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"Needs work"
4 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

With EA and DICE sticking with a arcade and sim mixed type of game it makes for a fun game to play, it's fast, intense and has some insane fire fights(multipla­yer).

BF:V focussing on multiplayer and only having instant action for singleplayer was a let down but multiplayer is worth the lost of a singleplayer campaign.

Keep your eye on the horizon as the helicopters will send fear all around the battle field with their firepower and the ability to get their soliders in and out fast.

The only problem I have is it doesn't feel or look like a complete game, with many areas still to be fine tuned but all should be well as patchs are released.

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"Sheer Brilliance!"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Battlefield Vietnam has captured the essence of the Vietnam Wars. The maps reflect perfectly how the battles took place, in the way of Ambush Points where the opposition can spawn at marked points where there actually is no spawn-point. As for gameplay, extremely difficult! Which is not a bad thing! Vietnam focuses more on the strategic side of things rather than the original 1942 that was focussed on speed & brute force. You literally need to crawl through the long grasses to keep a low profile. AI has also improved in the way that the AI team-up & work together, this makes for some mouse gripping tension!

Instead of your normal 5 character classes, under each you have a subclass where you can select between a range of weapons. To name a few, heavy machine-guns & booby-traps. The vehicles, as always, are fantastic, however if you think you've got an advantage by jumping into a tank, you're wrong! Because Vietnam terrain is so rigid, there are places you will struggle to drive a tank through. The maps are huge, but you are navigating closely with your opponents which makes for a completely different type of gameplay. Though planes I have noticed are quite rare, helicopters are abundant. Chopper flight is incredibly easier than in Desert Combat, the controls are simple, but you need to watch you're altitude. Chopper transport is FAST! Though you may not get many kills in a chopper, you will certainly contribute to teamwork.

Stealth, Strategy and Team work is what Vietnam is all about, and it certainly captures the intense realism of the Vietnam Wars. Goodluck Soliders ;o)

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