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"Most Unexpected"
5 stars"

I did not purchase this game on release and had since heard bad things about it. I have always wanted to know if it really was a bad as some people say. So i purchased this game, i believe it is one of the best final fantasy. There is so much storyline and depth that you immediately get sucked right into it. The cinematics are of the highest quality especially considering the platform(ps1) I would recommend this game to any one who owns a ps2 or ps1. They won't regret it, just make you get right to the end :-).

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"Pretty Good"
3 stars"

ok well it started off bad then ok then pretty good then awesum but only half way through disk 3 did it start getting good. the battles were good and the characters were cool (except for zidane who kinda looks like a girl). yeah so its an alryt game

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"My least favourite of all is..."
3 stars"

Final Fantasy IX: I'm pretty darn sure that i was one of the first 100 people to buy a copy of this with an overwhelming sense of excitement and pride, only to have my hopes smashed to smithereens by the cutesy characters and cartoon-like sequences…

To be sure, the FMVs (full motion videos) are completely flawless and amazing- surpassing that of VIII and you do learn to love the characters and other aspects of the game(I totally get hooked to the Chocobo treasure-finder mini game whenever i play;D).

However, i still do rate this as my least favourite of the FF series… It seems more simplistic than it really is.

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"A great game!!!!"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Good storyline and excellent music. Cool ATB system. The last ps1 Final Fantasy. This is one of only two Final Fantasy where you can play Tetra Master :D !!! I really like the characters called Amarant and Quina because of the powers that Quina has by using blue magic. I recommend this game.

5 stars"

This is still my favorite Final Fantasy, and I've played them all. The graphics aren't particually good, but the game play is superb. The characters are highly memorable, and the Videos have excellent graphics for the time.

This is the last final fantasy that was made for the PS1, and is very hard to find.

"Best final fantasy game"
5 stars"

Well for the PS1 anyway. It's like final fantasy 6 and below style with beter graphics and a great story.

"great game"
5 stars"

poor graphics too many bugs but i still fancy playing it