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3 stars"

This game is not a great game but it is in no way a bad game. It is a large game with a lot of missions etc. The story is fairly interesting, but the gameplay is where it starts lacking. The new gambit system is a plus that takes annoying work out of the fights, but the rest is just not up to the standards that we expect of a final fantasy game.

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"Could've been something great..."
1 stars"

The story sounded so promising, but certainly did not turn out that way, I pretty much felt that the game was over right after a main characters love interest is taken out of the picture. That being said I did delight in seeing the Chocobos again, because whats a FF game without some Chocobos- Played it through once, now its currently collecting dust in the back of my closet, will not play again, just wasnt worth it.

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"Better than expected!"
5 stars"

It is different from other Final Fantasies, but it is unique, fun and captivating! A great cast of characters, a great and addictive gameplay and a great story! There are allot of secrets that may prove difficult to find and discover but it brings new gameplay mechanics and elements to the series!

"Very different from other FFs."
4 stars"
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It's gameplay is more comparable to a MMORPG than the older turn-based FFs.

Graphics are excellent for the PS2. They really push the machine to its limit.

The music has an epic, orchestral feel to it.

The story is somewhat different from the older games too. Less sweeping adventure and more political intrigue à la FF Tactics.

Overall, it feels like a departure from the older FFs. Whether this move is good or bad is subjective.

"The most fan dividing FF title ever. Why-"
5 stars"

If you look through the reviews, you'll find that 50% of people hate it, 50% love it. I have to say, I love it.

A lot of people put down the story, but actually it's very good. The problem is that it's not that FF-ish. I haven't played many FF titles, so I don't really know about that, but the story is believable and keeps you going through to the end.

The battle system is simply incredible, much better than the turn based systems in the earliest FF titles. Character development is unlimited with the addition of the licence board. Almost limitless hunts and sidequests to do, should keep you occupied for a while.

If you're still playing PS2 titles, this ones a keeper. Worth every cent

"The PS2s last Final Fantasy did not disapoint"
5 stars"

No more random battles, plenty of free roaming, some of my favourite side quests with a massive load of them to complete, another 100 plus hours game, Not the best story from Square Enix but still highly enjoyable. All new Summons you really had to work to get some of those harder summons but it felt great once you had them, well done Sqaure Enix on yet another great game

"FF updated"
5 stars"
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For fans of FF that don't like the new battle systems, give it a try and you will come to love it. Great game with an amazing world for ps2

"Excitement Continued"
5 stars"
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An excellent game that continues the final fantasy series with a whole new battle system. Now I prefered the older battle system but the new one soon gets fun and can be more helpful in some desperate situations.

The license system allows you to determine how your characters develop by either becoming frontline warriors or rear guard mages and more; also it gets relatively easy to understand this system.

Now the gambit system allows your team to act on their own will and if you give them a demand they will carry that out first and then do what they want.

The story is as thrilling as ever with your characters having their own backgrounds that let you learn more about them.

During the game you can really sense the emotion of the charcters with the voices which just adds to the excitement.

With all the hunts that go on and puzzling challenges, you can find yourself playing for days and days but the thrill never ends.

In the end your satisfied to have played and feel you have accomplished a big load.

I don't have many FF games myself and if you are like me with only a small collection than I reccommend that you get this game.

"Extremely underated!"
5 stars"

The ratings for this game have been one extreme or another – you either hate or love it, in which case… I loved it!

FFXII is actually one of my favourite FF games to date!