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"This is not a C&C, it is an aberration for a new market"
1 stars"

Review by Paul on 3rd April, 2010

  1. no resource control
  2. no base building
  3. pretty basic game-play – no multitasking

I played this the other night at my friends place and I'm glad I did before I bought it as I like C&C, but this isn't C&C.

The game has some playability, but in truth it is basically a capture the flag (node) and hold it longer than the opposition type game. So if you like that type of game then this will probably give some great multi-player game-play with a unique C&C twist.

As for a C&C sequel. This should at most have been a fun expansion pack similar to DoTA for Warcraft 3.

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"What a waste of money."
1 stars"

Review by Jase on 31st August, 2010

What a terrible waste of money. I purchased this for my birthday, thinking it would be a step up from the last C&C release… How badly mistaken I was. The command point structure is freakin' annoying, you can't build the units you want, you have to be “online” to play (which is a waste of time if your internet speed has been clocked down for the month)… More cons than pros… Actually… No pros. Don't buy it, you'll be disappointed like I (and heaps of other people) have been.

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"Constant online connectivity is annoying"
3 stars"

Review by Jacob on 21st March, 2010

I would hold off buying this game until they patch up some of the issues. C&C 4 Requires constant internet connection to do anything (play save etc.) and if that connection drops out AT ALL!!! your game progresses is lost and you have to start the mission/skirmish/on-line play again. Very annoying

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"SP - Bad, MP - Good"
2 stars"

Review by Luke on 19th April, 2010

If you are buying this game for the story, don't, it doesn't have one. Or at least not one you'll want to play. The campaign feels like it was just tacked on as an after thought. The story is disjointed and doesn't make sense, and the finale for both sides is jaw dropping. In a bad way. The missions themselves are dull and repetitive.

As for the multiplayer aspect at least this is more interesting. Having up to 10 players all in one game can rather hectic and quite fun at times. The down side is that you'll have to “grind” to be able to compete at first, as all the good stuff is locked away. There is no “DRM”, but being online at all times feels like DRM to me. :o

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"Embarassment to the C&C name."

Review by leanne on 24th June, 2010

This game is pathetic, it completely RUINS all that is C&C. Not to mention the masses of broken promises, for example it was promised by EA that this game would FINALLY reveal exactly who or what Kane is. The game does not, infact you learn absolutely nothing about Kane. The story is pathetic, and the acting made me cringe on multiple occasions.

Bottom line is, if you want a C&C game, buying this, will not get you a C&C game.

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"Nothing like the past C&C's"
1 stars"

Review by Simon on 2nd April, 2010

This version of the new C&C takes away a lot of the fun aspects of the C&C series. It has removed the conventional MCV and (I feel) the most fun part of the game, harvesting. How many of you loved destroying the harvester of the enemy and watching their base fall apart?

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"Not worth it even at $30"
1 stars"

Review by Andrew on 19th July, 2011

I've waited for a year before buying this game for $30 or so. I'm really glad I read some of the information about the game before it came out and didn't buy it immediately. Even at $30 the game isn't worth it.

  1. The ‘player progression system’ is a joke and simply included to ‘justify’ the permanent Internet connection. It adds nothing to the game at all.
  2. The decision to remove base building and harvesting etcetera in order to focus on ‘action’ and ‘tactics’ is flawed. There is no tactical game-play at all. To win you simply move your crawler forward with your forces and continually pump out the right units to tediously overwhelm your enemy.
  3. The camera viewpoint is so close in that you can hardly see anything at all. This is probably a deliberate decision to attempt to hide the fact that your entire army is so small. See next point.
  4. The ‘command point’ system is ridiculous and is by far the worst feature. One of the best things about all other Command and Conquer / Red Alert games is not having any unit limits, which almost every other RTS has. Not only have they included a unit limit, but it is so low that in some cases you can have as few as perhaps 10 units total.
  5. Unit pathfinding is appalling. Even with only 10 units in play your units will still bunch up and sit around not firing in close combat situations. You will have to spend your time moving units so that they can all open fire. They also seem to take a long time to auto target, which means you have to manually control firing on every single target in every battle if you wish to win.

The only good feature of the game is that has a broad range of graphics options.

Bottom line, it's still not worth purchasing even at $30.

