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Best Selling Puzzles & Brain Teasers

Jigsaw Puzzles & Brain Teasers

Mighty Ape sources colourful Wooden Jigsaws for pre-schools and Complex Puzzles for all ages to provide hours of entertainment for anyone. We stock over 100 Melissa & Doug high-quality puzzles for kids which vary in difficulty according to age.

For the avid puzzler looking to conquer the monstrous range of 1000-piece puzzles, look no further than Holdson puzzles! If you're looking for an even harder conundrum, be sure to sink your teeth into the reverse perspective of Wasgij Puzzles!

If you're a classic Ravensburger fan, you definitely should try their latest AR APP series which brings Augmented Reality to life, they turn standard 2D images into motion pictures! We try to make sure to bring the best products to you, that's why we are so excited to announce the exclusive Wrebbit 3D Puzzles: they just look splendid in display with such great detailing.

Whether you're looking for Special Deals to keep the children busy on the weekend or some thoughtful gifts for your friends, you can always get some inspiration from our Best Selling lines. Your brain will get fully exercised with our massive puzzle range!

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