Placing Orders

Adding items to an unshipped order

If you have an unshipped order (i.e. an existing order that contains items that haven't shipped) you can add additional items and avoid additional delivery fees.

To add an additional item to an unshipped order, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Add to Trolley” button on any product
  2. Select “Add to Existing Order” from the overlay (or choose “Add to Trolley” to create an all-new order)
  3. Choose the unshipped order you wish to add to. The predicted shipping date will be displayed, along with the delivery address and the payment method.

Please note that you will only be presented with the “Add to Existing Order” option if the item you're trying to add will not cause a shipping delay for your existing order. The additional item will be delivered to the delivery address of the original order. You will be charged the revised order total when your order is processed.