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Development economics

The CMO of People
by David Creelman ~ Paperback / softback

Instead of thinking of Human Resources as a kind of upgraded personnel department it can be thought of as an analogue to marketing. Just as the Chief Marketing Officer curates an experience to get the best lifetime value from customers, the head of HR can curate an experience to get the best lifetim...

Pre-order - out 8 Oct 2018
Collected Papers In Theoretical Economics: Economic Policy and Its...
by Kaushik Basu ~ Hardback

This book is a collection of the author's papers written over the last decade that broadly span over the area of economic theory for policymaking and is an addition to the author's well-known series 'Collected Papers in Theoretical Economics'. The volumes in this series deal with the philosophical f...

Pre-order - out 30 Nov 2018
Freedoms, Fragility and Job Creation
by Ali Mehdi ~ Paperback / softback

This book argues that inequality of basic freedoms-economic, political, sociocultural-is a central cause of fragility and challenge to job creation in fragile geopolitical situations. It is based on extensive official data and stakeholder interactions in the conflict-ridden Indian border state of J...

Pre-order - out 2 Oct 2018
The Private Sector's Role in Poverty Reduction in Asia
by Scott A. Hipsher ~ Paperback / softback

The private sector has an important role in poverty reduction in Asia. The Private Sector's Role in Poverty Reduction in Asia argues that the best way to create sustainable projects is to create win-win situations where both private companies and individuals working their way out of poverty can bene...

Pre-order - out 30 Oct 2018
The Transformation of Rural Africa

Contemporary discussions of Africa's recent growth have largely interpreted such growth in terms of structural transformation, based mainly on national- and sectoral-level data. However, the micro-level processes driving this transformation are still unclear and remain the subject of debate. This co...

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Housing Reform and China's Real Estate Industry
by Pengfei Ni ~ Hardback

This book provides an in-depth analysis of China's housing system and real-estate industry .The author weaves together the different elements of the real estate industry into a logically coherent whole, in which the relationship between the real-estate industry and the macroeconomy sets the backgrou...

Pre-order - out 23 Nov 2018
Organization Design
by Donald L Anderson ~ Paperback / softback

Structured around Jay Galbraith's famed "Star Model", the book explores the five interrelated elements of organization design: strategy, structure, processes, rewards, and people, and uses these factors to advise students on how to be effective when designing and redesigning organizations. Anderso...

Pre-order - out 14 Oct 2018
Innovation Ecosystems
by Martin Fransman ~ Hardback

Martin Fransman presents a new approach to understanding how innovation happens, who makes it happen, and the helps and hindrances. Looking at innovation in real-time under uncertainty, he develops the idea of an 'innovation ecosystem', i.e. a system of interrelated players and processes that jointl...

Pre-order - out 4 Oct 2018
Agricultural Transformation in Ethiopia
Paperback / softback

For thousands of years, Ethiopia has depended on its smallholding farmers to provide the bulk of its food needs. But now, such farmers find themselves under threat from environmental degradation, climate change and declining productivity. As a result, smallholder agriculture has increasingly become ...

Pre-order - out 15 Oct 2018
Reclaiming Africa

This book presents the findings of research conducted by scholars and activists associated with the Agrarian South Network, based mainly in Africa, Asia and Latina America. The research articulates a Southern perspective on the "new scramble" for Africa, with a view to strengthen tri-continental sol...

Pre-order - out 30 Sep 2018
Last Days of the Mighty Mekong
by Brian Eyler ~ Paperback / softback

Celebrated for its natural beauty and its abundance of wildlife, the Mekong river runs thousands of miles through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Its basin is home to more than 70 million people and has for centuries been one of the world's richest agricultural areas and a bio...

Pre-order - out 15 Feb 2019
The Politics and Governance of Basic Education

This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 International licence. It is free to read at Oxford Scholarship Online and offered as a free PDF download from OUP and selected open access locations. All over the world, economic inclusion has risen to the top of the develo...

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My Journey from Marxism-Leninism to Nehruvian Socialism
by C.H.Hanumantha Rao ~ Hardback

This insightful and inspiring book by C.H. Hanumantha Rao portrays the socioeconomic situation and participation of the author in the major events since the mid-1940s focusing on the ideological struggle experienced by him, and on development policies and strategies. The changes in the author's outl...

