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Go! with Word 2007: Comprehensive: Comprehensive by Annette Duvall
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For Introductory Computer courses in Microsoft Office 2007 or courses in Computer Concepts with a lab component for Microsoft Office 2007 applications. Teach the course YOU want in LESS TIME! The primary goal of the GO! Series, aside from teaching computer applications, is ease of implementation, with an approach that is based on clearly-defined projects for students and a one of a kind supplements package.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Creating Documents with Microsoft Word 2007 PROJECT 1A Business Plan Objective 1: Explore and Navigate the Word Window Activity 1.1 Starting Word and Identifying Parts of the Word Window Activity 1.2 Opening an Existing Document Activity 1.3 Accessing the Ribbon Activity 1.4 Navigating a Document Activity 1.5 Navigating a Document Using the Keyboard Objective 2: View Documents Activity 1.6 Displaying Formatting Marks Activity 1.7 Changing Document Views Activity 1.8 Using the Zoom Slider Objective 3: Use the Spelling and Grammar Checker Activity 1.9 Checking Individual Spelling and Grammar Errors Activity 1.10 Checking Spelling and Grammar in an Entire Document Objective 4: Organize and Save Documents Activity 1.11 Creating Folders for Document Storage and Saving a Document Objective 5: View Headers and Footers and Print Documents Activity 1.12 Accessing Headers and Footers Activity 1.13 Printing a Document PROJECT 1B Thank You Letter Objective 6: Create and Edit a New Document Activity 1.14 Creating a New Document Activity 1.15 Entering Text and Inserting Blank Lines Activity 1.16 Editing Text with the Delete and Backspace Keys Activity 1.17 Inserting New Text and Overtyping Existing Text Objective 7: Select and Format Text Activity 1.18 Selecting Text Activity 1.19 Changing Font and Font Size Activity 1.20 Adding Emphasis to Text Objective 8: Preview and Print Documents, Close a Document, and Close Word Activity 1.21 Previewing and Printing a Document and Closing Word Objective 9: Use the Microsoft Help System Activity 1.22 Typing a Question for Help Chapter 2 Formatting and Organizing Text PROJECT 2A Employers Objective 1: Change Document and Paragraph Layout Activity 2.1 Setting Margins Activity 2.2 Aligning Text Activity 2.3 Changing Line Spacing and Spacing Between Characters Activity 2.4 Adding Spacing Before and After Paragraphs Activity 2.5 Indenting Paragraphs Objective 2: Work with Tab Stops Activity 2.6 Setting Tab Stops Activity 2.7 Formatting and Removing Tab Stops Activity 2.8 Using Tab Stops to Enter Text Activity 2.9 Moving Tab Stops Objective 3: Change and Reorganize Text Activity 2.10 Using the Format Painter and Revealing Formatting Activity 2.11 Selecting and Deleting Text Activity 2.12 Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Text Activity 2.13 Dragging, Copying, Moving, and Pasting Text Activity 2.14 Undoing and Redoing Changes Activity 2.15 Finding and Replacing Text Activity 2.16 Inserting Non-Breaking Spaces and Hyphens Activity 2.17 Entering a Line Break Objective 4: Create and Modify Lists Activity 2.18 Creating a Bulleted List Activity 2.19 Customizing Bullets Activity 2.20 Creating a Numbered List Activity 2.21 Formatting Lists PROJECT 2B Research Paper Objective 5: Work with Headers and Footers Activity 2.22 Inserting and Formatting Page Numbers Activity 2.23 Inserting the Current Date and Time Objective 6: Insert Frequently Used Text and Symbols Activity 2.24 Recording and Deleting AutoCorrect Entries Activity 2.25 Inserting Text from Another Document Activity 2.26 Inserting Symbols Objective 7: Insert and Format References and Create Reference Pages Activity 2.27 Inserting Footnotes Activity 2.28 Modifying a Footnote Style Activity 2.29 