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Interactive Journals

Transform passive listeners to enthusiastic note-takers! Introduce interactive journals to all with Mighty Ape’s series of resource books that provide models and lessons to make the process easier!

Help your students develop sound writing skills with the support of these Mighty Ape’s interactive journals and notebooks. You will be able to choose from a variety of notebook sizes and types to fit a number of grade levels.

In addition to being simple for children to use, these interactive student journals are designed to be flexible, so that they can be used for all sorts of educational activities and assignments.

If you're looking to improve your creative writing skills, just use our interactive journal to write down your ideas. Our interactive journal collection includes a number of journals, such as Wreck this Journal, 5 Years Diary, Q&A For Kids, etc. This can be a fantastic way to inspire interest in the subject and include useful illustrations to lead through new concepts.

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