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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for PC Games
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for PC Games + Battlefield 3 for PC Games

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Skyrim PC

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

PC Games Developer : Bethesda

(158 ratings)
Restricted 13. Contains violence and offensive language
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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for PC Games + Battlefield 3 for PC Games
List price: $69.98
Buy together: $68.98 (save 1%)

3.99% of people buy The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Battlefield 3 ~ PC Games.

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12 out of 12 people found this review helpful:
Review by Jocelyn on 25th November, 2011
5 stars "Best RPG I've played this year"

First introduction to the game your plunged straight into the frozen world, as you get control of your character you start to learn how to play the game and the various actions you can preform, all in a stunning starting sequence.

As the game rolls on you get to branch out and kinda do your own thing, you can explore as you like, quest when you want, put things off till the bitter end, it doesn't matter really, the game waits for you to be ready. Early into the main quest you fight your first dragon and I won't spoil it but I will say its excellent.

There is more incentive to delve into dungeons, with word walls being hidden in their depths for you to uncover and become more powerful. The game play, well I've been playing for days and I still have a long way to go. The fights are brilliant. The leveling system starts you out easy then gets challenging as you get up the levels.

The game has so much depth; so many quests. Dragons respawn at their lairs, they appear at random in the wild and other creatures also respawn over time. Not having to choose a class gives you freedom to level whatever skills you want to play with and be rewarded for it. Sadly the level cap is 50 otherwise we could have had some very healthy adventurers

Oh and dragons level with you, so as you get stronger, the dragons remain a challenge to bring down.

Overall, I'm still VERY satisfied with this game! I highly recommend it. A stunning piece in the Elder Scrolls game series. The guide book is also a good companion for this game you will think is well spent

4 out of 4 people found this review helpful:
Review by Stacey on 16th December, 2011
5 stars "Visually stunning, compelling stories and an epic game. "

After playing and enjoying Oblivion thoroughly – I was eager to try out Skyrim, I'd read all the online previews and pre release game footage and needless to say I was excited. The game is so worth it, it's basically a piece of art. The graphics are absolutely stunning even on lowest settings, from the high mountain peaks, frozen oceans and rolling grasslands. Elder scroll games have a certain feel that make you get sucked in straight away. You get emerged by the radiant story system, npc AI and the simple yet exciting story lines. What I truly love about Skyrim is you can do what you want when you want. I've clocked at least 80 hours of gameplay and still haven't completed half of the main quest.
It truly is the best warrior, adventurer, stealth, archer, assassin and mage game on the market. It combines everything wonderfully.
My only complaint is that it uses steam to run, which for me is a downside, it means you have to have an internet connection to run it half the time and it's constantly updating but thats a small worry considering how amazing the game is.
I recommend it to absolutely anyone, RPG enthusiasts and first time gamers.

6 out of 7 people found this review helpful:
Review by Mark on 8th January, 2012
5 stars "Enjoying it more the longer I play it."

When I first loaded this up and played I thought it was just a slightly better looking version of oblivion. As I played I realised it had a lot more variety and after I added a few mods it looked better and better.
The Essential mods I used are:

  • FXAA Post processing injector
  • Nexus mod manager – then using “” and “download with manager” its hassle free to add mods:

Enhanced Blood Textures
Enhanced Distant Terrain
Enhanced Night Skyrim
Improved rock and mountain textures
Realistic Smoke and Embers
Realistic Water Textures
Skyrim Flora Overhaul

I used the ultra or 4096 versions of all these mods and my i5 2500k, 8GBRam, GTX570 handled it without overclocking.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by John on 17th January, 2012
5 stars "As Good as they say."

I've never played a game this rich or full before. If you've ever played a first person Sword and Sorcery Adventure and liked it, you'll enjoy this. Only things you may find as frustrations (i) You need to join up online to Steam before you can play, I had difficulty finding some of the misions, spending hours trying to find a path to the top of a mountain for example, and it requires a pretty powerful set up to run without delays. But you'jj still love it.

1 out of 1 people found this review helpful:
Review by Benjamin on 20th January, 2012
5 stars "AWESOME!!"

Great game. Worth every cent.