Adding Citations Activity 2.30 Creating a Reference Page Activity 2.31 Managing the Document Properties Chapter 3 Adding Graphics and Visual Elements and Creating Tables PROJECT 3A Program Flyer Objective 1: Insert Clip Art and Pictures Activity 3.1 Inserting Clip Art Activity 3.2 Inserting Pictures Objective 2: Modify Clip Art and Pictures Activity 3.3 Sizing a Graphic Object Activity 3.4 Wrapping Text around and Positioning Graphic Objects Activity 3.5 Flipping and Rotating a Graphic Object Activity 3.6 Using Picture Tools Activity 3.7 Applying Borders and Effects to an Image Objective 3: Add Visual Elements Activity 3.8 Inserting, Moving, and Resizing Shapes Activity 3.9 Inserting, Moving and Resizing a Text Box Activity 3.10 Creating a Drop Cap Activity 3.11 Adding Effects to Text PROJECT 3B New Courses Objective 4: Create a Table Activity 3.12 Creating a Table Activity 3.13 Inserting Columns and Rows Activity 3.14 Changing the Size of Rows and Columns Objective 5: Format Tables Activity 3.18 Formatting Text in Cells Activity 3.19 Shading Cells Activity 3.20 Adding a Table Border Activity 3.21 Centering a Table Objective 6: Delete Table Elements Activity 3.22 Deleting Cells, Rows, and Columns Objective 7: Create a Table from Existing Text Activity 3.23 Converting Text to Tables Activity 3.24 Applying Table Styles Chapter 4 Using Special Document Formats, Columns, Styles and Outlines PROJECT 4A Newsletter Objective 1: Create a Decorative Title Activity 4.1 Inserting WordArt Activity 4.2 Formatting WordArt Activity 4.3 Adding a Horizontal Line Objective 2: Create Multicolumn Documents Activity 4.4 Changing Text to Multiple Columns Activity 4.5 Formatting Multiple Columns Activity 4.6 Inserting a Column Break Activity 4.7 Editing Text in Columns Objective 3: Add Special Formatting Activity 4.8 Adding a Border Activity 4.9 Changing the Page Color Activity 4.10 Shading a Paragraph Objective 4: Use Special Character Formats Activity 4.11 Changing Font Color Activity 4.12 Highlighting Text Objective 5: Use SmartArt Drawing Tools Activity 4.13 Inserting SmartArt Activity 4.14 Formatting SmartArt PROJECT 4B Schedule Objective 6: Use Existing Styles Activity 4.15 Displaying Styles Activity 4.16 Working with Predesigned Styles Activity 4.17 Clearing Styles Objective 7: Create and Modify New Styles Activity 4.18 Creating and Applying Paragraph Styles Activity 4.19 Creating and Applying Quick Styles Activity 4.20 Selecting and Modifying Styles Objective 8: Create an Outline Activity 4.21 Creating a Multilevel List Activity 4.22 Setting Outline Levels Objective 9: Create an Outline using Outline View Activity 4.23 Creating an Outline Using the Outline View Activity 4.24 Modifying an Outline in Outline View Chapter 5 Creating Charts, Creating Web Pages, and Using Supporting Information PROJECT 5A Informational Flyer Objective 1: Create a Chart Activity 5.1 Creating a Chart Activity 5.2 Formatting a Chart Title Objective 2: Format a Chart Activity 5.3 Changing the Chart Type Activity 5.4 Editing a Data Source Activity 5.5 Applying Styles to a Chart Activity 5.6 Formatting Chart Text Activity 5.7 Resizing and Centering a Chart Activity 5.8 Editing Labels PROJECT 5B Asthma Center Objective 3: Preview and Save a Document as a Web Page Activity 5.9 Previewing and Saving a Document as a Web Page Objective 4: Insert and Modify Text and Graphic Hyperlinks Activity 5.10 Inserting Text Hyperlinks Activity 5.11 Adding a Hyperlink to a Graphic Activity 5.12 Modifying a Hyperlink Objective 5: Save a Document as a Web Log Activity 5.13 Saving a Document as a Web Log Objective 6: Locate Supporting Information Activity 5.14 Collecting Information on the Clipboard Activity 5.15 Finding Supporting Information Using the Research Tool Activity 5.16 Pasting Information from the Clipboard Task Pane 5B Creating Styles and Outlines Chapter 6 