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Development economics

The Bottom Billion
by Paul Collier ~ Paperback

In this elegant and impassioned synthesis from one of the world's leading experts on Africa and poverty, economist Paul Collier writes persuasively that although nearly five billion of the world's people are beginning to climb from desperate poverty and to benefit from globalization's reach to devel...

Capital in the Twenty-First Century
by Thomas Piketty ~ Hardback
(4.0) 1

What are the grand dynamics that drive the accumulation and distribution of capital? Questions about the long-term evolution of inequality, the concentration of wealth, and the prospects for economic growth lie at the heart of political economy. But satisfactory answers have been hard to find for la...

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Wool to WETA: Transforming New Zealand's Culture and Economy
by Paul Callaghan ~ Paperback
(5.0) 2

Victoria University physicist Paul Callaghan has given a series of public lectures around New Zealand, sponsored by the David and Genevieve Becroft Foundation and the Royal Society of New Zealand, entitled 'Beyond the Farm and the Theme Park'. The lectures have been on the subject of sustainable wea...

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Global Sustainability
by Mark Lefko ~ Paperback

Smart business leaders care about Sustainability. It's not just good PR--it's good business, and a growing number of leading CEOs are embracing it. Mark Lefko's Global Sustainability examines this vital subject from the perspective of today's most influential business leaders. Global Sustainabilit...

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Poor Economics
by Abhijit Banerjee ~ Paperback

Why do the poor borrow to save? Why do they miss out on free life-saving immunizations, but pay for unnecessary drugs? In Poor Economics , Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo, two practical visionaries working toward ending world poverty, answer these questions from the ground. In a book the Wall...

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The Age of Stagnation
by Satyajit Das ~ Hardback

Author BiographySatyajit Das is an internationally respected expert in finance, with over 35 years' experience. In 2014, Bloomberg nominated him as one of the fifty most influential financial thinkers in the world. He has worked for CitiGroup, Merrill Lynch, and the TNT Group and acted as a consulta...

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The Five Stages of Collapse
by Dmitry Orlov ~ Paperback

In the face of political impotence, resource depletion, and catastrophic climate change, many of us have become reconciled to an uncertain future. However, popular perception of how this future might actually unfold varies wildly from "a severe and prolonged recession," to James Howard Kunstler's "l...

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Prosperity & Violence
by Robert H. Bates ~ Paperback

As power and politics play a role in every society, rich or poor, Bates argues it is the reorganization of coercion--not its extinction--that underpins the security needed for investment. Although history makes clear that political structures can be used for destructive ends, it also demonstrates th...

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The Great Disruption
by Paul Gilding ~ Paperback

Author BiographyPaul Gilding is an international thought leader and advocate for sustainability. He has served as head of Greenpeace International, built and led two companies, and advised both Fortune 500 corporations and community-based NGOs. A member of the core faculty for the University of Camb...

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In Defense of Globalization
by Jagdish N Bhagwati ~ Paperback

In the passionate debate that currently rages over globalization, critics have been heard blaming it for a host of ills afflicting poorer nations, everything from child labor to environmental degradation and cultural homogenization. Now Jagdish Bhagwati, the internationally renowned economist, takes...

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by John Campbell ~ Hardback

Author BiographyJohn Campbell is Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow for Africa Policy Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. He is a former U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria, and author of Morning in South Africa and Nigeria: Dancing on the Brink. Matthew T. Page is a fellow at the Centre for Democracy and ...

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Entrepreneurship in Former Yugoslavia

This volume offers a comprehensive state-of-the-art portrait of entrepreneurship and small business management issues in former Yugoslavian countries. Further, it provides a wealth of theoretical and empirical evidence on the role of entrepreneurship in transition economies and emerging markets. Cou...

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The Realities of Small Business Innovation
by Tim Mazzarol ~ Paperback

The Realities of Small Business Innovation is one in a series aimed at small business owners and managers, and entrepreneurs. The aim of this series is to familiarise small business owner-managers with the theory and practice of small business management, and to challenge assumptions that may be hel...

