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"Great sleeper"
5 stars"

Review by Patrick on 12th July, 2010

Much like World in Conflict, but set in WW2, very solid single player campaign, and multiplayer is great fun, especially with a friend. Loading this onto Steam gets you access to the new expansion for free, which opens up further multiplayer modes and options.

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"Want to waste of hours of your time and the price you paid!? "

Review by Wayne on 17th May, 2010

It's impossible to rate this game. Why? Because despite five attempts and as many hours to try and install it, when I finally did get an indication I'd been successful it took another 14 hours on broadband downloading supposed “updates”!

So what the devil is on the CD you buy with this game? What is it you get? I know what it appears I've received – A nice package, a meaningless CD that allegedly has a game on it (I'm now convinced it has nothing more than some means of hooking you into downloads). Then of course there's the “instruction booklet”, which I may as well throw away because the chances of needing it to play the game appear minimal.

Oh and did I mention having to restore my PC after the downloads because it stopped working! I'm not a computer whizz and just want to buy a game, plug it in and play the damn thing! This product has failed miserably to meet any of my expectations and will be the first and last Steam product I'll purchase.

I'm grateful to Mighty Ape for selling this alleged ‘game’ at a reduced price. I'd feel really cheated if I'd paid maximum retail for this load of twaddle.

I now believe my son who warned me off any product produced by ‘Steam’. He apparently wasted around $500 purchasing a number of their products and lost several days of accessing his PC as it ground through hour after hour of our Broadband downloading their alleged “updates”. He's finally given up and removed all Steam products from his PC.

To be honest I didn't realise I'd purchased a Steam product until it arrived and I read the Steam registration code. Now being a trusting sort I thought I'd give them the benefit of doubt – bad choice, its getting uninstalled right after this review is completed and the CD and packaging may find a use scaring birds away from my garden.

Who knows, when combined with my son's collection of Steam products they might be good at being scarecrow replacements, because they're certainly not PC games worthy of anymore of my attention!

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"Cool Game"
4 stars"

Review by Joseph on 17th December, 2010

Is an awesome game, plays like a harder version of World in Conflict.