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The World Ends With You

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4 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
Review by Kyler on 26th November, 2008
5 stars "One of the best titles for the Nintendo DS"

A title made by Square Enix and Jupiter with the character designers Nomura Tetsuya (designed characters for the FF series) and Kobayashi Gen, this game has in-depth characters, plot and gameplay. The World Ends With You is one of the few games that requires you to concentrate and be able to use both screens simultaneously bringing out the potential in the console. Not only is the gameplay intense and fun but the storyline brings you into the world of Underground Shibuya and completely hauls you in. If you have a DS, this is a must for your collection.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by Alastair on 14th May, 2009
4 stars "An intelligent critique on modern society, and a fantastic RPG."

The World Ends With You is a fantastic game on all accounts. While initially I was turned off by the magna/anime art style and decidedly ‘emo’ flavour, I am now completely hooked. This game provides a unique experience with a complex and involved battle system, taking full advantage of the DS's touchscreen and microphone functionality. I found the character dialogue a little weak, and absolutely loathed the main characters (think whingy, annoying, angsty little bitches), but it is the satirical element of this game which really got me hooked. Underneath it's ‘cute’ exterior and ‘emo’-like themes, lies a clever and deep social-commentary which provides an amazing critique on consumerism and trend-driven, materialistic modern world. It truly is excellent, and for this reason I highly recommend this game to those seeking a fresh RPG experience and some intellectual stimulation.

Review by Alyssa on 16th July, 2012
5 stars "the power of Square"

this game is just another example of how great Square Enix is! the storyline, the artwork and characters, everything about it is just so awesome and addictive. If you love Kingdom Hearts and/or Final Fantasy then you must play this

Review by Cindy on 28th October, 2011
5 stars "Awesome gift "

Teenager was pleasantly surprised with gift. Thanks Mighty Ape

7 out of 7 people found this preview helpful:
Preview by Logan on 5th May, 2008
5 stars "Best game created for the ds."

I've brought the imported version and I must admit this is the best nintendo ds game I have ever played hands down. Now my collection of nintendo ds games is over 75 games long ranging from pokemon to ninja gaiden. I've played any game worth mentioning and this game tops them! I'm not going to spoil it for you but this game is truly great! If you like Kingdom hearts you'll like this or though its aimed at an older audience I loved it and I'm up to the Beat chapter (Near the end of the game) I'm playing on normal difficulty and haven't done any side missions yet, my game time is 52 hours and I'm still playing! another thing with this game is it doesn't seem to end but in a good way! The basic plot is a second chance at living, those who have died can play this game and if they are the winners there granted the power to live again. But there are reapers trying to stop you. In order for reapers to survive they must kill players (Those trying to win the game to come back to life) The story is great but there's also a lot of great side games. There's one game called tin pin slammer (a mini game) which could be a game in itself! there's a tournament available in the game for this mini game which makes it great! not only that but multi player is top notch! Your friend doesn't even need the game thanks to game sharing. final score. 10/10 (Best game created for the nintendo ds yet)



Release date NZ
May 16th, 2008
Box Dimensions (mm)
135x140 x15
All-time sales rank
Top 2000
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The story begins as our hero, Neku, wakes up amidst the hustle and bustle of Shibuya, Tokyo. Confused and disoriented, he receives a message on his phone warning him that he will cease to exist unless he completes a certain mission. With his life seemingly on the line, Neku plunges into the back streets of the urban labyrinth...

  • Experience the urban grit and neon of the coolest district in Tokyo with a distinctive, high quality style of in-game artwork
  • Meet an achingly hip cast of characters each with an interesting personality and stylish sense in fashion, music and culture
  • Highly innovative and intuitive combat system that makes full use of the Nintendo DS Touch Screen, Dual Screens and Microphone like no other game before it!
  • Use fantastic psychic powers to read the thoughts of the population, put words into people’s minds, and move objects to help you progress in your adventure!
  • Immerse yourself in an amazing audio soundtrack featuring a diverse fusion of bleeding-edge hip-hop, rock, and techno
  • A tale of friendship, hope and overcoming your challenges, creatively told with a modern edge
  • Shop till you drop! Keep abreast of the latest Trends to stay one step ahead of the fashion scene and your enemies. Trade items with friends using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection too
  • Action-packed minigame fun that can be enjoyed by up to four players via DS Wireless Play!
  • Engage the Chance Encounter mode via DS Wireless Play to share data with fellow game users you bump into in the real world

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