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5 stars"

Review by hariz on 25th January, 2012

This book is amazing

you can find an 8 page preview here…page-preview

this book has such extreme detail a must have for every diablo fan!

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"Fantastic read!"
5 stars"

Review by Daniel on 4th February, 2014

This book is purely amazing, the Diablo lore is extremely interesting and this book is the epitome of it. Almost rivalling Lord of the Rings lore, this book enthrals you and gives you all the details you'll ever need on Diablo, Heaven, Hell and the prime evils

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"Diablo Fan Must"
5 stars"

Review by Bishop on 10th April, 2012

Stylishly presented with fantastic gothic art of the Diablo universe, makes this seem as if you are really reading Deckard Cains journal. Full history of the world with tidbits if the upcoming installment. Place of pride on the bookshelf.

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"Very detailed"
5 stars"

Review by Eloise on 24th January, 2012

This book is full of knowledge about the prime evils, the angles and heaps on new never before noted information.

A must read for lore lovers of the Sanctuary.


5 stars"

Review by Todd on 28th May, 2012

Very cool book, covers lore from the beginning of the Diablo universe. Would recommend for any Diablo fan.

"Nice Fluff But Not A Good Game Companion"
4 stars"

Review by Richard on 18th May, 2012

Great, well made, well produced book – it's full of lore and little tidbits about the world of Diablo.

If you're getting this to supplement your game, it won't help much – it's a better coffee table book for Diablo hardcore fans more than anything else.

I can't fault the book for what it is, but more for what it isn't. I was expecting something more, something a bit more contributory to the game experience.

Good “fluff” value though :)

"a really well made book"
5 stars"

Review by Vaughan on 10th May, 2012

Simply put this book is a combination art/story book. It tells you about the history of the Diablo Universe as well as many questions that you have probably asked yourself… like how the Pandemonium Fortress came to be for example!

If you're a Diablo fan then this is a really good buy.

"If you are keen on Diablo get this book (AMAZING) "
5 stars"

Review by Keenan on 2nd May, 2012

I recommend this book to anyone keen on buying Diablo 3 and anyone keen on reading a book that is filled with ext-ream detail on demonic creatures and archangels. Get this book its so good

"A great summary of the Diablo world"
4 stars"

Review by Robert on 5th April, 2012

Very stylish hard cover with nice illustrations and a great lead in to prepare you for Diablo III. It does not get bogged down with too much detail, and it feels like you are reading a journal.