Pre-order - out 30 Sep 2018
Internal Migration, Urbanization and Poverty in Asia: Dynamics and...

This book is Open Access under a CC BY license. This volume offers an essential resource for economic policymakers as well as students of development economics focusing on the interrelationships of migration, urbanization and poverty in Asia. The continent's recent demographic transitions and rural-...

Pre-order - out 10 Dec 2018
Economic Policy in a Liberalising Economy
by Yoginder Kumar Alagh ~ Paperback / softback

This book follows up on the author's popular previous volume on Indian development planning and policy, published under the UNU WIDER series in development economics. It first introduces an evaluation of the newly mandated policy body of India, National Institution for Transforming India (also calle...

Pre-order - out 18 Nov 2018
The Resource Curse
by Syed Mansoob Murshed ~ Paperback / softback

The resource curse, or paradox of plenty, refers to the long-established notion central in development economics that countries rich in natural resources, particularly minerals and fuels, perform less well economically than countries with fewer natural resources. In other words, resources are an eco...

Pre-order - out 30 Sep 2018
Bangladesh's Graduation from the Least Developed Countries Group

Since the group of least developed countries (LDCs) was identified in 1971, only five countries have graduated from the group, all of which are characterised by small size or population. The projections are that the next decade will see a rapid increase in the pace of graduation, with Bangladesh in ...

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by Yanqing Jiang ~ Paperback / softback

Trade and foreign direct investment (FDI) play a crucial role in shaping China's development strategies. The development of China's economy creates strong pressures for continuous restructuring. China therefore explores how trade and FDI affect China's development strategies regarding the process an...

Pre-order - out 30 Oct 2018
The Zero Marginal Cost Society
by Jeremy Rifkin ~ Paperback

The capitalist era is passing. Rising in its wake is a new global collaborative Commons that will fundamentally transform our way of life. Bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin explains that intense competition is forcing the introduction of ever newer technologies, in turn boosting productivity to the p...

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Start Something That Matters
by Blake Mycoskie ~ Paperback / softback

In 2006, while travelling in Argentina, young entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie encountered children too poor to afford shoes, who developed injuries on their feet that often led to serious health problems. Blake knew he wanted to help, but rather than start a charity, he went against conventional wisdom ...

The Aid Trap
by R.Glenn Hubbard ~ Hardback

Over the past twenty years more citizens in China and India have raised themselves out of poverty than anywhere else at any time in history. They accomplished this through the local business sector--the leading source of prosperity for all rich countries. In most of Africa and other poor regions the...

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The Bottom Billion
by Paul Collier ~ Hardback

Global poverty is falling rapidly, but in around fifty failing states, the world's poorest people face a tragedy that is growing inexorably worse. This bottom billion live on less than a dollar a day and while the rest of the world moves steadily forward, this forgotten billion is left further and f...

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The Oxford Handbook of Global Studies

The Oxford Handbook of Global Studies provides an overview of the emerging field of global studies. Since the end of the Cold War, globalization has been reshaping the modern world, and an array of new scholarship has risen to make sense of it in its various transnational manifestations-including ec...

Pre-order - out 30 Nov 2018
Understanding Global Development
by Meera Tiwari ~ Hardback

Why do some development projects succeed where others fail? This book looks at the overlooked success stories and considers what enabled them to alleviate poverty in some of the world's most deprived communities. Using case studies from ten countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia, Tiwari's i...

Pre-order - out 15 Jun 2019
Understanding Chinese Economic Transformation: Alternative...
by Dic Lo ~ Hardback

This textbook seeks to construct a descriptive-analytical account of contemporary Chinese economic transformation. It examines a range of topical issues that are of central importance in highlighting the systemic dynamics, multiple determinants and complex implications of the transformation. The des...

Pre-order - out 31 Oct 2019
Why Culture Matters Most
by David C. Rose ~ Hardback

The key to achieving mass flourishing is culture - not genes, geography, institutions, or policies. In this thought-provoking book, David C. Rose argues that societal success depends on overcoming the challenge posed by rational self-interest undermining the common good. General prosperity requires ...

Pre-order - out 30 Nov 2018
Agricultural Transformation in Ethiopia

For thousands of years, Ethiopia has depended on its smallholding farmers to provide the bulk of its food needs. But now, such farmers find themselves under threat from environmental degradation, climate change and declining productivity. As a result, smallholder agriculture has increasingly become ...

