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"A cute and delightful series."
5 stars"

As far as cute anime series go, Fruits Basket is up there among the cutest!

As a shoujo (girls) anime it contains a nice balance of humour, drama, action and even some dark and spooky themes. As the series goes on you find out that the curse of the Sohma family isn't as light-hearted as it seemed at first.

Each character in the series has his or her own unique personality, and most of them have dark pasts which are revealed to the main character, Tohru, as she tries her hardest to find out more about the cursed Sohmas. Despite this fact, you will find yourself loving a lot of the characters over time and even hating the nasty ones.

This is a delightful anime that will make you laugh, cry, think and perhaps even swear. And although it is merely an animated cartoon it has a lot of good morals in it that really make you wonder about yourself and others. Heart-warming and lovable, Fruits Basket is one series that I am thankful for having the chance to see.

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"Great Anime!"
5 stars"
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Fruit Basket has so many cute looking characters. The animation is pretty good. Voice acting is great (this is based on the Japanese voices). A good anime for any otaku or people who would like to change to a more peaceful and meaningful anime :D

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"One of the best anime out there"
5 stars"

I love this anime. I first watched it through fansubs, then later bought this boxset – it really is one I'd always want to have around. Honda Tohru is perhaps the most upbeat and beautiful character I've ever encountered in any medium, and the members of the Sohma family (and other supporting characters) are also wonderful. Add to that fantastic comedic direction, some of the best voicework you'll find in anime (but avoid the English dub at all costs), and powerful underlying themes, and you've got one of the best anime out there. (Although the manga is better..)