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"Take as much time needed"

Blizzard cares about your game working for you the first time with the least amount of bugs possible. What would you rather have? A late game or one that doesn't work because I tell you. You guys will be the first to write on the forum don't buy this game its crap…it doesn't even work. Sacred 2 is a fine example of rushed…its buggy the patches usually don't even install properly. And by the time you figure out how to make it work…you look like a hairless ape with a dumbfounded look on your face. Aren't you getting sick of company's releasing games that don't even work properly on launch, they just figure they will fix it later and leave you crashing to desktop thinking it's your pc or in some cases freezing you system Cough cough (Sacred2). I say Blizzard take your time…cause once it's out it will be a gem!

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"Story so far... (in brief)"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Diablo 1: The 3 prime evils are already trapped in soulstones, but they are imperfect prisons. Diablo manipulates various people, creates the Skeleton King Leoric and takes up residence under Tristram. Our hero kills him and jams Diablo's soulstone into his forehead to trap him within himself (either as an act of sacrifice or insanity).

Diablo 2: Our hero is now The Wanderer and sets about finding and freeing the other 2 prime evils; Mephesto and Baal. A new hero arises and kills Diablo and Mephesto. Baal escapes and seeks the world stone in the hopes of corrupting it. The world stone limits the power of humans (being decended from angels and daemons means humans have the potential to surpass both), stops either side from waging full war on Sanctuary (both physically and via influence). With it corrupted humanity would side with the hells almost by default. Our new hero kills Baal, but fails to stop the corruption. Tyrial destroys the stone and leaves everyone wondering wtf happens next for 10 years.

Diablo 3: 20 years after D2. Most people who experienced the previous events are either dead or regarded as madmen (or are indeed are actually mad) so no one really takes the stories seriously. Somehow the plot hole of the entire populace of Kurast being either displaced or killed goes largely unnoticed. Anyway… A ‘star’ falls from the sky and happens to hit whats left of the old cathedral Diablo lived under back in D1. This reawakens the dead and the Skeleton King (why- I have no idea). After defeating the king, but not (yet) finding the star the beta ends and MAJOR PLOT TWIST So far the only confirmed evils are the ones not killed in previous games (they're gathering power before invading Sanctuary or some such). Enter ANOTHER new hero. While in the past games you had abilities despite the worldstone's e­xistence, this time you have abilities because it's been destroyed (waaa-). There are also hints that either you get to choose to side with heaven or hell, or that the story forces you in one direction (most likely heaven).

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"Diablo returns for a third installment of the popular franchise."
5 stars"

Diablo III attempts to blend the best of the two previous games, while adding a fresh spin to them and throwing new ideas into the mix to create something that at once feels different, but comfortably familiar. It's like returning home from years abroad to find your mum has shacked up with the Italian shop keeper and learnt to cook Mediterranean food – it's still Mum's cooking, but with that new, garlicky edge.

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"The crack is back"
5 stars"

Blizzard was kind enough to let me play the beta this weekend, and I have played several hours having achieved level 11 on my Barbarian.

The controls feel really tight, typical Blizzard really. I bound cleave to hotkey 1, and you can run around by holding down the hotkey and the Barbarian will follow the mouse cursor and attack when he is in range, really cool. What's really nice is you don't have mana this time around, even as a spellcaster. Barbarian has abilities like cleave which generate fury, and other abilities like the hammer which consume. The wizard has a regenerating mana pool. It just feels like a better system to me.

If it wasn't for the online component, particularly the auction house, I'd say that this game could be released TODAY, because the only bug, although a very serious bug, that I found so far was in the auction house.

I encountered no technical issues whatsoever, the game ran fine. I truly believe, that we may see this game released early february, based on current build!

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"Cannot wait!"
5 stars"

This series is hands down the best RPG game/series ever created. Diablo 1 and 2 have been around for years are are still played online by millions of players.

Diablo 3 looks even better and wont let you down, even if you have played the first 2 or not this will be a game you remember forever.

