Meet the Mighty Ape team

Operations & Facility Gorilla

Aaron likes to come home after a long shift at the warehouse and play Dark Souls or Warcraft on his PC and PS4. His skills include acrobatics, which he practices weekly, and award winning Diablo 3 cosplay.

Product Specialist - Japanese Imports

こんにちわ! “Otaku Samurai” came from Japan to introduce Cool and wonderful Japanese Products to New Zealand! Even lived nearly a half century, he is still watching animation,playing games, making Gunpla in his spare time. どうぞよろしくお願いいたし­ます(^O^)/

Distribution Project Gorilla

When he's not racing off to the next emergency as a casual ambulance officer; Alastair buries his head in medical texts with aspirations of joining the medical field as a doctor.

Adder Team Leader

A super proud father of two and friend to many, Allan is a keen collector of glorious hard cover art books and is an avid Hellboy fan. When not dreaming of giant robot and kaiju battles, you'l find Allan gleefully unpacking our latest goodies from Japan.

Senior Customer Service Monkey

Amber loves spending her spare time outdoors! She enjoys going for hikes and playing both Netball and Football with her partner. She loves getting crafty in the kitchen, drinking too much coffee and of course, loves snuggles with her very fluffy (chunky) cat, Mitsy.

Content Editor

When he’s not furiously typing up content for Mighty Ape, Andi can be found shooting aliens in Destiny, binge watching anything from HBO, or taking cute photos of his two dogs, Loki and Nova.

Customer Service Monkey

Aspiring cat dad Andrew enjoys nothing more then booping snoots, and spending squillions on tattoos. A console warrior, Andrew is soon to be featured on “Hoarders” due to his Pop Vinyl addiction. He also enjoys a gym sesh and unsolved murder docos.

Customer Service Monkey

Huge sports fan, in particular Madden and NBA Live. Father of four…love family, work and sport!

Customer Service Monkey

Anna's favourite things to do are: hiking, exploring, and swimming at the beach with her friends. Anna loves listening to music, reading, and watching movies whenever she get's the chance.

Category Admin Monkey - Books, Movies, Music and Office

Arif is huge fan of Marvel Comics who loves to read, watch and collect anything to do with superheroes. His favourites are Spider-Man, X-Men and Daredevil. He is also an avid Fantasy novel reader with the aim of one day writing his own story. With great power…

Category Admin Monkey for - Toys, Board Games & Baby

Outside of work, Ashlee loves to stay active. You may find her shredding the slopes with her skis or snowboard and riding the waves during the summer. She also adores animals, enjoys travelling the globe and being able to work with her family.

Sale Manager Toys and Collectibles

Ben is a massive fan of Final Fantasy, Gunpla and Light Novels. After a busy day around the office, Ben likes to spend time exploring the world of FFXIV or catching up on the latest Anime trends. Of course, he always has time for a bit of a baking once in a while.

Social Media Monkey

Ben is a self-described Vegan cat worshipping nerd who yells at people for fun in his spare time – Check out his band Bridge Burner!

Warehouse Dispatch Gorilla

Billy loves dogs, tattoos and the saga of darren shan (…back/1688308)

Sales Manager Boardgames and Puzzles

When Brad isn’t looking at spreadsheets, you can find him adventuring outdoors (preferably in the water) or watching sport on TV.

Product Adding Monkey

A keen existentialist contemplating the universe. Brendan is a stealthy man who loves applying 5 stacks of deadly poison to his enemies, leaping through Portal puzzles and is a Wipeout Racing Purist.

Picking Team Manager

A bubbly, positive, happy human who loves animals and helping people. In her spare time, Charde enjoys cooking, going for walks, reading books, playing computer games and watching TV.

Social Marketing Gorilla

After hours Che manages award-winning Kiwi hip-hop artist David Dallas.

Sales Manager - Office Stationery, Art & Craft

Between craft projects for her lovely kids and curling up on the couch with her husband and cat, Claire enjoys the finer things in life like chocolate, wine and wonton noodle soup (the perfect three-course meal!). When not searching far and wide for the coolest Office, Art & Craft goodies or listening to rock music real loud, you'll find her on the boat somewhere…

Chief Category Editor

Secretly wishes he was Batman. When not preparing for the imminent Zombie apocalyse you will find him nodding his head to Deathcore with his nose buried in graphic novels.

Operations Gorilla

Our resident mixologist can typically be found buried under a stack of plastic & resin models, surrounded by an array of paint & glue or plotting the demise of the heroes who dared to enter his dungeon.

2IC Inwards/Returns

I love reading, going for walks and listening to all types of music. Enjoy watching all types of sports on t.v from Tennis, NRL League, Super 15 Rugby, All Black Test’s and even Darts. I come from a big family who have played different types of sports but now we all only watch. Animals have a special place in my heart I love them all especially my little kitty Sammie

IT Gorilla

He talks in binary, breathes security and does some farming on the side. He keeps our systems online and safe from attackers, enabling our staff to be productive and customers to have a safe and pleasant shopping experience when dealing with us. He has done a fair amount of breeding with 5 boys in his back pocket, but he juggles them and a bunch of farm animals with ease. You can be sure your data privacy and online safety are in-check when Gary's about!

