scene he appears in. The movie starts to feel like Star Wars the very second he appears on screen – and he really does carry the film, I feel without it this film would have been so so.

I will end this by stating my bias. Any movie where the STORY is not written by George Lucas, I have a problem taking it serious as a Star Wars movie. Even when Lucas wasn't involved in the scriptwriting or directing, the STORIES in all other 6 films were written by Lucas. Lucas offered a plotline to Disney and they rejected it. As much as people may dislike Lucas for the prequels it must be acknowledged that he wrote the story for every film detractors love including the almight Empire Strikes Back.

Having said that I was pleasantly surprised by this film, while I don't consider it a real Star Wars movie it's absolutely a fun ride and something that you should add to your collection fan or not.

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5 stars"
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A must have for Star Wars fans

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"Please its Star Wars!!!!"
5 stars"
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Wasn't sure the blu ray would be worth the upgrade, but hellz yes, extra minutes slotted into the movie beautifully, quality difference is noticeable, and I am a nut for extra behind the scenes tid bits of which there are loads more than the DVD, a must own :)

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"Great movie"
5 stars"

I love the Star wars movie this one is worth to buy love the cast. Would watch it again

"Great first installment of the sequel trilogy"
5 stars"
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Really fun to watch and a huge improvement over the boring prequel trilogy (episodes I-III).

"Totally worth it"
5 stars"
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Love the movie so much. Great addition to my collection

"Loved this movie!"
4 stars"
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Definitely worth watching if you never saw it in the movies!

"Brings it altogether"
4 stars"
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This helps tie the story line together

"It's a star war!"
5 stars"
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It's definitely a star wars movie! That's more then I can say about the prequels.

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