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"A classic WW2 FPS"

MOH-Frontline is a much improved version of the PS1 classic Medal of Honour. The graphics are superb, with detailed levels that form one massive continous 3D environment. There are few interactive objects though – some exist like alarms and boxes, but shooting is the main objective.

Each level contains several dozen German soldiers, all dressed in authenic uniforms, to blast your way through. They have 3 difficulty levels, which gives the game lifespan. To complete a level you basically just blast through the poor Germans with a half dozen authentic weapons, but if you want to be the best you need to get through with 95% of them dead and 75% health to get a gold, and all golds in a mission (2–4 levels) to get a medal.

The gameplay is a bit repetitive, but there are enough different weapons and ways to go about your slaughter to keep you happy. The levels are one continuous area with no loading in between rooms like in MGS for example, and no checkpoints either, so if you die at the end it's back to the beginning. There are about 19 levels, each about half an hour to complete.

There are some spectacular moments too, like landing on the beach in the first level, which very closely resembles the opening sequence of Saving Private Ryan. Another classic moment is a big fist fight in a German bar. It's a classic title, and if you've got a PS2 this is worthy of your collection. If you liked MOH you'll love MOH Frontline.,

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