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"I feel sorry for who ever paid for this"
1 stars"

Review by Glenn on 18th February, 2011

Selling for $20… Still way over priced, by far worst C&C game made, Thanks for nothing EA

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"If you've enjoyed previous C & C, this ain't it"
1 stars"

Review by Kym on 12th July, 2010

The most upsetting thing about this game, are the expectations; which are pretty much, quashed.

It is not that winning formula which earned another faithful purchase – without even looking at a review. Loads of regret on this decision.

There is no base building. There are no resources to collect. The only task you have is to churn out units; units restricted with a population cap. Without resources, the only restriction a player has is the population cap that can not be increased. It does have a RPG element, with in game experience increasing your level and unlocking new skills and upgrades. There are 3 separate classes, defence, offense and support to choose from. You can switch, but you can never have both.

Overall, a dull and limiting experience. A snorefest.

To top it off, I can't sell it on second hand from what I can tell. It requires internet connection and is registered to me, which means I've wasted some good coin. I will think really hard about purchasing another EA game.

Bring on Starcraft Wings of Liberty; you can have my money!

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"What were they thinking"
2 stars"

Review by Richard on 29th June, 2010

After waiting for this game to come into the testing price range I have had it on my machine for 1 month and so far played 1 mission.

From this I have found the most exciting part so far was reading the manual. The game appears to have some multiplayer merit however with StarCraft 2 just around the corner I may never get to really test it.

Story wise it seems whoever came up with the plot for this game has no appreciation for what happened in the previous games and heads off on a tangent to arrive at a conclusion that is of little relevance to the previous games.

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"It really is as bad as everyone says"
2 stars"

Review by Albert on 21st June, 2010

I finally bought this when the price was down to $50 but even that was paying too much. I at least expected good graphics but it didn't even have that. The textures are low quality even on the highest settings. The new base building is stupid… I don't know what they were thinking but this is definitely the worst C&C game ever made. Such a pity.

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2 stars"

Review by Gareth on 21st May, 2010

Personally after following CnC 1 through to 3. I feel let down after playing this. They destroyed the game and failed really badly at making an ending.

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"Base building is so 1995"
4 stars"

Review by Arnold on 29th March, 2010

C&C4 is definitely different, which sort of explains the poor reviews from hardcore fans and gamers expecting this to be another C&C game. It is not a C&C game as you know it. However after spending 1 evening adjusting my playstyle, I actually find it extremely fun and enjoyable.

C&C4 is probably more familiar with those who've played Company of Heroes and Dawn of War 2 where there's less base building and resource management and more tactical actions. You may also like it more if you're the kind of C&C player who always pack up your MCV and really emphasise the meaning of “mobile” in “Mobile Construction Vehicle”.

In C&C4 you plunge straight into the action in every single game. Forget about boring trivial stuff like (building) build order and creating forward bases, the moment you deploy your MCV all you do is start building units and move forward. There are so many units to choose from you have to decide whether to play offensive (heavy tanks), defensive (infantries, light tanks and turrets), or support (airplanes and medium tanks). You can play all of them if you want, but you can only deploy 1 MCV at a time. And no, you don't build harvesters anymore.

More advanced units and upgrades are unlocked by levelling up. You can level up by playing, either campaigns or multiplayer games. So yeah if you're a campaign fan, you will probably miss cinematics unveiling a new unit or building (“Commander, you may now use our latest technology stealth tanks!”). Otherwise it's a pretty nice reward system, especially when you manage to beat a high level opponent with your army of basic units.

On that topic, the multiplayer games are also enjoyable. With no tiberium fields to worry about, all you need to do is take the game to your opponents, build strategically to counter their playstyle and enjoy the fireworks.

In summary, C&C4 is indeed different but still enjoyable. The gameplay is fast, flexible, and fun, but you have to be prepared for a steep learning curve at the start.

If you prefer traditional RTS, however, Starcraft 2 maybe your best bet.

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"Insult to the series"
1 stars"

Review by Julien on 20th August, 2012

If I could give this game 0 stars I would. It is an absolute disgrace to the command and conquer series. The points system for recruiting means you can have a few good units or lots of bad ones. The resource system has been removed and replaced with the fore mentioned points system which slowly build up over time. Put simply they have remade the entire gameplay and it is not very good.

