Meet the Mighty Ape team

Illustration of Akiyoshi
Product Specialist - Japanese Imports

こんにちわ! “Otaku Samurai” came from Japan to introduce Cool and wonderful Japanese Products to New Zealand! Even lived nearly a half century, he is still watching animation,playing games, making Gunpla in his spare time. どうぞよろしくお願いいたし­ます(^O^)/

Illustration of Alastair
Chief Operating Gorilla

When he's not racing off to the next emergency as a casual ambulance officer; Alastair buries his head in medical texts with aspirations of joining the medical field as a doctor.

Illustration of Allan
Category Admin Monkey/Replenishment Buyer (Toys)

A super proud father of two and friend to many, Allan is a keen collector of glorious hard cover art books and is an avid Hellboy fan. When not dreaming of giant robot and kaiju battles, you'l find Allan gleefully unpacking our latest goodies from Japan.

Illustration of Andrew
Customer Service Monkey

Huge sports fan, in particular Madden and NBA Live. Father of four…love family, work and sport!

Illustration of Anna
Customer Service Monkey

Anna's favourite things to do are: hiking, exploring, and swimming at the beach with her friends. Anna loves listening to music, reading, and watching movies whenever she get's the chance.

Illustration of Arif
CA Monkey/Replenishment Buyer - Books, Movies & TV, Music

Arif is huge fan of Marvel Comics who loves to read, watch and collect anything to do with superheroes. His favourites are Spider-Man, X-Men and Daredevil. He is also an avid Fantasy novel reader with the aim of one day writing his own story. With great power…

Illustration of Ben
Sale Manager Toys and Collectibles

Ben is a massive fan of Final Fantasy, Gunpla and Light Novels. After a busy day around the office, Ben likes to spend time exploring the world of FFXIV or catching up on the latest Anime trends. Of course, he always has time for a bit of a baking once in a while.

Illustration of Ben
Social Media Monkey

Ben is a self-described Vegan cat worshipping nerd who yells at people for fun in his spare time – Check out his band Bridge Burner!

Illustration of Brad
Sales Manager - Board Games, Puzzles, Sport & Outdoor

When Brad isn’t looking at spreadsheets, you can find him adventuring outdoors (preferably in the water) or watching sport on TV.

Illustration of Caleb
Customer Service Monkey

Caleb is a university student studying an Environmental science and geosciences degree. In his down-time he hits he gym or plays PS5. Caleb has a keen interest in cars, cooking and kayaking. His favourite game series is the Fallout series, and his favourite TV Show is ‘The 100’.

Illustration of Che
Brand Gorilla

After hours Che manages award-winning Kiwi hip-hop artist David Dallas.

Illustration of Claire
Sales Manager - Office Stationery, Art & Craft

Between craft projects for her lovely kids and curling up on the couch with her husband and cat, Claire enjoys the finer things in life like chocolate, wine and wonton noodle soup (the perfect three-course meal!). When not searching far and wide for the coolest Office, Art & Craft goodies or listening to rock music real loud, you'll find her on the boat somewhere…

Illustration of Dan
Chief Category Editor

Secretly wishes he was Batman. When not preparing for the imminent Zombie apocalyse you will find him nodding his head to Deathcore with his nose buried in graphic novels.

Illustration of Diane
2IC Inwards/Returns

I love reading, going for walks and listening to all types of music. Enjoy watching all types of sports on t.v from Tennis, NRL League, Super 15 Rugby, All Black Test’s and even Darts. I come from a big family who have played different types of sports but now we all only watch. Animals have a special place in my heart I love them all especially my little kitty Sammie

Illustration of Gary
IT Gorilla

He talks in binary, breathes security and does some farming on the side. He keeps our systems online and safe from attackers, enabling our staff to be productive and customers to have a safe and pleasant shopping experience when dealing with us. He has done a fair amount of breeding with 5 boys in his back pocket, but he juggles them and a bunch of farm animals with ease. You can be sure your data privacy and online safety are in-check when Gary's about!

Illustration of Gracie
Chief Gorilla

Gracie enjoys traveling, cooking and is always on the hunt for trying something new. She's an active gal who loves the outdoors. She's completed many races including triathlons, marathons and open water swims. She's added sewing, windsurfing and piano playing to her hobby list recently.

Illustration of Graeme
Senior Graphic Designer

In his spare time Graeme likes to play kiwi developed ARPG “Path of Exile” and a multitude of fighting games. When not leveling up he can usually be found at a local underground Metal show.

Illustration of Hadley
Junior Business Intelligence Analyst

Hadley has played all sorts of PC games throughout his life and is looking at exploring other interests. He is a lover of McCain pizzas.

Illustration of Jessica
Sales Monkey - Electronics and Computers

When she isn’t working at Mighty Ape, Jessica can be found starting up many new projects and hobbies. Whether that be researching a current topic of interest, writing, drawing, cooking, playing music, archery, or collecting daggers and swords! She has also published mini thriller webtoon. When Jessica has finally put down her most recent project, you’ll find her either reading or playingSkyrim, Dragon’s Dogma, or Assassin’s Creed (AC3 is her favourite) on the PlayStation.

