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Adhesives are used to stick two items or structures together. Adhesives are not only important for industries but also for daily uses such as pasting pictures into a scrapbook or putting broken bits of items together.

Here at Mighty Ape, you can buy all sorts of adhesives under one roof, such as glue sticks, glues, sticky tapes, PVA Glue, Glue Tape, and more. Check out the variety of available adhesives and choose the one that suits your needs.

The list of adhesives Mighty Ape offers is vast and contains a lot of variety from the world’s most trusted brands like Bostik, Sellotape, Elmers, Amos, Educational Colours, Crayola, Scotch,Icon, Rosi's Studio, and Uhu.

Explore our variety of art adhesive tapes and sheets available for packaging gifts and making craft items in appealing designs and colours. Our Adhesive sprays are highly effective on larger surfaces, while hot glue sticks are very common and can also be used for industrial applications. Choose the type of adhesive which fits your particular requirement.

At Mighty Ape, you can enjoy high-quality goods at pocket-friendly prices. So, buy adhesives and other stationery supplies at Mighty Ape and enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience.