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Sony Electronics

Sony Corporation (ソニー株式会社), aka. SONY, is the iconic Japanese brand specialising in Gaming, Entertainment and Consumer Electronics, ranked 116th of the biggest brand in the world (2015 Fortune Global 500). Sony is also one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies with core business units like Sony Pictures, Sony Music, Sony Mobile and more. Sony Pictures has some of the best selling movies from Star Wars The Force Awakens and some of the Disney movie distribution rights.

Sony is founded by Masaru Ibuka during the world war II in 1946 with an electronics store in Tokyo with 8 employees. Sony TR-63 Radio cracked open their market in the USA and sold 5 million units by the end of 1968. Sony also has many notable in-house standards for many new technologies like floppy disk, blu-ray disc and compack disc. Sony Computer Entertainment is famous for their popular PlayStation consoles, the creation based on the failed partnership with Nintendo. Soon after the launch in 19947, PlayStation won over 60% of global console sales. PlayStation 2 was even more successful with over 150 million units sold in 2011. PlayStation 3 was the first console compatible with Blu-ray format. And the latest console PlayStation 4 is the lead of the console market over 20 million units shipped so far. In 2014, Sony announced the new PlayStaion VR which might be the future of gaming that might change the world again.