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Development economics

Wool to WETA: Transforming New Zealand's Culture and Economy
(5.0) 2

Victoria University physicist Paul Callaghan has given a series of public lectures around New Zealand, sponsored by the David and Genevieve Becroft Foundation and the Royal Society of New Zealand, entitled 'Beyond the Farm and the Theme Park'. The lectures have been on the subject of sustainable wea...

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Capital in the Twenty-First Century
by Thomas Piketty ~ Hardback
(4.0) 1

What are the grand dynamics that drive the accumulation and distribution of capital? Questions about the long-term evolution of inequality, the concentration of wealth, and the prospects for economic growth lie at the heart of political economy. But satisfactory answers have been hard to find for la...

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The New Geography of Jobs
by Enrico Moretti ~ Paperback
(4.0) 1

"A persuasive look at why some U.S. cities have prospered in recent decades while others have declined."--"Bloomberg Businessweek " We're used to thinking of the United States in opposing terms: red versus blue, haves versus have-nots. But today there are three Americas. At one extreme are the brain...

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Poor Economics
by Abhijit Banerjee ~ Paperback

Why do the poor borrow to save? Why do they miss out on free life-saving immunizations, but pay for unnecessary drugs? In Poor Economics , Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo, two practical visionaries working toward ending world poverty, answer these questions from the ground. In a book the Wall...

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Global Sustainability
by Mark Lefko ~ Paperback

Smart business leaders care about Sustainability. It's not just good PR--it's good business, and a growing number of leading CEOs are embracing it. Mark Lefko's Global Sustainability examines this vital subject from the perspective of today's most influential business leaders. Global Sustainabilit...

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The Age of Stagnation
by Das Satyajit ~ Hardback

The global economy is entering an era of protracted stagnation, similar to what Japan has experienced for over a decade.That is the message of this brilliant and controversial summary of our current economic predicament from an internationally respected consultant and commentator on financial market...

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The Five Stages of Collapse
by Dmitry Orlov ~ Paperback

In the face of political impotence, resource depletion, and catastrophic climate change, many of us have become reconciled to an uncertain future. However, popular perception of how this future might actually unfold varies wildly from "a severe and prolonged recession," to James Howard Kunstler's "l...

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Geographies of Development: An Introduction to Development Studies
by Tony Binns ~ Paperback

Geographies of Development: an Introduction to Development Studies remains a core, balanced and comprehensive introductory textbook for students of Development Studies, Development Geography and related fields. This clear and concise text encourages critical engagement by integrating theory alongsid...

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Prosperity & Violence
by Robert H. Bates ~ Paperback

As power and politics play a role in every society, rich or poor, Bates argues it is the reorganization of coercion--not its extinction--that underpins the security needed for investment. Although history makes clear that political structures can be used for destructive ends, it also demonstrates th...

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In Defense of Globalization
by Jagdish N Bhagwati ~ Paperback

In the passionate debate that currently rages over globalization, critics have been heard blaming it for a host of ills afflicting poorer nations, everything from child labor to environmental degradation and cultural homogenization. Now Jagdish Bhagwati, the internationally renowned economist, takes...

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Prioritizing Development

This book is a unique guide to making the world a better place. Experts apply a critical eye to the United Nations' Sustainable Development agenda, also known as the Global Goals, which will affect the flow of $2.5 trillion of development aid between 2016 and 2030. Renowned economists, led by Bjorn ...

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Dispossession without Development

Author BiographyMichael Levien is assistant professor of sociology at Johns Hopkins University. He received his PhD in sociology from the University of California, Berkeley in 2013. He has been researching and writing about rural land dispossession in India for the past fifteen years. He lives in Ba...

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The Great Economists
by Linda Yueh ~

An expert new voice presents an overarching account of the biggest questions of our time - all in one accessible bookSince the days of Adam Smith, economists have grappled with a series of familiar problems - but often their ideas are hard to digest, even before we try to apply them to today's issue...

Pre-order - out 29 Mar 2018
by Saskia Sassen ~ Hardback

Soaring income inequality and unemployment, expanding populations of the displaced and imprisoned, accelerating destruction of land and water bodies: today's socioeconomic and environmental dislocations cannot be fully understood in the usual terms of poverty and injustice, according to Saskia Sasse...

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An Economy of Well-Being

Award winning author of the Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth The author has travelled and lectured extensively giving lectures on the economics of happiness in Canada, US, Europe, China, Australia, French Polynesia Anielski is an economic strategist specializing in the economics of w...

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Unjust Conditions

Unjust Conditions follows the lives and labors of poor mothers in rural Peru, richly documenting the ordeals they face to participate in mainstream poverty alleviation programs. Championed by behavioral economists and the World Bank, conditional cash transfer (CCT) programs are praised as efficient ...

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Poor Economics: Barefoot Hedge-fund Managers, DIY Doctors and the...
by Abhijit Banerjee ~ Paperback
(4.0) 1

Why would a man in Morocco who doesn't have enough to eat buy a television? Why do the poorest people in the Indian state of Maharashtra spend 7 percent of their food budget on sugar? Does having lots of children actually make you poorer? In this book, Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo show why ...

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Development and Distribution

Author BiographyAndy Sumner is a Reader in International Development at King's College London. He holds associate positions at Oxford University, UNU-WIDER, the Centre for Global Development, Washington, DC and at Padjadjaran University, Indonesia. Dr Sumner's research focuses on the relationship be...

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The Economy
by The Core Team ~ Paperback
(5.0) 1

The only introductory economics text to equip students to address today's pressing problems by mastering the conceptual and quantitative tools of contemporary economics. OUP has partnered with the international collaborative project of CORE researchers and teachers to bring students a book and learn...

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Fighting the Banana Wars and Other Fairtrade Battles
by Harriet Lamb ~ Paperback

It started very small and full of hope, but its daring campaigns have placed Fairtrade goods at the heart of the supermarket shelves. From bananas and coffee beans to cotton and chocolate, Fairtrade has grown to become an important global movement that has revolutionised the way we shop. As Harriet ...

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Finance & Economics Readings

This book is a compilation of the best papers presented at the 2017 installment of the Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics & Finance (APEF), which is held annually in Singapore. With a great number of submissions, it presents the latest research findings in economics and finance and discusses rele...

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Sustainable Operations in India

This book focuses on understanding the status quo of sustainable practices in industry operations from an emerging economy perspective, presenting various practices in India. In order to offer a balance between theory and practice, it provides guidelines for applying models to achieve the goal of su...

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The Routledge Handbook of African Development

This handbook presents an extensive new overview of African development - past, present and future. It addresses key core themes and topics that are pertinent to the continent's development - including sections on history, health and food, politics, economics, rural and urban development, and develo...

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Manufacturing and Jobs in South Asia

This book analyzes the structural factors that underlie the persistent mass poverty and extreme inequality in South Asian countries. It highlights the fact that the supposed trade-off between output growth and job creation is a false dilemma. Growth can create jobs, and jobs can drive growth, mutual...

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The Goldilocks Challenge

Author BiographyMary Kay Gugerty is the Nancy Bell Evans Professor of Nonprofit Management at the Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy & Governance at the University of Washington and the Faculty Director of the Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy. Her research focuses on evalu...

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Green Infrastructure Financing

This book explores the role of governments and international financial institutions (IFIs) in mitigating the perceived risks in green infrastructure markets of emerging and developing countries. Although green infrastructure is designed to enhance a country's wealth, the author sheds light on the wa...

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Sustainable Economic Development

Sustainable Economic Development: Resources, Environment, and Institutions presents 25 articles that lay the foundations of sustainable development in a way that facilitates effective policy design. The editors mix broad thematic papers with focused micro-papers, balancing theories with policy desig...

Pre-order - out 30 Oct 2018
Taxing Africa
by Mick Moore ~

For as long as Europeans have been a major presence in Africa, scholars have debated whether Africa's struggles are best explained by their exploitation within the global system, or by the failures of domestic political leadership. Tax is no different. International campaigns have highlighted the wa...

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Environmental and Natural Disaster Resilience of Indonesia

This study aims at analyzing the resilience of Indonesia from two aspects: one is was natural disaster and the other is environmental protection. Therefore the study comprises two parts. The first aims at analyzing Palangkaraya City in Central Kalimantan Province by constructing apartial and a gene...

Pre-order - out 25 Mar 2018
China's Great Economic Transformation

This landmark study provides an integrated analysis of China's unexpected economic boom of the past three decades. The authors combine deep China expertise with broad disciplinary knowledge to explain China's remarkable combination of high-speed growth and deeply flawed institutions. Their work expo...

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International Development and Human Aid

Composed of activists, academics, religious scholars and professionals, this generation is drawing on new reformist thinking emerging from outside their parents' or grandparents' ethno-Muslim tradition and is using this to inform their activism. The social change that they are leading as well as t...

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China`s Macroeconomic Outlook

This report is a partial result of the China's Quarterly Macroeconometric Model (CQMM), a project developed and maintained by the Center for Macroeconomic Research (CMR) at Xiamen University. The CMR is one of the Key Research Institutes of Humanities and Social Sciences sponsored by the Ministry of...

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The White Man's Burden
by William Easterly ~ Paperback

We are all aware of the extreme hunger and poverty that afflict the world's poor. We hear the facts, see the images on television, buy the T-shirt and are moved as individuals and governments to dig deep into our pockets. Yet what happens to all this aid? Why after 50 years and $2.3 trillion are the...

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by Adam Tooze ~

Author BiographyAdam Tooze, winner of the Wolfson and Longman History Today Prize, is Professor of History at Columbia University. He formerly taught at Yale University, where he was Director of International Security Studies, and at the University of Cambridge. He has worked in executive developmen...

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The Zero Marginal Cost Society
by Jeremy Rifkin ~ Paperback

The capitalist era is passing. Rising in its wake is a new global collaborative Commons that will fundamentally transform our way of life. Bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin explains that intense competition is forcing the introduction of ever newer technologies, in turn boosting productivity to the p...

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Portfolios of the Poor
by Daryl Collins ~ Paperback

Nearly forty percent of humanity lives on an average of two dollars a day or less. If you've never had to survive on an income so small, it is hard to imagine. How would you put food on the table, afford a home, and educate your children? How would you handle emergencies and old age? Every day, more...

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Markets on the Margins

In 1987, workers in South Africa's National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) staged a historic national strike, and 40,000 mineworkers lost their jobs. To assist them, the NUM set up a job creation programme, starting with worker co-operatives before shifting to wider enterprise development strategies. Ag...

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Globalisation, Economic Development & the Role of the State
by Ha-Joon Chang ~ Paperback

The role of the state continues to be a key debate in economics and development studies. Dr ha-Joon Chang has been one of the leading voices questioning the axiomatic wisdom of what is called the Washington Consensus "free market" view that the role of the state should be minimized. In this collecti...

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Start Something That Matters
by Blake Mycoskie ~ Paperback

In 2006, while travelling in Argentina, young entrepreneur Blake Mycoskie encountered children too poor to afford shoes, who developed injuries on their feet that often led to serious health problems. Blake knew he wanted to help, but rather than start a charity, he went against conventional wisdom ...

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No Small Hope

Author BiographyKenneth A. Reinert is Professor of Public Policy and the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University. Professor Reinert was a Senior Economist at the U.S. International Trade Commission and has consulted for the World Trade Organization, the OECD Development Cent...

Pre-order - out 30 Aug 2018