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Hitman Absolution Limited Edition

PC Games Brand : Hitman Developer : Io Interactive

Restricted 18
Restricted 18. Contains violence and offensive language
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Review by James on 6th March, 2014
5 stars "Five stars doesn't cut it."

Far to many hours lost to multiple attempts at the same target and different play styles. Run and gun is not an option. Contract mode can't be explained only experienced. Must buy.

Review by Benjamin on 31st December, 2012
5 stars "So Cool.Best game I have played in a long time"

Many hours of fun exciting game play.It's really an awesome game.Well worth the price.Thanks Mighty Ape for another great deal on this great game.

Review by David on 6th December, 2012
5 stars "Awesome new twist on a classic game"

Some will hate a few of the new features borrowed from other over the shoulder games (assassins creed) but frankly this is a fantastic game. Great game play with loads of replay value as you try to beat you best score, or your friends best score. if you are a fan of the Hit-man series this is a must have. Accident signature kills are an all time favorite and when you pull one off cleanly and get out there is no better feeling.

Review by andre on 20th November, 2012
5 stars "I cant wait too get my game tomorrow this game is going to hottt"

I cant wait too get my game tomorrow I will shop again for pc games thanks

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Preview by Ray on 14th August, 2011
5 stars "CAN'T WAIT"

I absolutely am going to get this game. I have played all the previous hitman games and I had uncountable hours of fun killing both innocent bystanders and actual targets. Even now I still play Hitman Blood Money every now and then.

The fantastic thing in all Hitman games is in most stages you could choose to just eliminate the targets or you could be a maniac and kill absolutely everyone and still complete the mission. In Hitman Blood Money you get to be on the news.

A Silent Assassin. Or a Deranged Slayer!



Release date NZ
November 20th, 2012
Box Dimensions (mm)
135x190 x15
All-time sales rank
Top 5000
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Hitman Absolution Limited Edition will include the Agency Gun Pack DLC.

Betrayed and hunted by law enforcement, Agent 47 must delve into the criminally corrupt underworld and search for the truth. Rebuilt from its foundations, Hitman Absolution uses IO Interactive’s new Glacier 2 Engine. This has lead to a host of improvements ensuring that Agent 47’s world is grittier and more intricate than ever before. You are Agent 47 and you will be redeemed.


  • Choice – You are the ultimate assassin, as talented as you are ruthless. You decide how to lay your target low. Stalk your enemies, learn all their secrets and eliminate them in the most subtle way imaginable, snipe them from a mile away or put a bomb under their chair. There is no rulebook; you are the best, so think outside the box.
  • Disguises – In the Hitman series, your ability to disguise yourself as someone else has always been a pre-eminent feature and always been one of 47’s most powerful tools. This weapon has become even more lethal as you can no longer just blend in visually; you now have the power to impersonate your victim. A word of caution though, the world will react to your disguise so choose your target carefully.
  • AI – One facet of the new Glacier 2 engine is the Comprehensive Intelligence Spectrum. Your enemies come to life as you make your way through the world, expressing a wide range of reactions to the environment around them. An attention bar has also been introduced that represents how suspicious of you the people around you are. This is affected by sight, sound and environmental changes for example, a door being open that was closed. This new feature allows 47 to gauge how close to being detected he is and act accordingly.
  • Instinct – 47 has been around the block, instinctively knowing how an adversary will behave. Activate Instinct, see through his eyes and look at the world as 47 does. You’ll see how 47 would expect a target to patrol a certain area or show ways to escape. To earn instinct, just behave as 47 would and execute classic Hitman moves, a silent takedown is sure to set 47’s instincts ablaze.
  • A Living, Breathing World – With the power of the Glacier 2 engine, the world is richly detailed and varied. Raising the intelligence of the people populating it and standing in your way, allowing 47 to behave more naturally than ever before.

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