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Fighting the Banana Wars and Other Fairtrade Battles
by Harriet Lamb ~ Paperback

It started very small and full of hope, but its daring campaigns have placed Fairtrade goods at the heart of the supermarket shelves. From bananas and coffee beans to cotton and chocolate, Fairtrade has grown to become an important global movement that has revolutionised the way we shop. As Harriet ...

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Regulating Pharmaceutical Prices in India
by Ajay Bhaskarabhatla ~ Hardback

This book presents an extensive study on the effectiveness of recent regulations on pharmaceutical prices in India, exploring the weaknesses in the design and implementation of pharmaceutical price controls and investigating what can be done to fix the broken system. In addition, it examines the ex...

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The Puzzle of Latin American Economic Development
by Patrice Franko ~ Hardback

Thoroughly revised and updated, this foundational text provides the basic economic tools for students to understand the problems facing the countries of Latin America. In the fourth edition, Patrice Franko analyzes challenges to the neoliberal model of development and highlights recent macroeconomic...

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Socialist Law in Socialist East Asia

Since China's reform and opening up started in 1978 and Vietnam's Doi Moi reforms were initiated in 1986, these two East Asian economies have adopted capitalistic models of development while retaining and reforming their socialist legal systems along the way. Tracking the trajectory of socialist law...

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Extractive Industries

Author BiographyTony Addison is the Chief Economist/Deputy Director of the United Nations University's World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) in Helsinki, Finland. He was previously Professor of Development Studies at the University of Manchester, Executive Director of the Br...

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Taxing Africa
by Mick Moore ~ Hardback

For as long as Europeans have been a major presence in Africa, scholars have debated whether Africa's struggles are best explained by their exploitation within the global system, or by the failures of domestic political leadership. Tax is no different. International campaigns have highlighted the wa...

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Innovation Ecosystems
by Martin Fransman ~ Paperback

Martin Fransman presents a new approach to understanding how innovation happens, who makes it happen, and the helps and hindrances. Looking at innovation in real-time under uncertainty, he develops the idea of an 'innovation ecosystem', i.e. a system of interrelated players and processes that jointl...

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Macroeconomic Policy for Emerging Markets
by Bhanupong Nidhiprabha ~ Hardback

Macroeconomic policies matter for sustainable long-term growth. With global fluctuations, deviation from a stable growth path can be minimized by counter-cyclical macro policies, if properly implemented. This book examines Thailand's fifty-five years of experience in macroeconomic management and pro...

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Governance and Development in India
by Seyed Hossein Zarhani ~ Hardback

The study of the political economy of development in India is significant as India has emerged as one of the fast-growing countries during the last three decades and the rate of economic growth and poverty reduction have not been matched in India's subnational states. Although the Union Government h...

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Finland-India Business Opportunities
by Ajeet N Mathur ~ Hardback

This book is about promising collaborative avenues for connecting Finland and India with value propositions for enterprises, consumers and investors worldwide. The book covers institutional and cultural differences and explains the logic of business systems, entry modes, and managerial styles in bot...

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Manufacturing and Jobs in South Asia

This book analyzes the structural factors that underlie the persistent mass poverty and extreme inequality in South Asian countries. It highlights the fact that the supposed trade-off between output growth and job creation is a false dilemma. Growth can create jobs, and jobs can drive growth, mutual...

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Illicit Markets, Organized Crime, and Global Security
by Hanna Samir Kassab ~ Hardback

This book explains the existence of illicit markets throughout human history and provides recommendations to governments. Organized criminal networks increased in strength after the enforcement of prohibition, eventually challenging the authority of the state and its institutions through corruption ...

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Sustainable Economic Development

Sustainable Economic Development: Resources, Environment, and Institutions presents 25 articles that lay the foundations of sustainable development in a way that facilitates effective policy design. The editors mix broad thematic papers with focused micro-papers, balancing theories with policy desig...