Using Templates and Building Blocks PROJECT 6A Resume Objective 1: Create a Document Using a Template Activity 6.1 Using Templates Activity 6.2 Using a Template to Create a Document Objective 2: Use Microsoft Office Online Templates Activity 6.3 Using and Modifying Templates Objective 3: Use Building Blocks Activity 6.4 Finding and Using a Building Block Activity 6.5 Creating a Building Block PROJECT 6B Marketing Letter Objective 4: Use Comments in a Document Activity 6.6 Adding a Comment Activity 6.7 Reading Comments Using the Reviewing Pane Activity 6.8 Editing a Comment Objective 5: Track Changes in a Document Activity 6.9 Viewing Changes in a Document Activity 6.10 Accepting or Rejecting Changes in a Document Objective 6: Compare and Combine Documents Activity 6.11 Comparing and Combining Documents Objective 7: Circulate Documents for Review Activity 6.12 Sending a Document for Review Chapter 7 Using Advanced Table Features PROJECT 7A: New Releases Objective 1: Create and Apply a Custom Table Style Activity 7.1 Creating a Table Style Activity 7.2 Applying and Modifying a Table Style Objective 2: Format and Position Tables Activity 7.3 Merging and Splitting Cells Activity 7.4 Changing Text Direction and Position in a Cell Activity 7.5 Moving a Table Objective 3: Modify Table Properties Activity 7.6 Using AutoFit with Tables Activity 7.7 Wrapping Text Around Tables Objective 4: Use Advanced Table Features Activity 7.8 Sorting Tables by Category Activity 7.9 Using Formulas in Tables Activity 7.10 Adding Captions to Tables Activity 7.11 Incorporating an Excel Spreadsheet PROJECT 7B: Navigation Bar Objective 5: Draw a Freeform Table Activity 7.12 Drawing a Freeform Table Activity 7.13 Adding and Removing Columns and Rows Activity 7.14 Formatting a Table Activity 7.15 Inserting Text and Graphics Activity 7.16 Distributing Rows and Columns Objective 6: Use a Quick Table Activity 7.17 Inserting a Quick Table Activity 7.18 Creating a Quick Table Chapter 8 Creating Mass Mailings and Customizing Word PROJECT 8A: Diabetes Addresses Objective 1: Merge a Data Source and a Main Document Activity 8.1 Using a Word Table as a Data Source Activity 8.2 Using the Mail Merge Wizard Activity 8.3 Creating Labels Activity 8.4 Editing Labels Activity 8.5 Merging Labels Objective 2: Create a Form Letter and a Data Source Activity 8.6 Creating, Editing, and Sorting a Data Source Activity 8.7 Inserting Merge Fields Activity 8.8 Merging Letters Activity 8.9 Filtering Records PROJECT 8B: Vacation Accruals Objective 3: Modify Word Settings Activity 8.10: Changing Word Option Settings Activity 8.11: Changing the Default File Location Activity 8.12: Working with the Default Dictionary Objective 4: Modify the Document Window Activity 8.13 Changing Document Display in the Window Objective 5: Customize the Quick Access Toolbar Activity 8.14 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar Activity 8.15 Restoring Default Settings Chapter 9 Creating Standardized Forms and Managing Documents PROJECT 9A: Customer Satisfaction Form Objective 1: Create a Customized Form Activity 9.1 Displaying the Developer Tab Activity 9.2 Adding Text Fields Activity 9.3 Adding a Drop-Down List to a Form Activity 9.4 Adding a Date Picker to a Form Activity 9.5 Adding a Combo Box to a Form Activity 9.6 Using Legacy Tools with a Form Objective 2: Modify and Protect Forms Activity 9.7 Setting Content Control Properties Activity 9.8 Applying and Editing a Theme Activity 9.9 Creating a Background Activity 9.10 Protecting a Document Objective 3: Save and Use a Form as a Template Activity 9.11 Saving the Form as a Template Activity 9.12 Filling In the Form and Saving the Document PROJECT 9B: Bill of Sale Objective 4: Protect Documents Activity 9.13 Protecting a Document with a Password Activity 9.14 Setting Formatting Restrictions Objective 5: Attach Digital