Pre-order - out 15 Oct 2018
Understanding Global Development
by Meera Tiwari ~ Paperback

Why do some development projects succeed where others fail? This book looks at the overlooked success stories and considers what enabled them to alleviate poverty in some of the world's most deprived communities. Using case studies from ten countries across Latin America, Africa and Asia, Tiwari's i...

Pre-order - out 15 Jun 2019
The Economic Development of Europe's Regions

This book is the first quantitative description of Europe's economic development at a regional level over the entire 20th century. Based on a new and comprehensive set of data, it brings together a group of leading economic historians in order to describe and analyze the development of European regi...

Pre-order - out 30 Nov 2018
The Miracle
by Michael Schuman ~ Paperback / softback

"If you are interested in how Asia became an economic tiger, read The Miracle." -New York Times An international bestseller, The Miracle by business journalist Michael Schuman offers a fascinating exploration of the most meaningful and far-reaching global event since World War II: the economic ascen...

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A Glass Half Full
by Sanjay Kathuria ~ Paperback / softback

Trade has played a critical role in global poverty reduction. In harnessing the potential of trade, some of the most successful countries have developed strong trade relationships with their neighbors. However, many South Asian countries have trade regimes that often offset the positive impact of ge...

Pre-order - out 30 Sep 2018
Towards Gender Equity in Development

As a result of widespread mistreatment and overt discrimination, women in the developing world often lack autonomy. Towards Gender Equity in Development brings together leading scholars working on gender issues to explore key sources of female empowerment and discuss the current challenges and oppor...

Pre-order - out 30 Sep 2018
Performance Measurement Systems in Banks
by Rahat Munir ~ Hardback

Given the significant changes in the banking environment and the resultant pressures on banks to change their systems and procedures, this book is a timely reference that provides a comprehensive analytical overview of changes in the performance measurement system (PMS) of banks in the post-financia...

Pre-order - out 7 Dec 2018
The End of Poverty
by Sachs D Jeffrey ~ Paperback

Author BiographyJeffrey D. Sachs is the Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, as well as Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development and Health Policy and Management. He is Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the Millennium Development Goals. He has...

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The Evolution of Business
by Ellen Korsager ~ Hardback

Firm growth. This concept has interested researchers for generations. Economists have sought to predict and measure firm growth using a host of different variables, while strategic management scholars depict growth as the result of clever analyses and rational resource exploitation. Entrepreneurship...

Pre-order - out 1 Oct 2018
Income Distribution, Market Imperfections and Capital Accumulation in...
by Asim K Dasgupta ~ Hardback

The book explains the problem of insufficient capital accumulation and growth in a less developed country. In conventional analyses, such explanations are often found exogenised in terms of factors such as socio-cultural attitudes towards saving and investment, irrationality of peasant behaviour, te...

Pre-order - out 29 Oct 2018
Knowledge-Based Growth in Natural Resource Intensive Economies
by Kristin Ranestad ~ Hardback

This book rejects the idea that natural resource industries are doomed to slow growth. Rather, it examines the case of Norway to demonstrate that such industries can prove highly innovative and dynamic. Here, the case is compellingly made that a key empirical problem with the popular `resource curs...

Pre-order - out 11 Nov 2018
The Pedagogy of Economic, Political and Social Crises

Crises have been studied in many disciplines and from diverse perspectives for at least 150 years. Yet recent decades have seen a marked increase in the crisis literature, reflecting growing awareness of crisis phenomena from the 1970s onwards. Responding to this mainstream literature, this edited...

Pre-order - out 8 Nov 2018
The Economic Development of Russia 1905-1914
by Margaret Miller ~ Paperback / softback

This book, originally published in 1926 but updated in 1967 analyses Russia's economy in the decade preceding the outbreak of the First World War. It covers trade, finance, transport and industry and each chapter is supported by statistics drawn from Russian and international sources. The introducti...

Pre-order - out 1 Feb 2019
China's 40 Years of Economic Reform and Development
by Xinli Zheng ~ Hardback

This book aims to explain the secret to China's rapid growth over the last 40 years from the viewpoint of a firsthand witness. Zheng Xinli was enrolled as a graduate student of economics 40 years ago, at a time when very few Chinese people could enroll in higher-level education, let alone graduate s...

Pre-order - out 29 Nov 2018