Chief Sales & Marketing Gorilla

Gracie enjoys traveling, cooking and is always on the hunt for trying something new. She's an active gal who loves the outdoors. She's completed many races including triathlons, marathons and open water swims. She's added sewing, windsurfing and piano playing to her hobby list recently.

Senior Graphic Designer

In his spare time Graeme likes to play kiwi developed ARPG “Path of Exile” and a multitude of fighting games. When not leveling up he can usually be found at a local underground Metal show.

Warehouse Stock Gorilla

Mightyape is My Home and I Love Cricket, Listen to Loud Music and every day Spend All the Time after work with my lovely wife & beautiful daughter Grace

Marketing Analyst

Outside of work you will find me obsessing over the NBA and everything basketball, especially Devin Booker. I also have a deep, emotional love for the Vodafone Warriors, which is unfortunate at times. Bananas are my staple food.

Customer Service Monkey

Isaac enjoy's spending time with his family, playing casual sports with his friends and gaming well into the morning. Isaac is quiet and makes well-thought-out jokes every once in a while.

Marketing Monkey

Jason is adventurous type of person who likes going for thrill activities such as hiking and indoor mountain climbing. Jason loves taking photos of nature and his travel journey which you can find on his Instagram page. Jason's dream is to travel the seven wonders of the world someday!

Sales Manager - Hobbies

When Jess isn’t at work she is still hobby obsessed, spending most of her free time painting up her armies for Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k. She and her partner also own 3 cats (Miso, Momo and Soba).

Pickups Customer Service Monkey

Loves to spend her weekends playing sport! enjoys volleyball, netball and does CrossFit to keep fit! Loves to bake and cook, always into trying new things! Loves to play with her dog and enjoys going out with her friends on a Saturday night! Enjoys watching Golden state warriors on TV ( Steph curry = Idol )

Sales Monkey - Electronics and Computers

When she isn’t working at Mighty Ape, Jessica can be found starting up many new projects and hobbies. Whether that be researching a current topic of interest, writing, drawing, cooking, playing music, archery, or collecting daggers and swords! She has also published mini thriller webtoon. When Jessica has finally put down her most recent project, you’ll find her either reading or playingSkyrim, Dragon’s Dogma, or Assassin’s Creed (AC3 is her favourite) on the PlayStation.

Imports Gorilla/Electronics, Furniture & Appliances Sales Gorilla

Brand new dad who is super passionate about e-commerce opportunities and always wanted to be a Mighty Aper when he was 17…He loves reading and burning calories at gym.

Email Marketing Mandrill

Hailing from Singapore, Joses spends his time away from the office engaging in the thrilling sport of airsoft, playing racing games on his Playstation and catching up on Netflix.

Logistics Manager

Julian has two kids, two dogs, and one wife. At Mighty Ape Julian moves stuff around, internationally, domestically, inbound and outbound. In his spare time when he's not hanging out with his family, he trains in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (is a lover of all combat sports) plays football, cooks, and can play various musical instruments.

Financial Management Accountant

Kelly is a new mum to one and enjoys travelling, relaxing with a good book or movie and spending time with her family and friends.

Marketing Monkey

Kevin is vegetarian grown up with Utada, dodge ball and Goku. He spent years learning Beethoven’s so­natas. His favourite game is: Bravely Default, because FFXV has been delayed for too many years. His room is full of LEGO and foreign novels. Currently bingeing on Penny Dreadful and the Last Airbender.

IT Technician

Affectionately dubbed ‘Jedi’ by his friends, this man can shred on the guitar, rebuild your computer with his eyes closed and is an all round awesome dude!

Admin Monkey - Home & Living, Health & Beauty

Sveiki, hei Hello! Madi loves to explore and experience the world, she loves being outdoors and to appreciate the beautiful world we live in.

Customer Service Monkey

Marc is an avid reader of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. He is currently halfway through his second reread of the Malazan Book of the Fallen series and has just started a third attempt at finishing Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Sales Manager - Computers

When he's not working on computers he's working on cars, turning pallet wood into cabinets or playing the guitar. He also loves doing a bit of web design & recently took up landscape photography.

Category Admin Monkey for Pet, Games, Food

Mo adores working for Mighty Ape tracking down releases and adding content. A busy Mum to two lovely girls, Mo likes to unwind having a good laugh and a couple of cold beverages with friends!

Projects Gorilla

When not tied up with Gorilla activities, Paul enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife, caring daughter and energetic son. Any spare time he has finds him umpiring cricket, playing or watching exciting sport, or at a quiz night or dinner with his fantastic friends.

Customer Service Gorilla

Outside of work Rachel loves to keep active! So you will likely find Rachel at CrossFit or out walking in nature with friends. Rachel also loves listening to podcasts and getting into the kitchen and creating healthy treats.

Product Adding Monkey

When she's not working or in “Mummy Mode”, Rhia spends her time immersed in a variety of video games, watching too many Kdramas at once, and catching up on content by her favourite Kpop artists! She loves playing with her daughter, drinking (copious amounts of) coffee and cuddles with her 6 cats.