Signatures to Documents Activity 9.15 Creating and Attaching a Personal Digital Signature Activity 9.16 Adding a Signature Line to a Document Objective 6: Prepare Documents Activity 9.17 Inspecting a Document Activity 9.18 Marking a Document as Final Chapter 10 Working with Long Documents PROJECT 10A: Westland Plains Festival Objective 1: Create a Master Document and Subdocuments Activity 10.1 Creating a Master Document from an Existing Document Activity 10.2 Expanding and Collapsing Subdocuments Activity 10.3 Renaming and Moving Subdocuments Activity 10.4 Inserting an Existing File as a Subdocument Objective 2: Manage a Master Document and Subdocuments Activity 10.5 Editing a Subdocument Activity 10.6 Adding Footers and Styles to a Master Document Activity 10.7 Converting Subdocuments into the Master Document PROJECT 10B: Job Openings Objective 3: Add an Index Activity 10.87 Marking Index Entries Activity 10.98 Inserting an Index Activity 10.109 Updating an Index Objective 4: Create a Table of Contents Activity 10.110 Marking Headings for a Table of Contents Activity 10.121 Customizing a Table of Contents Objective 5: Control the Flow and Formatting of Pages and Text Activity 10.132 Applying Formatting to Sections Activity 10.143 Keeping a Paragraph Together on a Page Activity 10.154 Viewing Text Flow Using Print Preview Objective 6: Inspect and View the Document Activity 10.165 Viewing the Document Map and Thumbnails Activity 10.176 Reviewing Readability Statistics and Word Count Chapter 11 Embedding and Linking Objects and Using Macros PROJECT 11A: Memo Objective 1: Embed Objects in a Word Document Activity 11.1 Embedding an Excel Chart Activity 11.2 Using Paste Special to Embed an Object Objective 2: Link to Objects in Other Applications Activity 11.3 Linking to a PowerPoint Presentation Activity 11.4 Linking to a Media File PROJECT 11B: Guest Registration Objective 3: Create Macros Activity 11.5 Assigning a Macro to the Quick Access Toolbar Activity 11.6 Creating a Macro with a Keyboard Command Activity 11.7 Creating a Macro that Runs When Closing a Document Objective 4: Use Macros Activity 11.8 Running and Testing a Macro Activity 11.9 Using a Built-in Word Macro Activity 11.10 Viewing a Macro with the Visual Basic Editor Activity 11.11 Deleting a Macro Activity 11.12 Viewing Macro Settings Chapter 12 Integrating Word with Other Office Applications and Using XML with Word PROJECT 12A: Customer Survey Objective 1: Integrate Word with Excel and PowerPoint Activity 12.1 Copying a Range of Data from Excel Activity 12.2 Publishing a Presentation in Word Objective 2: Integrate Word with Data from Other Office Programs Activity 12.3 Inserting an Access Table in Word Activity 12.4 Using Excel Data in a Mail Merge PROJECT 12B: Employee Schedules Objective 3: Combine Word and XML Activity 12.5 Creating WordML Activity 12.6 Attaching an XML Schema Activity 12.7 Adding XML Elements to a Document Activity 12.8 Adding Data to Existing XML Elements

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Shelley Gaskin, Series Editor for the GO! Series, is a professor of business and computer technology at Pasadena City College in Pasadena, California. She holds a master's degree in business education from Northern Illinois University and a doctorate in adult and community education from Ball State University. Dr. Gaskin has 15 years of experience in the computer industry with several Fortune 500 companies and has developed and written training materials for custom systems applications in both the public and private sector. She is also the author of books on Microsoft Outlook and word processing.
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February 19th, 2008
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United States
2nd Revised edition
Prentice Hall
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