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"Not impressed"
1 stars"

Review by Adam on 1st March, 2012

Would just like to say I expected this to continue well from Tiberium wars or C&C 3. I found out however the graphics were horrible, ideas behind it not relevant at all to the previous game. WARNING to C&C players this is nothing like the previous award winning ( I wish) previous games. Yours sincerely Fellow C&C enthusiast

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"Watchout when buying second hand."
1 stars"

Review by Paul on 10th June, 2011

If you buy this game second hand make sure it has not been registered before as it can not be registered again using the same serial number and the seller unfortunatly cant unregister it. If you buy it and it has been registered before you can not play it without the sellers EA account details and password. So better off buying it new.

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"A disappointing buy"
2 stars"

Review by stephen on 24th May, 2011

C&c 3 really good game c&c 4 not good you cant even compare the 2 wood not recommend this game to any one over the age of 15

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"Different but in a good way"
4 stars"

Review by Alistair on 21st May, 2010

C&C4 is really different compared to the others in this title gone are the days of base building, resource gathering.

Instead tiberium is collected as green blue or read and each gather gives you upgrade points some units can hold blue tiberium for a bonus at the cost of speed and armour, instead of an MCV you have defensive, offensive or support “crawlers” like an mcv which is upgtraded in tiers for better units.

The only draw back to this game is needing constant internet connection though if connection is lost during a storyline game you will get auto-saved at the point it is lost and can keep playing but wont gain experience which unlocks higher tier units, support powers and upgrades.

Overall, this game is enjoyable to play. However, four stars is the highest attainable rating in its current state, due to the need of constant internet access.

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"Jaw dropping graphics!"
4 stars"

Review by Ross on 27th May, 2010

Once again a very nice looking game with great landscapes and attention to detail. The new technology is very impressive and with its thrilling storyline is a must for C&C fans! The only down side is that it was too short and you are limited by how many units you can command.

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"Great RTS game in a longtime"
5 stars"

Review by Simon on 10th July, 2012

I only just started getting back into these RTS games and from the last C&C series I played this ones gonna take awhile to get used to.

Its changed quite abit but in a good way though.

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"I enjoy this better than the orignal's "
4 stars"

Review by robert on 12th July, 2011

Although not required to base build or use super weapons there is no need in single player to stock up on tiberium to build a force – just upgrade crystals and use of command points.

Almost finished GDI Single player – yes its short but its a good intro to playing on the net multiplayer and upgrades rank as well.

Got Telecom Broadband – no connection problems at all. Perhaps they have been all patched up.

Prefer this than Red Alert 3 uprising but still love C+C3 for its depth

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"First Class"
5 stars"

Review by Corey on 20th March, 2012

Keeps the good things from the previous games and makes them better, wile bringing a whole new level of play styles to the table.!! A+

"Do not buy this game!"

Review by Marija on 12th October, 2013

I bought this as a long-standing C&C fan – expecting, after so many games in the series based on the same concept, a further development on the outstanding gather, build, battle model.

Disappointed!!! It is just plain dishonest to sell this under the C&C banner – it's totally different. It's like selling under the Ferrari banner and finding a Toyota engine in the car.

I was so bored going through the first few missions, no thinking required – u just have to jump through the hoops the game tells you to jump through. It's on railroad tracks… Do this… Move to here.. Do that.

Uninstalled after a few hours.

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5 stars"

Review by Carlos on 5th March, 2011

Good game, worth the money :D

"Disappointting way the finish the story."
2 stars"

Review by Darroch on 20th December, 2010

It seems that the over all story of this game is like: “Let's finish the story so we can move to something else”. As said before always online is a pain. Wouldn't be so bad if it was just pre and post match. There is a plus is that it will save your progress online encase of reinstall.

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"If it aint broke' don't fix it"
1 stars"

Preview by Michael on 23rd August, 2009

This new C&C will not be staying true to the classics as it reaches for a new generation of strategy gamers, touting when it comes to the hardcore market “we've served them pretty well”. This is a bit odd being that it has always been a simple mainstream RTS. It eliminates the need to build, with only the ‘Defense Class Crawler’ able to (oh yes, I said Crawler – not MCV, I'll get to that later), and your trusty Tiberium Harvester is no more – replaced with a new resource management involving controlling “Tiberium Control Network Nodes”

The story in this one is Nod and GDI have started to work together when Kane offers his help to GDI when Tiberium looks like it will destroy all life soon (there is a short teaser that shows that). The conflict you are involved in will be based around the extremists on both sides that don't trust this peace, and you just know Kane has an agenda. Obviously not too much has been released about this but it was said that you might struggle to work out who is ‘friend’ and ‘foe’ in this apparently “grittier” (i hate this buzz word) story line. The cutscene videos are to have less of their usual ‘campyness’ and are trying to be “dark and gritty”. They are to be shot so your POV is more of an observer rather than being referred to as a person that the actors can see and fain interaction with.

