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Musical gift ideas for Christmas!

Company Instruments

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Right now we're getting prepared for the holidays a-coming, so here at Mighty Ape, we're up on our feet a-running. Christmas soon to come and we're a little short on time, but this blog I decided to bring out for you little seasonal rhyme. I'm not usually a poet, but we've been known to wrap a present. We've been compiling gift ideas the whole family can get with.

We've got some choice guitar picks for all players and collectors alike. Kill two birds with the NZ Warriors picks, to please your guitarist/sports fan in one buy!

By the same token, if your loved one loves some cartoons, you could check the Simpsons picks and straps to catch a “Cowabunga Dude!”

If the family musician isn't a strummer or a picker, maybe check out our Studio Gear to get your shopping done a little quicker. But if recording's not their thing and they just wanna be a singer, you could look at Microphones with PA and have a concert with Christmas dinner.

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Did somebody say microphones?


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It's a great time to be a musician – our Musical Instruments Jungle is full of great products at awesome prices at the moment! Especially in our Microphones section. We've got some very exciting items among Shure, ART Pro Audio and Wharfedale!

Check out this Wharfedale Mic Set! Three mics for under a hundred bucks! Who does that? These mics would be ideal for a live vocal trio and come with a robust, padded carry case for carting between gigs.

In our Shure department, we're selling the Beta 58A like hotcakes! This mic is the upgraded version of the SM58, an industry standard, known for its durability and great sonic quality. Whether you're an MC or a recording artist, this mic is a must have in your microphone arsenal.

We've also got a bunch of USB Mics like the Art M-One, the Shure PG42USB for Vocals and the PG27USB for Instruments! These are designed with the recording musician at heart and bypass the need for an audio interface. Plug n Play baby!

Korg Pandora Mini for Guitar & Bass


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With 158 types of on board amps and effects, you can see (or maybe more importantly hear) why Korg chose the name Pandora for this little box of goodness!

At just over 8.5cm wide and 5.4cm high, the Korg Pandora Mini’s silhouette is almost exactly that of a credit card, about as thick as a tin of breath mints, and is available in either black or white.

With a gizmo like this, of course, you have the ability to plug your MP3 player into the AUX input to jam along to your favourite tunes or backing tracks live, but it also comes with 100 different rhythm patterns and a built-in metronome, so you can work out an idea whenever you like! Other helpful features on the Pandora mini include a backlit LCD, an auto-tuner with muting, four memory buttons for one-touch recall of your favorite programs, and sound-editing software support so you can manage your sounds on your computer.

So stash the Pandora mini in your guitar case, or suitcase, or sock this summer and reach for it whenever you have a spare minute these holidays!

Cover all your PA needs with Wharfedale


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Sick of borrowing PA from friends, or paying for pricey rentals every time a gig comes up?

Well fret no more! Whether you're the wedding singer, doing pub gigs, or just hosting the family Xmas party, Wharfedale have got all you'll need to be heard!

With great packs like the PMX700 you could hold a small concert in your backyard. The two 12'' speakers, run through the 150 watt amp, are enough to get complaints from your neighbours for sure, but compact enough to chuck in the boot of your car to take away for the weekend – it even includes a mic!

If you're a DJ, or looking for some serious extra low end, why not check out the Wharfedale TITAN A12 Active Sub? It's active, which means it's self-powered, it's relatively light weight and most importantly is Loud! Boasting 250W of grunt, this is one way to get a party bouncing and is a perfect compliment to the PMX700.

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Pick up a guitar for Christmas!


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It's never been easier to pick up a guitar, and with Christmas around the corner, the timing has never been better! If you've been thinking about it for yourself or loved one, but aren't sure of how or where to spend the money, look no further!

We've got a heap of bargains available for the acoustic, electric and even classical players!

As a kick starter, have a look at this choice starter kit by Stagg, featuring everything you need to get you on your way to rock-stardom! Including the guitar, an amp, cable, bag, strings and picks!!

