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Customer services

The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences
by Matt Watkinson ~ Paperback / softback

Overall WINNER - CMI Management Book of the Year 2014 WINNER - Innovation & Entrpreneurship Category at the CMI Awards 2014 Create a great customer experience whoever you are. Customers are powerful. They have a loud voice, a wealth of choice and their expectations are higher than ever...

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The Thank You Economy
by Gary Vaynerchuk ~ Hardback

The Thank You Economy isn't some abstract concept or wacky business strategy. It's the way we buy and sell, the way we're interacting as consumers, as employees, as entrepreneurs on all levels, right now. The way our marketplace functions has been evolving right before our eyes. Top-down, one-way ex...

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by Lars Petersen ~ Hardback

Connect and engage across channels with the new customers Connect is the ultimate marketing guide to becoming more relevant, effective, and successful within the new marketplace. Written by a team of marketing experts serving Fortune 500 brands, this book outlines the massive paradigm shift current...

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The Compassionate Geek
by Don R Crawley ~ Paperback / softback

Newly expanded edition. A real-world, plain-language how-to guide for delivering amazing customer service to customers and end-users. Now in its third edition, The Compassionate Geek is the definitive guide for delivering amazing customer service to customers and end-users. Filled with practical ti...

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Raving Fans: Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service
by Kenneth Blanchard ~ Paperback / softback

Raving Fans, in a nutshell, is the advice given to a new Area Manager on his first day – in an extraordinary business book that will help everyone, in every kind of organization or business, deliver stunning customer service and achieve miraculous bottom-line results.Raving Fans is written in the pa...

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Business Process Mapping Workbook: Improving Customer Satisfaction
by J.Mike Jacka ~ Paperback / softback

This book presents a holistic approach to harnessing a company's processes to achieve true customer satisfaction. Every move that a corporation makes is a mixture of input, action, and output - in short, a process. To keep customers, employees, and shareholders happy, corporate management must juggl...

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Customer Centered Selling: Eight Steps to Success from the World's...
by Robert L Jolles ~ Paperback / softback

"Customer Centered Selling" teaches you the secret of the world-famous Xerox sales training program. The secret, Robert Jolles reveals, is reversing the conventional selling practice of searching for customer needs. To truly create urgency, you must focus instead on the customer's problems...

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Outside in
by Harley Manning ~ Hardback

What simple innovation brought billions in new investments to Fidelity? What basic misunderstanding was preventing Office Depot from achieving its growth potential? What surprising insights helped the Mayo Clinic better serve both doctors and patients? The solution in each case was a focus on custom...

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Measuring Customer Experience
by Philipp Klaus ~ Hardback

Now, more than ever, customer experience plays a pivotal role in the success and longevity of a company. Based on rigorous scientific tools and global data, this book offers a simple but thorough guide on how to master the challenges of the market, and how to deliver superior performance through eff...

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 For Dummies
by Joel Scott ~ Paperback / softback

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is certainly a hot topic in business today. If you have a small or medium-sized business, chances are you?re already aware of all it can do for you. But with so many options and so much to think about, how do you get a CRM system in place with a minimum of h...

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SugarCRM For Dummies
by Karen S Fredricks ~ Paperback / softback

SugarCRM is an innovative customer relationship management software solution that enhances your company?s marketing effectiveness, drives sales performance, improves customer satisfaction, and provides executive insight into business performance. SugarCRM For Dummies will show you to take advantage ...

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CRM For Dummies
by Lars Helgeson ~ Paperback / softback

Save time, save money, and grow your business with more effective CRM CRM For Dummies is the small business leader's guide to managing customer interactions. Customer relationship management is a critical part of any business, and it encompasses everything from business strategy and HR to sales, mar...

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How to Mind-Read Your Customers
by David P. Snyder ~ Paperback / softback

"What's the most important factor in becoming a successful salesperson Is it ambition and drive Maybe it's enthusiasm. Or, maybe, success in sales just boils down to good old-fashioned hard work. While all of these things no doubt contribute to sales success, the real key, according to David Snyder,...

