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Soldiers: Heroes of World War II

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Preview by Wesley on 21st February, 2009
4 stars "Thrill of Real Time War"

This rare Gem of a game puts you in command of some very skilled Hero units and their solders, as you work with a really intergrated world environment. You can take cover behind vehicles, bulding corners, crates and the like, while giving covering fire or flanking fire against enemy units. Even buildings can be fortified and are fully destructable, with debre from a building also being used. The sheer detail, use of weapons and near everything in the world works well together. The only negatives is that since you control each unit independently, squad combat is not an option, and you need to think ahead of what the enemy could do. That said, you wouldnt leave a single rifleman half a cross the battlefield, as the troop's AI will mean he will fight (and well) but a tight group works better than the ‘lone ranger’ or ‘commando’ approach to the game. Its well tied together, and simply put: things are well designed.

Afterthought: If only they could apply this game engine in a RTS with base contruction similar to the old Command and Conquer: Red Alert (Pre EA Games and the last title by Westwood Studios) would we have a Serious Winner Title.

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Preview by Kevin on 25th July, 2006
5 stars "Simply awesome."

I have to start by saying that this is one of the most fun games I have ever played and is probably my 2nd or 3rd favourite game.

You control a small group of soldiers; moving them around a map, fighting with enemies and completing objectives like an RTS. Unlike usual RTS games, though, each unit has a seperate inventory. Some units might carry machine guns, where others might carry sniper rifles. What they carry and use is up to you. In fact, the inventory system is very similiar to Diablo. You have a limited space to carry whatever weapons and ammo you want and then you can choose what to place in each of their hands and their helmet. You can also take more control by actually taking full control of a units actions; aiming and shooting their weapon, moving and so forth.

Anything living in the game can be killed and everything else can be, at least, partially destroyed. If some enemies are hiding in a building, you can simply destroy the building. There are many weapons and vehicles in the game and you can use all of them. The AI is good as well. You will find yourself actually using tactics and stealth to try and take out the enemy and complete objectives. The graphics are quite good for an RTS style game, as well.

The game has quite a few levels (about 4 or 5 maps each for about 4 or 5 sides), the levels are quite large and it is quite hard, so you will probably end up spending a lot of time playing this game.

Personally, I love this game. I found it fun, addictive and worth buying. If you are at least a little interested in this game by now, buy it!

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Preview by Ross on 23rd July, 2004
5 stars "Buy this game TODAY!"

I had high hopes for this game and every one of them was met. After a bit of minor installing difficulty I started up the game and was instantly impressed by the graphics. A few clicks later and I was at boot camp in a nice crisp uniform. After being court-martialed for shooting a drill instructor I got my head around the basics (a must do) and went on to find myself behind the control of a small Russian force.

This game is hard, but not impossible. After a handful of failed attempts I started to make some ground as I learnt the strengths and weaknesses of the varied weapons. Tanks can be captured, guns looted. Got a knife? throw it at an unsuspecting soldier for a silent kill. I have yet to find any boundaries in terms of realism.

The AI is amazing. Gone are the days of the all knowing all seeing AI. For instance, you take a pop shot with your sniper whose lying in the grass. The enemy is alerted to an enemy presence. They know the general direction he is in but can only see three or four patches of grass. So what do they do? throw a random grenade in the hopes of drawing him out. If they don’t have grenades then a few rounds from their machine gun will suffice. In one word the AI is Amazing.

A few things to be aware of. Get the patch. It will fix a few minor bugs and add a restart mission feature to the menu for when you fail. Secondly, after entering the CD to play, close the auto load window. It stays open after clicking play and it eats system resources. Either use a shortcut or alt tab back to windows and close it.



Re-released on
June 13th, 2012
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Updated to run under Windows XP/Vista.

Pitching the player headlong into the war-torn battlegrounds of Europe, gameplay delivers extremely realistic yet explosive combat scenarios. Commanding a highly trained team of special forces behind enemy lines, your job is to get them in, execute the mission your way and get out - fast!

Over 25 action-packed missions, inspired by the exploits of World War II heroes, takes the keyboard-smashing frustration out of strategy gaming by enabling players to complete mission objectives in any number of different ways; this is no puzzle game where the 'save' key is everything! Whether you decide to stealth-it-up or go in loud with all guns blazing, victory is there for the taking.

Play as British, U.S., German or Russian forces, with authentically modelled WWII vehicles, weapons and units - even ammo - and you'll experience the totally realistic penetration physics.

There's a fully-destructible environment (all buildings and other objects) and landscape becomes scarred as your artillery makes its mark and changes the terrain with shell-holes and trenches.

The control method combines the best of RTS and 3D-action gaming, using 'Team mode' to command and move an entire unit or 'Direct Control', where you jump into the thick of the action, get your hands dirty, and take control of a single soldier.

Thanks to a very high level of detail you can pinpoint specific targets, such as shooting an enemies' helmet clean off and follow through with an accurate sniper rifle shot to the head! The end result is a hands-on action game with strategic depth.

  • The thrills of a 3D shooter with the depth of a real-time strategy game.
  • 'Direct Control' mechanic, so you can jump right into the thick of the actiongame that plays out like a blockbuster war movie
  • Freedom to complete missions though different tactics, use anything in the game world - commandeer enemy ordinance, weapons and ammo
  • Advanced AI: enemies will use formations, covering and ambush tactics
  • Over 25 missions, More than 100 vehicles, 25 plus weapons.
  • Fully destructible environment. Everything can be fully, or partially, destroyed.
  • Multiplayer: LAN and online, co-op or adversarial.

System Requirements:

* Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
* DirectX 9.0b
* Pentium III or Athlon 1GHz
* 256 MB RAM
* Supported 32MB Graphics Card
* DirectX 9.0b Compatible Sound Card
* 2GB Hard Disk Space
* 8x CD-ROM Drive

* Windows 2000/XP
* DirectX 9.0b
* Pentium 4 2GHz or Athlon XP 2000+ and above
* 512 MB RAM
* Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 9xxx and above, nVidia FX and above.

Supported Graphics Cards:
ATI: Radeon 8xxx, 9000, 9100, 9200, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800.
nVidia: nForce 1 & 2, GeForce 2, GeForce 3, GeForce 4, GeForce FX 5200, 5600, 5700, 5800, 5900, 5950.

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