If you're a not-so-novice, then have a squizz at our range of Larrivée guitars!
Hand made in Canada, these things sound seriously beautiful. Great for live performance, recording or even Christmas sing-alongs!

Make waves this Christmas with the Suzuki Airwave

Toys Music Instruments

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The Suzuki Airwave is the perfect choice for loading up the kids stockings in a musical way this Christmas and an amazing way to introduce your child to the world of music!

Its larger design is easy to hold, the spacing of the holes wider than usual so that anyone can play it at their first attempt, it's made with high quality brass reeds and it comes complete with a beautifully illustrated full colour “learn to play” instruction booklet. Featuring notes, chords and exciting play along songs, anyone can learn to play right away with 'learn to play" software!

It comes in three colours, red, blue and orange (random selection). Designed with kids at heart, the thing is pretty close to invincible and will take a drop or a throw, without breaking. It's also safe, without screw or rough edges making it suitable for all ages.
The Airwave Harmonica by Suzuki. Music…From the Harp!

We've got lots of other great gift ideas for kids over in our Musical Instruments jungle, so swing by and have a look!

Get Floored with iRig STOMP

Electronics Instruments

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This ingenious device from IK Multimedia transforms your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a full blown guitar rig.

The best part about iRig Stomp is that you don’t need a massive setup. You can use it as a standalone piece of equipment.

Powered by IK Multimedia’s Am­pliTube apps (or any other amp simluator for iOS) and a 9-volt battery, iRig Stomp can easily work well by itself, or paired with a massive collection of pedals and amps. It’s the perfect way to mix iOS and guitar playing.

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Pitchblack POLY - Tuner Pedal


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If you are a musician, chances are, you're going to need to tune your instrument once in a while. Particularly if you play your instrument in front of people.

If you're a guitar or bass player, it just so happens that we've got a pretty big stash of great guitar & bass tuners!

One of the coolest of these oh-so-handy gadgets is by the good people at Korg who's Pitchblack tuner series has had massive success.

This time around, they've stuck in a choice feature for the stage musician with the release of the Pitchblack Poly.

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Ernie Ball VP JR


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From the good folk at Ernie Ball comes the 6180 – Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Junior!

All kinds of words spring to mind after just one quick look – sturdy, rugged, long lasting, robust and durable. The steel chassis will see this pedal last you from first practice to world tour!

If you consider yourself “techy” and are interested in the intricacies of this pedal, this should interest you;

The potentiometer has 250k ohm of resistance, suitable for the audio path of passive instruments. Behind the jack area, under the footplate, is a micro-taper-switch which provides the user two distinct volume swell rates. The main pivot shaft is composed of center-less ground stainless steel (about half an inch thick), precision seated though nylon bushings at both ends. A tough, long lasting Kevlar cable is attached by stainless steel springs and is responsible for transmitting pedal travel to the controls.

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Korg MS-20 reborn as MS-20 Mini


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Korg's most famous and coveted monophonic synthesizer is the MS-20, first introduced in 1978, has been reborn as the MS-20 mini. Enlisting the same engineers who designed the original MS-20 to recreate it in a body that is smaller by 86% of the original size, while retaining original look and feel.

This choice little monophonic analog synthesizer sports 37 keys; knob design and printing that stay true to the original's; and in the patch section, they've switched out 1/4-inch phone plugs for mini plugs. Korg was intent on making a good thing even better, and it shows as the MS-20 Mini is a portable, affordable, and easy-to-use synth for today's musicians.

One of the coolest things about it for all you synth buffs – the original MS-20 filter is also present in the MS-20 mini, providing both high-pass and low-pass with peak/resonance. This is the same reincarnated version of the filter that was also used on Korg's Monotron and Monotribe

So click on through to our Keyboards & Midi department and have a look at all the goodies we have by Korg and more, on Mighty Ape!