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A Complaint Is a Gift: Recovering Customer Loyalty When Things Go...
by Janelle Barlow ~ Paperback / softback

The first edition of A Complaint Is a Gift introduced a revolutionary notion- customer complaints are a valuable feedback mechanism that can help organizations rapidly and inexpensively strengthen products, service style, and market focus. In fact, they're the best bargain around in market research....

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Winning Her Business
by Bridget Brennan ~ Paperback / softback

Bridget Brennan, CEO of Female Factor, shows readers how to beat competitors and grow overall market share by applying the fundamentals of creating a customer experience that appeals to the most powerful consumer decision makers: women. When people think about the world's growth markets, they often...

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How to Talk to Customers
by Diane Berenbaum ~ Hardback

Filled with case studies and anecdotes, How to Talk to Customers demystifies the most critical aspect of customer service: conversations employees have every day with customers. In this must-have resource, Diane Berenbaum and Tom Larkin outline a proven system based on their MAGIC customer service t...

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Hug Your Customers
by Jack Mitchell ~ Hardback

Revised and updated for the first time since original publication! Here is the 200,000-copy staple, praised by Warren Buffett as "a gem ... I wish everyone at Berkshire would follow [Jack Mitchell's] advice--we would own the world." If you want to put your arms around your business and bottom line...

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Customer Service Zoo
by MS Catherine Devrye ~ Paperback / softback

If you've ever thought that you're the only one who truly cares about service and you're not sure how to maintain momentum in your organization, 'The Customer Service Zoo' may be just what you need to look at things with a fresh perspective. It's an easy to read parable with a light hearted approach...

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Customer Service Pocketbook
by Sean McManus ~ Paperback / softback

The new, 3rd edition of the Customer Service Pocketbook will be published in October 2013. A key title in the Pocketbook Series, the book is for everyone who contributes, directly or indirectly, to giving the customer excellent service. It has been fully revised to reflect the challenges of respondi...

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Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic: Inside One of the World's Most...
by Leonard L Berry ~ Hardback

Management Lessons from Mayo Clinic reveals for the first time how this complex service organization fosters a culture that exceeds customer expectations and earns deep loyalty from both customers and employees. Service business authority Leonard Berry and Mayo Clinic marketing administrator Kent Se...

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The Customer Rules
by Lee Cockerell ~ Paperback / softback

Today, consumers have more choice than ever before. It's no longer enough to simply provide a service - companies who want to stay in business must also provide impeccable service with such consistency, integrity and creativity that people who experience it will not only keep coming back for more, b...

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CRM at the Speed of Light, Fourth Edition
by Paul Greenberg ~ Hardback

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. Best practices for a successful Social CRM implementation Social CRM is critical to business success in today...

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Customer Winback
by Jill Griffin ~ Paperback / softback

Most firms consider the lost customer a lost cause. But in this ground breaking book, Jill Griffin and Michael Lowenstein provide you with step-by-step solutions for winning back lost customers, saving customers on the brink of defection, and making your firm defection proof. Whether your business i...

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What's the Secret?
by John R. DiJulius ~ Hardback

What's the Secrets? gives you an inside look at the world-class customer service strategies at today's some of today's best companies. You'll learn how companies like Disney, Nordstrom, and The Ritz-Carlton get 50,000 employees to deliver world-class customer service on a consistent basis and how y...

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The Call Centre Training Handbook
by John P Wilson ~ Hardback

The Call Centre Training Handbook is a complete resource for providing learning, training and development within contact centres. Whether it is induction or periodic training, those who train staff will find it an indispensible resource. It also offers call centre managers and trainers information w...

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Chief Customer Officer 2.0
by Jeanne Bliss ~ Hardback

A Customer Experience Roadmap to Transform Your Business and Culture Chief Customer Officer 2.0 will give you a proven framework that has launched and advanced the customer experience transformation in businesses in every vertical around the world. And it will take years off your learning curve....