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"Diablo III I can not waiT!"
5 stars"

Diablo III seems to be shaping up well according to the online community tracking its development.

I spent hours upon hours playing Diablo on Playstation (so much so that I can remember having to bandage my fingers because of the blisters!).

Diablo II offered the character expansions that were required, and the subsequent add-on's kept the game going and increasing in positive ways.

Diablo III is highly anticipated, and i CAN NOT WAIT for its official release date to be published!

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"Game of the Century"
5 stars"

This game looks fantastic!

Basically diablo 2 but with alot of improvement, the biggest feature of this game will be multiplayer. Expect to be waiting a while for it though, It is a rarity for blizzard to stick to there release dates. CANT WAIT!

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"the antisipation is too much!"
5 stars"

I have been looking forward to this game for ages! From what I have seen this game is going to be a awesome like no other. I just hope that by the time it comes out my computer will still be able to run it!

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"Diablo 3 Beta Rocks!!!"
5 stars"

Played the beta. Loved it! Loved the changes they made to Diablo 3! The game is a lot more fun than Diablo 2! Played the beta a couple of weeks ago! The changes they made to the beta also made it more fun! 1 week and 2 days more! Too long…

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4 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Having played the Beta with all classes I am pretty impressed with Diablo 3. My only reservation is the recent tinkering Blizzard have done which has taken out some of the features I personally liked such as the item which let you recycle weapons/armour into crafting materials while on the go and the scroll which summoned a pet to automatically pick up gold. But still I believe Blizzard will release a typically polished if not innovative game with plenty of replay value. The rune system should add some welcome complexity and diversity to the combat system.

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"No longer excited...."
1 stars"
  • bland graphics to reminiscent of WOW
  • Boring generic Classes
  • Action house for real money.

No thanks Blizzard, I will wait for Grim Dawn.

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"Diablo III Very interesting game and cannot wait!!!!"
5 stars"

Well i own myself Diablo II and this was a huge hit in the back days. And Diablo 2 is Still very active in the Multiplayer region. As it is a Very well and fun made game. Hopefully Diablo 3 will give the same theme and great game time out of it. Diablo series have been made from the company Blizzard which is one of the most popular game making company e.g World of Warcraft and Starcraft.. So without a doubt i am Sure this game will be a huge success and cant wait till i can play this on Battle.net (Multiplayer)

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"Don't hold your breath"
5 stars"

Blizzard is renowned for being fiscally intelligent, and won't release this game before they run out of updates on World of Warcraft, thus forcing WoW players to convert to Diablo III. That said it's first release will be highly polished, they add bugs in the updates.

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"So much waiting, for what?"

This game is the modern version of ‘Duke Nukem: Forever’ it never comes out and is constantly in development… By the time it comes out (if ever) the graphics will be outdated anyway and there are better games out there already that quite resemble Diablo 3 screenshots, namely ‘Torchlight’ which is also made by the people who made the first Diablo and who are going to release a sequel soon, it shouldn't take years to make a game, the time these guys are taking in making D3 is just silly and stupid.

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"Beta ROCKS"
5 stars"

If it lives up to what I have seen in the Beta, this is going to be awesome – and yes we're allowed to comment on what we see in the Beta. Enough like DII (with the expansion) to keep everyone happy, with enough new stuff to keep you entertained.

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"Stuff you Blizzard..."
1 stars"

Im gonna spend my money on something that isn't delayed for the 100th time…

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"It's never coming out."
3 stars"

I think we've all been waiting for too long for this game to have reasonable expectations. Promise after promise, followed by delay after delay have slowly built hype, and no game can live up to it. Quite simply, Blizzard cannot please people anymore. It's been too long to simply release another Diablo, but if they make ANY changes, EVERYONE will complain.; If you can't wait, pick up Torchlight. It's pretty much Diablo 2.8

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5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

I don't know if I can take another extension to the release date! Please get this game to us b4 were all to senile to play it!

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