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Whether it's for work or play, Mighty Ape’s quality computer headset and hands-free devices allow more interactive experiences and ensure that everyone can hear crystal-clear information of phone calls, conference calls, entertainment or presentations.

Get headsets and handsfree devices at Mighty Ape that live up to your contact and entertainment needs. At Mighty Ape, we have something available to satisfy every user's needs, from listening to music, playing games or working in the office. Opt for integrated devices, noise-cancelling equipment or a headset or ear package offering advanced features such as 3-way conference call access.

When you're looking for a wireless headset then Mighty Ape is the best place for you. Wireless headsets from Mighty Ape offer all the features of their wired counterparts and the opportunity to get up, move, and walk around even while using your headset. Use your portable headset to accept phone calls, participate, enable video conferences and listen to music.

In addition to this, we've got a great line of Wired Headsets. Wired Headsets are compatible with most software applications and provide simple calls-and-play, video conferencing, meetings, online learning, and even gaming. Simple in-line controls found on the cord or ear cup with some models allow you to easily switch volume, mute calls and much more without interruption. You can also adjust audio adjustments using the on-screen volume controls that are available from your PC , laptop or smartphone.

If you're a professional employee or a daily jogger, a lot of options are available to help you remain connected and multitask with consistency and efficiently. Choose the right communication equipment from Mighty Ape to create one-of-a-kind experiences for your home or company.