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What Customers Want: Using Outcome-Driven Innovation to Create...
by Anthony W. Ulwick ~ Hardback

Constantly devising new products or services or making substantial improvements on existing ones is essential to ensuring every company's long-term business survival. Today, most companies operate in a paradigm where the innovative aspect of product development is either confused with creativity, or...

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The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development: A Cheat Sheet to...
by Brant Cooper ~ Paperback

"This is a must read for all startups and stakeholders." - Steve Blank, author of The 4 Steps to the Epiphany, creator of Customer Development methodology "The Entrepreneur's Guide is an easy read. It is written in a conversational tone, doesn't take itself too seriously, and avoids extraneous flu...

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Essential Skills: Customer Service Vocabulary Building Workbook
by Jennifer Wilkins ~ Paperback

This workbook is an important teaching tool for those learning English as a second language and anyone who wants to pursue a career in customer service. By building your customer service vocabulary, you'll be able to develop the vocabulary and vocational skills you need to become successful; improve...

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The Customer Success Professional?s Handbook
by Ashvin Vaidyanathan ~ Hardback

The definitive "Customer Success Manager How-To-Guide" for the CSM profession from Gainsight, who brought you the market-leading Customer Success The Customer Success Manager has become a critical asset to organizations across the business landscape. As the subscription model has spread from the c...

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Attracting Perfect Customers
by Stacey Hall ~ Paperback / softback

The authors outline a simple strategic process for making business so highly attractive that perfect customers and clients are naturally drawn right to them. They prove that it is no longer productive or profitable to conduct business using the war-like marketing techniques of targeting customers an...

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Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit: The Secrets of Building a...
by Leonardo Inghilleri ~ Hardback

"Filled with treasure and big ideas, this book will help you become exceptional." - SETH GODIN In a tight market, your most powerful growth engine-and your best protection from competitive inroads-is this: put everything you can into cultivating true customer loyalty. Loyal customers are less sensit...

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Competing Against Luck
by Clayton M Christensen ~ Paperback / softback

A generation ago, Clayton Christensen revolutionized business with his groundbreaking theory of disruption-a way to predict how competitors will respond to different types of innovation. In this book, Christensen and his coauthors examine the other side of the puzzle: what causes growth, and how to ...

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by Eddie Yoon ~ Hardback

Fanboys. Pork dorks. Tech nerds. These consumers have a lot in common: they care a lot about a specific brand, product, or market; they pursue their passions with fervor; and they spend a lot of money in the process. They're superconsumers. Superconsumers are everywhere, and they span categories, c...

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Executive Engagement Strategies
by Bev Burgess ~ Hardback

When it comes to buying and selling complex, high value products and services, people buy from people. Big businesses and public sector organizations rely on solutions to keep their essential services running - things like payroll, IT, property maintenance and communications technology. For the comp...

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The Best Service is No Service
by Bill Price ~ Hardback

In this groundbreaking book, Bill Price and David Jaffe offer a new, game-changing approach, showing how managers are taking the wrong path and are using the wrong metrics to measure customer service. Customer service, they assert, is only needed when a company does something wrong?eliminating the n...

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Perfect Phrases for Customer Service, Second Edition
by Robert Bacal ~ Paperback / softback

THE RIGHT PHRASE FOR EVERY SITUATION . . . EVERY TIMEYou've heard it a million times: "The customer is always right." But let's face it--sometimes the customer is misinformed, confused, or downright difficult. The ability to handle such customers is what separates the serious professional from the a...

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This Is Service Design Methods
by Markus Edgar Hormess ~ Paperback / softback

In this book, you'll find 54 hands-on descriptions that help you do the key methods used in service design. These methods include instructions, guidelines, and tips-and-tricks for activities within research, ideation, prototyping, and facilitation. This is the print version of the method companion t...

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How To Become A Rainmaker
by Jeffrey J Fox ~ Paperback / softback
(5.0) 1

Rainmakers are the people who bring money into their organisations and this book is packed with hints and tips to pursue prospective customers and keep them.

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