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Gran Turismo 4

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Gran Turismo 4

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"If it ain't broke, make it betta"
5 stars"

Still miles ahead of any other car racing sim on the market for the PS2. The GT series keeps improving with each new game. Whilst GT3 was great, GT4 is a step above with sharper graphics as well as more tracks and game modes. With all this and more, who needs sleep? . . .

"It rocks and/or rolls..."
5 stars"

The graphics are hugely improved, the gameplay is as addictive as ever and there's way more to do with the cars. What more could you want? It's almost enough to make me want to buy a PS2 instead of using other peoples. But not quite.

Plus now it's finally out everyone can start playing it and stop complaining about the wait.


In the winter of 1997, the original Gran Turismo changed the history of racing games. This year, Gran Turismo 4 will cause another revolution to the world of racing games. Gran Turismo was the pioneer for introducing a new playing style by allowing players to spend just as much time watching and enjoy replays of their performance as racing.

Gran Turismo 4's new Director Mode (or B-Spec) is based on the premise of playing through the replay view angle only. A "Racing RPG" so to speak, B-Spec = Director Mode introduces the "Gran Turismo that players don't drive". In B-Spec = Director Mode, the game proceeds in the replay view point (Broadcast view) from the start of the race. GT4 includes the traditional experience where players participate and drive for themselves, referred to as A-spec. But this time, players will also have the option to be the director or race team manager of their race, and not have to worry about driving (as B-spec).

B-Spec = Director Mode brings a new experience to racing games, in which players driving themselves has previously been the standard. In B-spec, players give directions, taking on the role of a race team manager, giving directions to their A.I. driver and competing in their races. This mode can be applied to all of the races available in GT4, and does not standalone as a game mode by itself. Players can complete all of the races included in GT Mode by using B-Spec = Director Mode, without driving themselves at all. Players who had difficulty in racing can now take the option of carefully preparing their car for a race, sharing the excellence and exhilarating excitement of racing in a whole new style of racing games. That is what B-Spec = Director Mode is all about.

B-Spec = Director Mode Features:

  • Playing Screen:
    Playing screens will consist of the following, Broadcast view (replay view), On-board camera for each car, Race monitor screen. Players will make the best use of the three available screens to understand and evaluate the race.

  • Race Monitor Screen:
    During the race, this screen will provide information on each car, such as lap time, sector times, time differences, which lap they went in for a pit stop, etc. to give the player an overall idea of what is going on in the race.

  • Settings/Car Set Up:
    Car set up is likely to be much more important than when players drive themselves. Players can conduct tests on their settings, and tyre selection before the actual race. They will have to plan very strategically across the number of laps in the race.

  • Pace Command:
    Players can give pace commands to their driver on a 5 level scale between Easy to Hard. Whether they chose to race safely and be easy on the tires, or push hard, beat up the tires and take risks, the choice is with the player.

  • Overtake Command:
    Overrides the pace command and concentrates on over taking the car ahead.

  • Pit In Command:
    Commands the driver to pull into the pit for refueling or tyre changes.

  • Pit Menu:
    Allows players to adjust their selection of tyres (front/rear) and volume of fuel for refueling.

    Enjoy the car lifestyle in the motor resort city - "Gran Turismo Resort" emerges!

    The Gran Turismo series is known for its driving and car lifestyle simulation game characteristics. The game's identity is firmly rooted in the car lifestyle simulation mode - GT mode. In the upcoming GT4, the Gran Turismo World will expand significantly. Starting from their home (or garage), players can explore car dealerships from around the world, visit used car dealers and tuning shops. Race events will be held in event pavilions set up by genre and Racing Fields will be located in the suburbs. The familiar License Test Centre returns, but this time on a much larger scale. For beginners and loyal fans of the GT series alike, Motor Resort City includes everything you need to enjoy your car lifestyle to the extreme. This is the Gran Turismo World.

    Gran Turismo Resort Facilities:

  • "My home" will act as the player's home and garage

  • "Car Towns" by territory will consist of dealerships for the numerous car manufacturers

  • "Tuner's Village" will consist of famous car tuning shops

  • "Race Event Pavilions" will be categorized by their various concepts

  • "License Centre" will be the venue for the license tests

  • New and Old Used Car Dealerships/Shops available

  • "Music Theatre" enables players to enjoy music from artists around the world

  • "Circuit Areas" are located in the suburbs where an event is held at each track

    Over 80 manufacturers and 650 cars
    GT4 will include the largest variety of cars in the Gran Turismo series, ranging from some of the earliest automobile models to today's vehicles, with an emphasis on cars of the 80s and 90s.

    The Tracks: Travel the landscapes of the world
    The origins of the words Gran Turismo takes us back into the 17th and 18th century where European aristocrats traveled long distances across the continent in horse-drawn carriages. Today, the words Gran Turismo define a car designed and suited for long distance travel. The keyword for GT4 is "the heart of a traveler" and the latest game includes breath-taking locations of cities or of nature from around the world. Take your favorite car and travel the world. GT4 also includes world renowned tracks (closed circuits).

    Existing Tracks from Japan

  • Fuji Speedway '80
    This is the Fuji Speedway course layout which was in use up until the 80s. The track was famous for being one of the fastest tracks around the world. Players can experience the old Fuji Speedway.

  • Fuji Speedway '90
    This is the Fuji Speedway after its first major renewal in the 80s up to 2003. The latest Fuji Speedway known to all.

  • Tsukuba Circuit 2000
    The Tsukuba Circuit is known as the sacred grounds for Japanese sports cars. Numerous production cars and tuning cars use this track as their benchmark for performance evaluation. Players can experiment with car modifications and see what effects they have on the car's lap time.

  • Twin Ring Motegi (full course)
    This is Japan's International Racing Course. Twin Ring Motegi's road course is known for demanding driver's techniques and is harsh on the brakes.

  • Twin Ring Motegi (Oval Track)
    Japan's only 1.5 mile oval course, built for the Indy Car Race

  • Suzuka Circuit (full course)
    This track is known as the home of the Formula One Japan Grand Prix, and is also demanding of driver's techniques. Finally, Suzuka Circuit is to be included in the GT series. Experience Suzuka with the "Real Driving Simulator".

    Existing Tracks from North America

  • Laguna Seca Raceway
    This track is one of the most well known and favoured track in America, included in past GT titles. For GT4, the team has revisited and remeasured the track and it will be replaced in higher quality. In past titles, the setting was late afternoon with the sunset, this time the setting will be midday with beautiful weather.

  • Sears Point Raceway
    Located in Sonoma County, near San Francisco, Sears Point Raceway shares its popularity with Laguna Seca Raceway amongst car fans. The course layout suggests low to mid speeds and is demanding of drivers' skills. By looking at the cars that gather at this track, one could say this is the Tsukuba Circuit of North America.

    Existing Tracks from Europe

  • Nurburgring Nordschleife
    The world's most challenging and difficult track is 20.8 kilometers long, and consists of 176 turns. The Nurburgring track is known for car manufacturers bringing their latest sport cars for testing. Mastering this track may take some time, but is for the same reasons quite rewarding. The history of joy and excitement of driving in racing games is about to be changed.

    City Courses

  • Tokyo R246
    This was a popular track included in GT3. With the latest GT4 technology, this track is back with more beauty and more realism.

  • Seattle
    Another popular city track included in the series since GT2. With the latest GT4 technology, this track is back with more beauty and more realism. The time setting has changed from sunset to mid-day clear skies.

  • New York
    This track takes the centre of New York, Midtown Manhattan and builds a city track around it. With its multiple 90 degree turns this is a technical track. Players can enjoy a bit of sightseeing as the track includes Broadway, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, Central Park and more.

  • Hong Kong
    Developed and created with full support from the Hong Kong Govt. Tourism Department.