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November 11th, 2011
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Skyrim reimagines and revolutionizes the open-world fantasy epic, bringing to life a complete virtual world open for you to explore any way you choose.

"… one of the most fully-realized, easily enjoyable, and utterly engrossing role-playing games ever made.” 9.5/10 – IGN

“…the big, bold, and beautiful sequel you hoped for and is sure to bewitch you for countless hours.” 9/10 Superb – Gamespot

The Empire of Tamriel is on the edge. The High King of Skyrim has been murdered. Alliances form as claims to the throne are made. In the midst of this conflict, a far more dangerous, ancient evil is awakened. Dragons, long lost to the passages of the Elder Scrolls, have returned to Tamriel. The future of Skyrim, even the Empire itself, hangs in the balance as they wait for the prophesized Dragonborn to come; a hero born with the power of The Voice, and the only one who can stand amongst the dragons.


  • Epic Fantasy Reborn – Skyrim reimagines the open-world fantasy epic, pushing the gameplay and technology of a virtual world to new heights.
  • Live another life, in another world – Play any type of character you can imagine, and do whatever you want; the legendary freedom of choice, storytelling, and adventure of The Elder Scrolls is realized like never before.
  • All New Graphics and Gameplay Engine – Skyrim's new game engine brings to life a complete virtual world with rolling clouds, rugged mountains, bustling cities, lush fields, and ancient dungeons.
  • You Are What You Play – Choose from hundreds of weapons, spells, and abilities. The new character system allows you to play any way you want and define yourself through your actions.
  • Dragons Return – Battle ancient dragons like you've never seen. As Dragonborn, learn their secrets and harness their power for yourself.

Metacritic score: 94/100 Universal acclaim based on 32 Critics

Review by IGN
“I was stacking books on a shelf in my house in Whiterun, one of Skyrim's major cities, when I noticed a weapon rack right beside it. I set a sacrificial dagger in one slot, an Orcish mace in the other. They were on display for nobody but me and my computer-controlled housecarl, Lydia, who sat at a table patiently waiting for me to ask her to go questing. The chest upstairs was reserved for excess weapons and armor, the bedside table for smithing ingots and ores, the one next to the Alchemy table for ingredients. I'd meticulously organized my owned virtual property not because I had to, but because tending to the minutia of domestic life is a comforting break from dealing with screaming frost trolls, dragons, a civil war, and job assignments that never seem to go as planned. It's even a sensible thing to do; a seemingly natural component of every day existence in Skyrim, one of the most fully-realized, easily enjoyable, and utterly engrossing role-playing games ever made…t's difficult to ever feel completely satisfied with a play session of Skyrim. There's always one more pressing quest, one more unexplored tract of land, one more skill to increase, one more butterfly to catch. It's a mesmerizing game that draws you into an finely crafted fictional space packed with content that consistently surprises. The changes made since Oblivion are many, and result in a more focused and sensible style of play, where the effects of every decision are easily seen. Featuring the same kind of thrilling freedom of choice The Elder Scrolls series is known for along with beautiful visuals and a stirring soundtrack, playing Skyrim is a rare kind of intensely personal, deeply rewarding experience, and one of the best role-playing games yet produced.”

9.0 Presentation
An elegant menu system and a huge amount of story content to dig into. Bugs and stability issues do exist, however.
9.5 Graphics
Stunning environmental detail make exploring Skyrim all the more rewarding. Some character models and animations look unnatural.
10 Sound
An incredible soundtrack and great sound design help make Skyrim feel like a real place.
9.5 Gameplay
Though the up-close weapon combat is still awkward, customizing your character and conquering all Skyrim's challenges is consistently satisfying.
10 Lasting Appeal
A game of staggering size and filled with content, so there's always a reason to return.
(out of 10)


System Requirements:

Recommended Specs

Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)
Processor: Quad-core Intel or AMD CPU
4GB System RAM
6GB free HDD space
DirectX 9.0c compatible NVIDIA or AMD ATI video card with 1GB of RAM (Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 or higher; ATI Radeon 4890 or higher).
DirectX compatible sound card
Internet access for Steam activation

Minimum Specs

Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit)
Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor
2GB System RAM
6GB free HDD Space
Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 512 MB of RAM
DirectX compatible sound card
Internet access for Steam activation

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