Placing Orders

Pre-ordering items

One of the key advantages of shopping online with Mighty Ape is your ability to pre-order products before they’re available for sale on the store shelves.

Pre-orders work just the same as a regular order, except that you won't receive your order until the product is officially available for sale.

If you’re paying by credit card, we will not charge your card until your order is ready to ship, so it’s safe to pre-order days, weeks or even months in advance. If you’re paying by internet banking, please ensure you’ve made payment at least a couple of days before the item is due to release.

Pre-order Price Guarantee

If you pre-order an item and Mighty Ape's price changes before the release date, you’ll pay the lowest price.

This happens automatically if you are paying by credit card or if you choose to pickup. If you pre-order and pay using PayPal or internet banking, and your payment was processed before the price change, you can contact us to request a refund of the difference.

Day One Delivery on Pre-Orders for Games, DVDs, Blu-ray, CDs and Vinyl

In the vast majority of cases, Mighty Ape is able to ship these products before the official release date – to ensure the product is delivered to your door on the official New Zealand release date.