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4 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

Battlefield one is the latest game from studio DICE. following on from the rocky launch of Battlefield 4 I can report that this game is running like a charm :D The game has a short but strong single player although if it had been longer it could have been so much better. The multiplayer is fun and challenging. The game runs well as too. Don't be afraid if your computer isn't the best machine on the planet as you can easily get away with under the recommended specifications in order to reach 60FPS @ 1080P resolutions. If you have a potato you can make sacrifices here and there to reach playable framerates too (I managed to get the Intel HD 530 Graphics on my CPU to run the game at ~40–60 FPS on a low resolution and low settings)

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"Package unopened"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

This was bought for my son for Xmas so it's unopened, but he's super excited about thinking he might be getting this, and he's been raving on about it, so I'm sure it will be great. Thank you once again for your great service.

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"Avoid the PC version and get a console copy."
1 stars"

When I first saw the trailer for this game I was so happy. Finally, an “old timey” themed shooter instead of the myriad of “futuristic” FPS games. Bought a copy from the Mighty Ape booth at Armageddon and installed it the moment I got home. Played the campaign and was having a blast, until about two hours in I got a game crash with the notice saying something about a directx error. Unperturbed I restarted and resumed playing, again within an hour or so it crashed with the same error. Trying to play multiplayer is impossible as the same error pops up, with even more frequency than when playing the single player campaign.

Looking through numerous web forums including those on the official DICE forum this is apparently a common issue with many other players and worse yet it seems to be the third generation of the same bug as BF3 and BF4 players have had similar issues over the years. It has been over two weeks since the first report of this error on the official DICE forums and so far there has been no fix, even temporary, provided and the only comments made by the game devs being “We are looking into the problem, just don't play your newly purchased game till we find out what went wrong.”

My one star rating is not against Mighty Ape but rather the horrendously defected product EA/DICE has made and their lack of action in resolving it

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"Such a good game"
5 stars"
Purchased on Mighty Ape

One of the best looking games out there and will run on a potato because of the optimisation, well worth a buy