Category Admin Monkey - Computers

Ron is an enigma wrapped up in a riddle. A man of few words and many smiles. Ron is our resident collector of niche import games and is amassing a rather large collection of fine statues and action figures.

Category Buyer

Food !!!! I like food With a youngster on the way …

Sales Gorilla

Rose is a busy mother to three boys and enjoys an occasional glass of red in front of a good book or DVD.

Customer Service Monkey

Ruth loves books, Otago winters & finding cool gift ideas.

Accounts Gorilla

Sam is passionate about crunching the numbers. She spends most of her free time working on her accounting degree, playing taxi to her teenage daughter and walking her spoiled little pug dogs.

People & Culture Gorilla

Samantha is a passionate People & Culture (HR) Practitioner. She provides advice & guidance around People & Culture Best Practice, HR Policy & Processes, she provides coaching & support to enable all of our staff to do what they do best! Samantha is an advocate for change & strives for continuous improvement & professional/per­sonal development. Samantha is a Mum to two girls who keep her busy! She loves to spend time outdoors with her family, she loves to run and lift weights.

Gorilla Rig's Tecnician

When Sam's not monkeying around in the Rig Room, he can be found streaming his favourite games on twitch, working on cars with his friends or zipping around on a motorcycle.

Sales Manager, Clothing and Accessories

When Savannah isn't putting her heart and soul into growing the clothing category, you can find her online shopping, keeping up to date with all the latest fashion trends, cooking up a new dish and busy on the 'gram. You can find her at –­vannahjeanfox/

Marketing Monkey

Scott's life as a gamer started as a kid in the 80s staring at arcade machine screens in the back room of his local Dairy (shout out to Pioneer Dairy!) and later moved on to work for SEGA which was a dream come true. In his spare time he beats his drumkit to within an inch of its life for the rock bands Push Push, Descendants of Dinosaurs, and Shane Cortese & the 8 Track Band, he's raising a 2-year-old and yup plays games!

Accounts Monkey

During my spare time, I like to go out and play football with friends, go on some track walks, go on a trip and lastly eat PHO! I love Pho :)

Invoicing Monkey

Reads novels and comics, or plays videogames when the time presents itself. Collects cats, blames wife.

Now taking care of his adorable new lady in his life – born April 2018.

Dispatch Team Leader

Shawn is a musician, gamer of the “Oregon Trail Generation,” stand-up comedy fan, and all-around nerd. He spends his spare time, watching TV/Films, gaming with friends online, exploring gorgeous New Zealand, writing and recording music, and watching as much Ice Hockey as possible.

Social Media Monkey

You'll most likely see her around the office with a coffee in hand, Sherilyn is a mum to 2 boys under 2, so when she gets a free moment, she likes to workout, meditate and catch up on her favourite YouTube channels. She really enjoys spending time with her family and close-knit group of friends

Chief Gorilla

Founder of Mighty Ape and four other monkeys. Lover of cricket, coffee, excel, and hunting & fishing expeditions.


I have a passion for numbers and I don't see myself ever doing anything else. When I am not at work, my day consist of driving my 2 kids to all their sport activities and when I have some time to myself I love watching a good drama series or taking a walk.

Sales Manager - Home & Living, Health & Beauty

Stacey loves hunting the globe for the latest trends in Beauty & Homewares. When she’s not shopping up a storm, she can be found snuggling her cats, binging on Netflix, baking, crafting, trying new restaurants, and enjoying nature.


When she's not in front of her computer designing or writing code, you'll find Suzannah in front of the TV playing games or watching sci-fi.

Senior Warehouse Monkey

Terance is a licenced Amateur radio operator and enjoys talking to other people from around the world on home brewed aerials and gear built from re-purposed materials; he also enjoys volunteering at his local church."

Senior Warehouse Monkey Scanning

Tim has three amazing children he loves spending as much quality time with. He loves travelling, exploring and getting outside. When he get some spare time he also enjoys hunting, fishing and playing computer games on his computer that he's forever building.

e-commerce Gorilla

Tim is a technology optimist who loves to learn and make new things! A wannabe polymath, he enjoys reading books on science, engineering, philosophy and business. Tim spends his spare time gaming, watching TV, playing cricket, dreaming of supercars, and doing CrossFit as an excuse for eating too much food.

Graphic Designer

Tsai studied 2D animation in his earlier years and worked as a freelance artist. Now enjoys drawing various type of artwork for Mighty Ape. Loves comic book artwork and old retro videogames. Dreams of someday creating his own pixel art videogame.

Chief Monkey

Famous for her super-human powers, Vicki takes care of countless tasks throughout the business while being Mum to four boys without raising a sweat!

Enjoys looking out for all Mighty Apers, making sure we are all focused :)

Here at Mighty Ape we have a fun and friendly team culture and this is reflected in some of the unique job titles we use. Some staff prefer more traditional role descriptions and we also welcome that. Regardless of their title, all our staff are valued and respected members of the Mighty Ape family.