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Nuclear weapons

The Doomsday Machine
by Daniel Ellsberg ~ Hardback

Shortlisted for the 2018 Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Non-Fiction From the legendary whistle-blower who revealed the Pentagon Papers, the first insider expose of the awful dangers of America's hidden, seventy-year-long nuclear policy that is chillingly still extant At the same time for...

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Command and Control
by Eric Schlosser ~ Paperback / softback
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Command and Control interweaves the minute-by-minute story of an accident at a missile silo in rural Arkansas, where a single crew struggled to prevent the explosion of the most powerful nuclear warhead ever built by the United States, with a historical narrative that spans more than fifty years. It...

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Sleepwalking To Armageddon
Paperback / softback

With the world's attention focused on climate change and terrorism, we are in danger of taking our eyes off the nuclear threat. But rising tensions between Russia and NATO, proxy wars erupting in Syria and Ukraine, a nuclear-armed Pakistan, and stockpiles of ageing weapons unsecured around the globe...

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At the Edge of the Abyss

In the last two weeks of October 1962, the world came closer to nuclear warfare than it ever has. For 14 tense days, United States President John F Kennedy and Soviet Premiere Nikita Kruschev stood eyeball to eyeball, each with his hand on the nuclear trigger. In the end, both sides blinked. This vo...

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Weapons of Mass Destruction
by Eric A. Croddy ~ Hardback

Whether one is interested in learning about anthrax, sarin, the neutron bomb-or any other weapon of mass destruction-this thorough and detailed reference is the place to find answers. * Includes a comprehensive A-to-Z listing and discussion of significant weapons of mass destruction in their histo...

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The United States and the Iranian Nuclear Programme
by Steven Hurst ~ Hardback

Author BiographySteven Hurst is Reader in Politics at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is the author of The United States and the Iranian Nuclear Programme: A Critical History (Edinburgh University Press, 2018) and The United States and Iraq Since 1979: Hegemony, Oil and War (Edinburgh Univers...

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The Winter Fortress
by Neal Bascomb ~ Hardback

The thrilling story of how SOE-trained commandos destroyed the Nazis' nuclear-weapons programme in one of the most daring - and successful - raids of World War II. It's 1942 and the Nazis are racing to build an atomic bomb. They have the physicists, but they don't have enough 'heavy water' - ess...

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Nuclear Weapons: A Very Short Introduction
by Joseph M Siracusa ~ Paperback / softback

Despite not having been used in anger since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the atomic bomb is still the biggest threat that faces us in the 21st century. As Bill Clinton's first secretary of defence, Les Aspin, aptly put it: 'The Cold War is over, the Soviet Union is no more. But the post-Cold War world is...

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The Most Controversial Decision
by Wilson D. Miscamble ~ Paperback / softback

This book explores the American use of atomic bombs and the role these weapons played in the defeat of the Japanese Empire in World War II. It focuses on President Harry S. Truman's decision-making regarding this most controversial of all his decisions. The book relies on notable archival research a...

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Nuclear New Mexico
by M.Jimmie Killingsworth ~ Paperback / softback

The mountains, valleys, forests, and sands of 1940s New Mexico served as a picturesque backdrop to the dawn of the Atomic Age, the land's natural beauty coexisting with secretive, nuclear development. Today, nuclear tourists and nature tourists travel a shared path through the state as the history o...

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Blue Streak
by John Boyes ~ Hardback

In the early 1950s the United States wished to concentrate its defence resources on the development of a 4,000 mile range intercontinental ballistic missile. As a stop-gap measure, US defence chiefs hoped to assist Britain with the development of its own intermediate range missile. Despite US concer...

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The Kennedy Tapes
Paperback / softback

For sheer drama, this work of history may never be duplicated. The events of the Cuban Missile Crisis unfold in the actual words of President John F. Kennedy and his top advisers. Now available in a new, concise edition, this book retains its gripping sense of history in the making. "[A] splendid...

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To Hell and Back
by Charles Pellegrino ~ Paperback / softback

To Hell and Back offers readers a stunning, "you are there" time capsule, wrapped in elegant prose. Charles Pellegrino's scientific authority and close relationship with the A-bomb survivors make his account the most gripping and authoritative ever written. Also available from compatible vendors is...

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India and Nuclear Asia
by Yogesh Joshi ~ Paperback / softback

India's nuclear profile, doctrine, and practices have evolved rapidly since the country's nuclear breakout in 1998. However, the outside world's understanding of India's doctrinal debates, forward-looking strategy, and technical developments are still two decades behind the present. India and Nuclea...

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Churchill and the Bomb in War and Cold War
by Kevin Ruane ~ Paperback / softback

Covering the development of the atomic bomb during the Second World War, the origins and early course of the Cold War, and the advent of the hydrogen bomb in the early 1950s, Churchill and the Bomb explores a still neglected aspect of Winston Churchill's career - his relationship with and thinking o...

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Nuclear Deterrence
by Lawrence Freedman ~ Hardback

Part of the new Ladybird Expert series, Nuclear Deterrence is a clear, simple and entertaining introduction to the deterrent tactics employed to prevent war, drawing on the unprecedented power of nuclear weapons. Written by celebrated historian and professor of War Studies Sir Lawrence Freedman, Nu...

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8-Bit Apocalypse
by Alex Rubens ~ Hardback

Before Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Super Mario Bros., the video game industry exploded in the late 1970s with the advent of the video arcade. Leading the charge was Atari Inc., the creator of, among others, the iconic game Missile Command. The first game to double as a commentary on culture...

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On Thermonuclear War
by Herman Kahn ~ Paperback / softback

On Thermonuclear War was controversial when originally published and remains so today. It is iconoclastic, crosses disciplinary boundaries, and finally it is calm and compellingly reasonable. The book was widely read on both sides of the Iron Curtain and the result was serious revision in both Weste...

