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"Bonus power for insane driving"
5 stars"

Great driving game. Love the idea of building your turbo boost by driving “wrecklessly”.

A really fast game with great tracks, graphics to match or even exceed most available.

Definately good multiplayer material and will be even better when Xbox Live hits the market. You just have to love being able to generate the best insurance cost in the “Crash” section. It's my favourite game at present.

"One of the best racers to date."
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Takes the winning formula of the first one and 10 folds it. Wicked high speed racing that can make your eyes water. I would go as far to say that this has one of the best split screen modes ever. its still getting played in my household 4 months after purchase. If you like arcade racers then this is for you. :D

"This game just completely rocks."
5 stars"

B2 is just simply superb. You can't beat the Crash mode when you have a group of friends around and a few lagers!

This is a must buy title for Xbox racing fans!