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"All right but lacks substance"
2 stars"

This game has suffered the same fate as KOTOR II rushed from development to soon and published to quick.

This is apparent due to the lack sidequests, plot and only 9 worlds two of which are tutorial missions. It also suffers from no multiplayer and skirmish modes reducing its replayability.

The enemy AI is terrible and provides no real challenge at all during the missions and is severly imbalanced against your God powers.

The idea of having RTS elements combined to the game was brilliant however; this worked as a double edged sword as the yoking process lead to a “Jack of all trades” situation resulting in mediocre RTS and God play.

On the good side the graphics are gorgeous pushing your computer to the limit, training your creature is fun but however he does not become huge which is just disappointing.

All in All I felt that this is a skeleton of a game rushed of to be published before muscles and guts could be added for real meaty RTS and God play. For a game that spent so long in development the end product is disappointing particularly when the sequel leaves out positive aspects of the first game.

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