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Clearance Books on Places & Peoples

Crosby & Blundellsands Through Time Essential
by Hugh Hollinghurst ~ Paperback / softback

Christened by the Vikings 'the village by the cross', Crosby was a remote farming settlement until the advent of the railway. Little Crosby is still a village, but Great Crosby has been transformed into a leafy suburb of Liverpool. Recently, its centre has changed dramatically, but illuminating trac...

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Vicuna Essential

After Baby Cashmere and The Lotus Flower, Loro Piana tells us the story of the vicuna and its coveted fibre. The vicuna is a small camelid that lives in the high alpine areas of the Andes. Prized since the time of the Incas for its extraordinarily soft and fine wool, and deeply venerated by the anci...

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Nantucket Essential
by Leslie Linsley ~ Hardback

Imagine a place of unspoiled beaches, windswept dunes, and dramatic natural beauty. A place free of traffic lights and blaring commercial come-ons. A place whose rich historical heritage is visible everywhere-from the antiques-shop windows filled with handmade baskets and scrimshawed ivories to the ...

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