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Turtle Beach Ear Force XP510

Premium Wireless Dolby Surround Sound Gaming Headset (Xbox 360 & PS3)
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Review by Kagan on 8th June, 2014
5 stars "Good, but no mic on pc w/o buying other parts."

I'm incredibly happy with my xp510s except for the fact that I had to buy a bluetooth adapter in order to use the microphone on my computer, which is the main reason I actually bought them. It would be nice for you guys to advertise that you need other parts to use the mic on the pc as I would have bought them all at the same time and got it all together instead of doing huge amounts of reseacrch working out thats the only way you can do it and not being able to use my BRAND NEW $400 headphones, well I could listen to things but not talk to people, which as I said is the main reason for purchase.

2 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
Review by Paul on 6th July, 2013
5 stars "Incredible but wait."

Hi have the XP500 and these headset are amazing. you can also sync your smart phone via bluetooth and take calls during game. bonus for me.

BUT if you are considering buying an “Xbox one” then I would wait as there is no guarantee the voice chat will be compatible, sure the audio will work but no chat. unless TB release an adapter-

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Review by toyah on 31st October, 2013
5 stars "Turtle Beach XP510"

WOW what an awesome peace of art !! Firstly I would say that Im so lucky to buy this XP510 for $389. Thanks Mighty Ape..:D

Now this Turtle Beach XP510 is the beast and the Best among 2 of my recent gaming headsets I've ever had. My recent headsets were:

1. Sony Wireless and 2. Tritton 720 and no where as good as this XP510

Honestly I'm a chick and BEFORE when I played MW3 online, I have to admit that I'm pretty good in this game so I won most games especially Free for All. But now using this XP510, honestly mate there is no way you will beat me in FFA unless your an invisible hacker ha. I mean I can hear every footsteps in every game so it's easy to pick up enemies whose trying to sneak behind your back EVEN without using a portable radar (if u know what I mean) lolz…If you don't believe me then ADD me on PS3 and I'll show you how good the XP510 headset is


(with 2 underscore in between Roxy and Girl) and do realise that the 11 is my age ha so imagine a 11 year old girl whip ass on online is because of this amazing headset :)

Once again what I'm trying to say is this headset says it all…

What I like the most is being a 100% Wi-Fi wireless is a piece of mine to me and its last ages for the battery as its says that you could play up to 15 hours which is true. Outstanding sound with powerful bass and clear Dolby Digital surround sound.

…and the list goes on an on…

Thats why Turtle Beach is still #1 in Gaming Audio so what are you waiting for-

Contact Mighty Ape now as its ONLY 2 left in stock lolz

Review by Jared on 11th December, 2013
4 stars "Quick shipment, great site but..."

Great head set, only promblem there is something loose ratterling on the inside one of the speakers



Release date NZ
June 27th, 2013
Box Dimensions (mm)
242x303 x140
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To compete with the best players, you need the best equipment. The Ear Force XP510 gives you the Turtle Beach audio advantage with interference-free, Dual-Band Wi-Fi Wireless and powerful, Dual-Stage Audio Processing for crystal clear Dolby Digital Surround Sound. During or after a game session you can stream your favourite music, enjoy streaming video and even use it with your phone, tablet or portable game system. With up to 15 hours of play from the built-in rechargeable battery, you’ll play longer and rise to the top of the leaderboards even faster. With over 35 years of audio experience the XP510 is the most advanced gaming audio system Turtle Beach has ever created.


  • Compatible with Xbox, PS3 & Mobile audio products (iPad, iPod etc)
  • 100% Wireless Game & Chat for Xbox 360 & PS3 Enjoy complete wireless freedom for games, chat and console content like music and video. Dolby Digital Surround Sound Pinpoint the direction of every sound in immersive, 360 degree audio.
  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi Wireless Technology Dual-Band Wireless scans for a clear channel ensuring you an interference-free connection.
  • Bluetooth Brings Music & Gaming Together Take advantage of Bluetooth and stream your favorite tunes while you play or take phone calls while never leaving the game. You can also pair the XP510 with your Bluetooth compatible device, remove the mic and enjoy wireless freedom!
  • Comfortable & Noise Isolating Memory foam cushions cozy up to your ears to block out noise and distractions.
  • Customizable Audio Advantage Enhanced game & chat presets give you the audio advantage, plus the debut of Music and Movie presets. Get more presets from
  • Tune Your Headset For: Music + Movies + Games
  • Presets aren’t just for games. Now you can tune your headset with presets for watching movies and listening to music from services like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu and more.
  • Rechargeable Battery Built-in rechargeable battery delivers up to 15 hours of continuous play. You can even charge while playing.
  • Dual-Stage Audio Processing For more powerful and customizable programmable presets and accurate Dolby Surround Sound.
  • Dynamic Chat Boost Chat volume automatically increases as the game volume gets louder.
  • Adjustable Surround Sound Angles Customize your audio experience by altering the positioning of the surround sound.
  • Sonic Lens + Sound Field Expander Focus on sound cues that are difficult to hear like enemy footsteps by altering the sound field.
  • Sonic Silencers Eliminate background noise from your mic and online chat for clearer communication.
  • Wired Mobile Connectivity Even without Bluetooth, the XP510 can be used with the included Mobile Device Cable.
  • Turtle Beach Audio Advantage With more than 35 years of audio experience, Turtle Beach delivers innovative technology to provide a competitive advantage and the most realistic and immersive audio experience built into a high quality, comfortable headset. Outstanding sound, features and quality. That’s why we are #1 in Gaming Audio.

Package Contents Power Cable: Transmitter Power Cable Charging Cable: Headset Charging Cable Guide: Quick Start Guide Sticker: Turtle Beach Sticker Console Interface: Digital Optical Cable Chat Cable: XBOX 360 Talkback Cable Cable: Mobile Device Cable Cable: Digital Optical Cable Cable: USB Data Cable Headset: XP510 Headset with Removable Microphone Transmitter: Digital RF Wireless Transmitter Manual: Presets Reference Booklet Adapter: XBA Bluetooth Chat Adapter – See more at:…ce-xp510/345#…

**This product is compatible with Xbox 360. Please see this link for details regarding compatibility with the Xbox 360 E console.…ry/830517528

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