Illustration of Joses
Email Marketing Mandrill

Hailing from Singapore, Joses spends his time away from the office engaging in the thrilling sport of airsoft, playing racing games on his Playstation and catching up on Netflix.

Illustration of Karena
Sales Gorilla

When not handling her Sales Gorilla duties at HQ, you'll most likely find Karena nestled amongst her stunning plant collection with puzzle pieces in each hand. Karena and her son share a mutual love for Superheroes, even if they don't always agree on who the best one is. On top of being a loving mum and partner, Karena also has a cheeky sense of humour and is always seeking out the fun little moments in life.

Illustration of Kelly
Financial Management Accountant

Kelly is a new mum to one and enjoys travelling, relaxing with a good book or movie and spending time with her family and friends.

Illustration of Kevin
Marketing Monkey

Kevin is vegetarian grown up with Utada, dodge ball and Goku. He spent years learning Beethoven’s so­natas. His favourite game is: Bravely Default, because FFXV has been delayed for too many years. His room is full of LEGO and foreign novels. Currently bingeing on Penny Dreadful and the Last Airbender.

Illustration of Leon
IT Technician

Affectionately dubbed ‘Jedi’ by his friends, this man can shred on the guitar, rebuild your computer with his eyes closed and is an all round awesome dude!

Illustration of Madi
Admin Monkey - Home & Living, Health & Beauty

Sveiki, hei Hello! Madi loves to explore and experience the world, she loves being outdoors and to appreciate the beautiful world we live in.

Illustration of Mars
Customer Service Monkey

Mars is a wholesome tattooed nerd who is maxed on Old School RuneScape. Mars' other hobbies include pyrography, playing bass guitar and reading true crime.

Notable skills:

  • She can fit her whole arm inside a pringles can :O
  • Can whistle with her eyes closed
  • Can eat a large pizza alone
  • Can fold a fitted sheet
Illustration of Matthew
Sales Manager - Computers

When he's not working on computers he's working on cars, turning pallet wood into cabinets or playing the guitar. He also loves doing a bit of web design & recently took up landscape photography.

Illustration of Moana
Category Admin Monkey for Pet, Games, Food

Mo adores working for Mighty Ape tracking down releases and adding content. A busy Mum to two lovely girls, Mo likes to unwind having a good laugh and a couple of cold beverages with friends!

Illustration of Rhiannon
Product Adding Monkey

When she's not working or in “Mummy Mode”, Rhia spends her time immersed in a variety of video games, watching too many Kdramas at once, and catching up on content by her favourite Kpop artists! She loves playing with her daughter, drinking (copious amounts of) coffee and cuddles with her 6 cats.

Illustration of Ronald
Category Admin Monkey - Computers

Ron is an enigma wrapped up in a riddle. A man of few words and many smiles. Ron is our resident collector of niche import games and is amassing a rather large collection of fine statues and action figures.

Illustration of Rose
Sales Gorilla

Rose is a busy mother to three boys and enjoys an occasional glass of red in front of a good book or DVD.

Illustration of Savannah
Sales Manager, Clothing and Accessories

When Savannah isn't putting her heart and soul into growing the clothing category, you can find her online shopping, keeping up to date with all the latest fashion trends, cooking up a new dish and busy on the 'gram. You can find her at –­vannahjeanfox/

Illustration of Scott
Gaming & Computers Business Gorilla

Scott's life as a gamer started as a kid in the 80s staring at arcade machine screens in the back room of his local Dairy (shout out to Pioneer Dairy!) and later moved on to work for SEGA which was a dream come true. In his spare time he beats his drumkit to within an inch of its life for the rock bands Push Push, Descendants of Dinosaurs, and Shane Cortese & the 8 Track Band, he's raising a 2-year-old and yup plays games!

Illustration of Scott
Admin/Invoice Monkey

Reads novels and comics, or plays videogames when the time presents itself. Collects cats, blames wife.

Now taking care of his adorable new lady in his life – born April 2018.

Illustration of Sindy
Accounts Mandrill

I have a passion for numbers and I don't see myself ever doing anything else. When I am not at work, my day consist of driving my 2 kids to all their sport activities and when I have some time to myself I love watching a good drama series or taking a walk.

Illustration of Suzannah

When she's not in front of her computer designing or writing code, you'll find Suzannah in front of the TV playing games or watching sci-fi.

Illustration of Tim
Chief Marketing Gorilla

Tim is a technology optimist who loves to learn and make new things! A wannabe polymath, he enjoys reading books on science, engineering, philosophy and business. Tim spends his spare time gaming, watching TV, playing cricket, dreaming of supercars, and doing CrossFit as an excuse for eating too much food.

Illustration of Tsai
Graphic Designer

Tsai studied 2D animation in his earlier years and worked as a freelance artist. Now enjoys drawing various type of artwork for Mighty Ape. Loves comic book artwork and old retro videogames. Dreams of someday creating his own pixel art videogame.

Here at Mighty Ape we have a fun and friendly team culture and this is reflected in some of the unique job titles we use. Some staff prefer more traditional role descriptions and we also welcome that. Regardless of their title, all our staff are valued and respected members of the Mighty Ape family.