Instead of the iconic MCVs, you are now in charge of one of three class crawlers with the engineer being the only unit they have in common. The crawlers seem similar to command in Supreme Commander, but are weak and need to be defended. These crawlers will respawn if you die with minimal penalties. The classes are: +Offensive class crawlers – focus on ground units and troops during there deployment. +Defense class crawlers – build structures and protective emplacements, such as turrets and shields, to repel enemy forces +Support class crawlers – focus on aerial units as well as powers to buff its forces

There will be a persistent experience system to unlock units over all game types – skirmish, campaign and multiplayer. This sounds to be a replacement of the old system where units are unlocked after completion of a mission or during a mission. This is intended to help along the inexperienced players so they learn the basic units before being given an expansive tech tree. The units that get unlocked will apparently not give the players with more experience any advantage. All this will be organized by EA big brother or some other online service with the internet needed (?at all times?) “As of right now, you need to be online all the time to play C&C 4. This is primarily due to our ‘player progression’ feature so everything can be tracked.” (quote from official blog…t-Connection).

As you can see by the one screen shot with the HUD, there is no traditional vertical HUD. We now get a “horizontal HUD designed to focus the player's attention towards the action on the field” as seen in screenshots. I don't know about this ‘focus attention anywhere’, with widescreen monitors taking over the market (over half the monitors on the site are widescreen and all monitors over 22 inch are widescreen).

Victory in this new world well be obtained buy controlling all “Tiberium Control Network nodes” for a set amount of time. These nodes were a result of the GDI/Nod alliance and either generates power or terraforms the earth. They double as a new resource management system, which draws comparison to a “modeled on Battlefield's tic­ket system” it sounds similar to the Dawn of Wars requisition points generated by controlling Strategic Points/Critical Locations

I suppose growing up with C&C and War Craft 2 (I'm not old enough to remember one), but I'm not a hardcore gamer and get thrashed in online multiplayer and have always been happy with singleplayer campaigns. Also living in rural NZ, multiplayer has never been much of an option. I'm going to miss a lot of the original games charm. I loved C&C 1 and 2, Red Alert 1 and 2, and even though like alot of old school fans, I don't hate C&C Generals (but I do feel there is no need for the C&C prefix on that game). I think EA soiled the franchise with the third installment of both C&C and Red Alert ,so was not very excited to hear that they would be trying again. This game sounds to me to be too much like Dawn of War II and I hated that game. I felt thoroughly let down after the first one, which i liked. The game play style sounds like an RPG territory game with summoners. The new storyline sparks some interest, the persistent experience system sounds interesting if it would only not require persistent internet connection, I can even live with the new HUD, but when they change the resource management, victory conditions, remove the MCV and most buildings, and then the campy videos – I just don't know why they even bother having the Command & Conquer prefix on there at all. Because the franchise means so much to me I'll keep and eye out for this but after C&C 3 I am not going to be so quick to pick this one up.

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"Looking forward to it"
2 stars"

Preview by Albert on 3rd December, 2009

I think the previous review is a bit odd. I played Dune 2, C&C 1/2, Red Alert 1/2 from Westwood and even Warcraft 1/2 from Blizzard. Comparing these 2D isometric, older RTS games to todays RTS genre isn't right, games have changed dramatically since then and the RTS genre is no exception.

Personally I loved C&C3, but was disappointed with the Kane's Wrath expansion pack. To me this game sounds like a nice progression from it's predecessor and I for one am looking forward to it. I just HOPE that the issues with loss of synchronization during multiplayer in C&C3 have no been carried over. Anyone who knows what I'm talking about will know the severe frustration caused by epic battles in multiplayer cut short but sudden disconnection issues that were never fully resolved.

This will certainly be no match for Starcraft 2, as it's just a revamped C&C3 on the same engine, but it'll keep us busy for awhile.