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Armageddon and Paranoia
by Rodric Braithwaite ~ Paperback / softback

In 1945, the atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and warfare was never the same again. Armageddon and Paranoia relates how the power of the atom was harnessed to produce weapons capable of destroying human civilisation and considers what this has done to the world. There are few villains in this stor...

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India and Nuclear Asia
by Yogesh Joshi ~ Hardback

India's nuclear profile, doctrine, and practices have evolved rapidly since the country's nuclear breakout in 1998. However, the outside world's understanding of India's doctrinal debates, forward-looking strategy, and technical developments are still two decades behind the present. India and Nuclea...

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Mullahs Without Mercy
by Geoffrey Robertson ~ Paperback / softback

Geoffrey Robertson QC explains how to avoid war in the Middle East and a catastrophic nuclear disaster. - What is worse- Iran getting the bomb or America bombing Iran? - Will our children ever live in a world without nuclear weapons? - Can states that mass-murder their own people be trusted with a w...

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by Susan Southard ~ Paperback

Author BiographySusan Southard holds an MFA in creative writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles, and was a nonfiction fellow at the Norman Mailer Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Southard's work has appeared in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Politico, and Lapham's Quarterly...

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Burning the Sky
by Mark Wolverton ~ Hardback

When the Soviet Union demonstrated it possessed an operational intercontinental ballistic missile with the launch of Sputnik the world watched anxiously as the US engaged in a game of nuclear one-upmanship with the USSR. In the midst of rising tensions, Nicholas Christofilos, an eccentric physicist,...

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by Andrew J. Rotter ~ Paperback / softback

The US decision to drop an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 remains one of the most controversial events of the twentieth century. However, the controversy over the rights and wrongs of dropping the bomb has tended to obscure a number of fundamental and sobering truths ...

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by Jim Baggott ~ Paperback / softback

An account of the race to build humankind's most destructive weapon. This book draws on declassified material, such as MI6's FarmHall transcripts, coded Soviet messages cracked by American cryptographers in the Venona project, and interpretations by Russian scholars of documents from the Soviet arch...

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Desiring the Bomb
by Calum Lister Matheson ~ Hardback

A timely interdisciplinary study that applies psychoanalysis and the rhetorical tradition of the sublime to examine the cultural aftermath of the Atomic Age. Every culture throughout history has obsessed over various "end of the world" scenarios. The dawn of the Atomic Age marked a new twist in thi...

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Raven Rock
by Garrett M Graff ~ Paperback / softback

The shocking truth about the government's secret plans to survive a catastrophic attack on US soil-even if the rest of us die-is "a frightening eye-opener" (Kirkus Reviews) that spans the dawn of the nuclear age to today, and "contains everything one could possibly want to know" (The Wall Street Jou...

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The Bomb and America's Missile Age
by Christopher Gainor ~ Hardback

The intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), designed to quickly deliver thermonuclear weapons to distant targets, was the central weapons system of the Cold War. ICBMs also carried the first astronauts and cosmonauts into orbit. More than a generation later, we are still living with the political...

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Eisenhower's Nuclear Calculus in Europe
by Gates Brown ~ Paperback / softback

President Eisenhower's reliance on atomic weapons created as many problems as he hoped to solve with his defense policy. He hoped to provide a sustainable defense strategy that allowed the United States to maintain its security requirements without creating an excessive economic burden. This defense...

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Iran's Nuclear Program and the Global South
by Michal Onderco ~ Hardback

This book studies the reactions of India, Brazil, and South Africa the three main non-proliferation actors of the Global South to Iran's nuclear program. Their responses are explained and situated in wider foreign policy context.Author BiographyMichal Onderco is Max Weber Fellow at the European Univ...

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50 Years at Yuma
by J L Wymer ~ Hardback

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Washington's Undersea War
by Shawn Shallow ~ Paperback

For most, mention of the American Revolution prompts images of British redcoats facing long lines of Colonial irregulars. However, much of the war took place in clandestine alleyways, lonely roads and even the ocean deep. We invite you to experience the war through the eyes of undercover operatives ...

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Choice for Survival
by Louis Joseph Halle ~ Hardback

Author Biographylle /f Louis /i Joseph

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Nuclear Transformation

As part of its general rethinking of America's global strategy, the Bush Administration initiated a re-examination of America's nuclear doctrine that has generated considerable controversy with its focus on maintaining a reliance on nuclear weapons and potentially increasing willingness to use them....

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The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II
by Herbert Feis ~ Hardback

This book discusses the decision to use the atomic bomb. Libraries and scholars will find it a necessary adjunct to their other studies by Pulitzer-Prize author Herbert Feis on World War II. Originally published in 1966. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to ag...

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Analyzing Strategic Nuclear Policy
by Charles L. Glaser ~ Hardback

With sweeping changes in the Soviet Union and East Europe having shaken core assumptions of U.S. defense policy, it is time to reassess basic questions of American nuclear strategy and force requirements. In a comprehensive analysis of these issues, Charles Glaser argues that even before the recent ...

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Nuclear Terrorism
by G Cameron ~ Hardback

Will the 21st century see terrorist fingers on the nuclear trigger? How likely is it terrorists will obtain weapons of mass destruction? What factors would determine their decision to use them? In this text the author assesses the causes for, and implications of, the escalating lethality of terroris...

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Clouds of Deceit: The Deadly Legacy of Britain's Bomb Tests
by Joan Smith ~ Paperback

The full story of Britain's nuclear weapons tests in the 1950s has only recently begun to emerge. Here, for the first time, through interviews and eye-witness accounts from men who watched the mushroom clouds drift over Australia and the Pacific Ocean, the tests are vividly recreated. Using official...

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