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A Different Transition Path
by Chenggang Xu ~ Hardback

Originally published in 1995 this volume examines and analyzes the factors that have made the township-village enterprise (TVE) such a driver of growth in the Chinese economy in recent years. The book analyzes the background of the TVE and discusses regional differences in TVE efficiency as well as ...

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Poverty: A Very Short Introduction
by Philip N. Jefferson ~ Paperback

No one wants to live in poverty. Few people would want others to do so. Yet, we find ourselves in a situation where millions of people worldwide live in poverty. Indeed, according to the World Bank in 2010, 1.2 billion people lived below the extreme poverty line with an income of US $1.25 or less a...

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Champions of Technological Change
by Theresa M Szczurek ~ Hardback

Originally published in 1994 this book concerns successful implementation of radical, technological innovations within business organizations. It extends and unifies paradigms for understanding implementation of radical innovations by modeling roles and interactions between key vending and buying fi...

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The FAO Blue Growth Initiative: Strategy for the Development of...

The Blue Growth Initiative aims to support more productive, responsible and sustainable fisheries and aquaculture sectors by improving the governance and management of aquatic ecosystems, conserving biodiversity and habitats, and empowering communities. As part of this initiative, countries from the...

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Building Democracy and International Governance
by George M. Guess ~ Paperback

Efforts by governments to promote sustained domestic economic development have been mixed.√£ Success depends on many factors including location, geography, climate, external competition, human resources, natural resources, timing, political and governmental institutions, government capacity, implem...

Pre-order - out 25 Jul 2018
by Saskia Sassen ~ Hardback

Soaring income inequality and unemployment, expanding populations of the displaced and imprisoned, accelerating destruction of land and water bodies: today's socioeconomic and environmental dislocations cannot be fully understood in the usual terms of poverty and injustice, according to Saskia Sasse...

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Poor Economics: Barefoot Hedge-fund Managers, DIY Doctors and the...
by Abhijit Banerjee ~ Paperback
(4.0) 1

Why would a man in Morocco who doesn't have enough to eat buy a television? Why do the poorest people in the Indian state of Maharashtra spend 7 percent of their food budget on sugar? Does having lots of children actually make you poorer? In this book, Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo show why ...

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The Economy
by The Core Team ~ Paperback
(5.0) 1

The only introductory economics text to equip students to address today's pressing problems by mastering the conceptual and quantitative tools of contemporary economics. OUP has partnered with the international collaborative project of CORE researchers and teachers to bring students a book and learn...

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Channel Whisperer: How to Recruit, Manage and Develop Your...
by ,Paul Sysmans ~ Paperback

- One of the first books to tackle every aspect of dealing with distributors - Features a chronological, easily applicable and international approach - Contains useful templates Dealing with distributors can be hard. They are constantly looking for better and exclusive deals, form a bad fit with you...

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The White Man's Burden
by William Easterly ~ Paperback

We are all aware of the extreme hunger and poverty that afflict the world's poor. We hear the facts, see the images on television, buy the T-shirt and are moved as individuals and governments to dig deep into our pockets. Yet what happens to all this aid? Why after 50 years and $2.3 trillion are the...

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The Politics and Governance of Basic Education

Author BiographyBrian Levy is Professor of the Practice of International Development, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University in Washington DC and Academic Director, Graduate School of Development Policy and Practice, University of Cape Town. He worked at the World Bank fr...

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Organization Design
by Donald L Anderson ~ Paperback

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A Mission for Development
by Richard P Garlitz ~ Paperback

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Innovation Ecosystems
by Martin Fransman ~ Hardback

Martin Fransman presents a new approach to understanding how innovation happens, who makes it happen, and the helps and hindrances. Looking at innovation in real-time under uncertainty, he develops the idea of an 'innovation ecosystem', i.e. a system of interrelated players and processes that jointl...

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