  • Other City Courses will include:
    Las Vegas Drag Strip, George V Paris, Opera Paris, Cote D'Azur, Special Stage Route 5, Citta di Aria

    Nature Courses
    Grand Canyon
    Swiss Alps
    Ice Arena
    Grand Valley
    Trial Mountain
    Midfield Raceway
    Snow Lake
    High Speed Ring
    Amalfee Circuit
    Motorsports Land
    Tahiti Maze
    Autumn Ring

    **Additional tracks to be seen in GT4 will be announced at a later date.

    Photo Mode
    GT4 brings another new feature to the series called Photo Mode, enhancing the watching/observing mode one step further. "Photo Drive" is included in all of the GT4 courses, allowing players to take photos of their car on the track. Players can use real photography techniques, such as zoom, depth of field and motion blur. Special and exclusive locations for photos will also be available at "Photo Travel". Players can travel in their favorite car to various locations around the world and take photos at a wide variety of angles. Photos can be printed on a compatible colour printer or saved to memory card to share with your friends.

    Photo Travel (15 stages in all)
    Gion District, Kyoto Japan
    Nanzenji Temple, Kyoto Japan
    Sagano, Kyoto Japan
    Tsumago, Nagano, Japan
    Piazza San Marco, Venice Italy
    Realto Bridge, Venice Italy
    Shibuya, Tokyo Japan
    Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo Japan
    Shiga Kogen, Nagano Japan
    Brooklyn, New York NY USA
    Times Square, New York NY USA
    Asian Fish Market
    Freemont Street, Las Vegas NV USA
    Louisberg Square, Boston MA USA

    The Human Aspect
    The Gran Turismo series has always injected realism into the cars and their surrounding environments. Now, GT4 takes the challenge of conveying the final essential element - people. The driver's human movements, the recreation of the pit crew, and the movement of the spectators have all been replicated. This completes the triangle - cars, people and nature - that the team has always wanted to achieve. This achievement adds to the overall realism of the cars taking the Gran Turismo series to new dimensions.

    Car Physics Simulation Engine
    The car physics simulation engine allows for more reality in the car's performance at higher standards, making the actual driving experience easier. The accuracy level is equivalent to sports driving in real life.

    New Generation Driver Assist Functions
    In addition to anti-lock brakes, traction control systems and active stability control, GT4 will also include active steering. With all of the safety devices combined and controlled at high standards, this allows for beginners to enjoy the pleasures of driving.

    The Latest Modifications
    The fun of modifying a favorite car has increased significantly. Reflecting the latest car tuning trends, Superchargers and NOS (Nitrogen) will now be available. The range of tires and other factors allows for more flexibility of the player's car set up. The new car physics simulation engine is more delicate and responds with more realism.

    Steering Controller "GT FORCE Pro"
    The Logitech "GT FORCE Pro" is a 2.5 turn lock to lock steering controller, developed as a joint project between Logitech and Polyphony Digital Inc. The force feedback on the steering has been enhanced, as well as the firmness and stability of the product.

    A New Proposal to Racing: "Mission Races"
    This is a new concept to the Gran Turismo series, structured in a mission-clearing-based race event. The race will not necessarily start from the starting grid. There will be set conditions for the start of the race for players to challenge. For example: a player may have to start one second later in second place, starting one lap behind and having to finish first. These are settings which are highly likely in the worlds of real racing. Players experience the drama of racing, and are sure to enjoy the challenge of clearing each mission.

    Introducing a new "High Score" system
    The races in the GT series have always had specific race regulations for player to follow, such as limitation on tyres, maximum power, etc. In GT4, most of these regulations will be omitted to allow for more variety of cars to participate in each of the races, as well as their modification ranges. For example, a player can take a 600 horsepower car and participate in a race setting for cars in the range of 150 horsepower.

    The new "High Score" system will work as follows. Players will earn high points winning a race at a disadvantage (disadvantage or advantage is measure by whether a player's car is slower or faster than opponent cars), and conversely, players at an advantage will earn less points. With the introduction of this "High Score" system, players have more freedom in their gaming style. Some may take a very fast car and win the races easily, whereas some of the more stoic players will intentionally take the disadvantage and truly test their driving skills. This system meets the demands of a wide range of gaming styles and players.
  • Release date NZ
    March 10th, 2005
    Game Platform
    • PlayStation 2
    All-time sales rank
    Top 500
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