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Kids Christmas Gift Guide

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Want, Need, Read, and Wear

An increasingly popular way to shop for kids at Christmas time is by following the ‘Want, Need, Read, and Wear’ guidelines. This helps keep the number of gifts you’re buying to a minimum and creates a nice balance between essentials and treats! Whether buying for your own children or someone else’s, give it a try this Christmas!


The ‘want’ gift can be something that reflects their passions and interests or simply the latest toy on top of their wishlist. You can get them involved in the choosing of this gift to avoid any Christmas morning disappointment, or check out our ideas below for some inspiration!

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Why use Reusable Nappies?


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It can be easy to think that using reusable nappies is too hard, too much work, too tricky, and so on…

Disposable nappies sure are easier and quicker BUT do you know how many nappies per child end up in landfill? From birth to about 2.5 years old you are likely to use and throw away about 6,000 nappies! Roughly 60,000 babies are born every year in New Zealand. If they all use disposable nappies that is potentially 360 million nappies going to landfill. That is A LOT of nappies!

Disposable nappies cost you more!

Disposable nappies cost 30 cents each on average. That equates to about $1,800 spent on disposable nappies per child from birth to 2.5 years. In contrast, if you used reusable nappies exclusively, you would only require 20 nappies for the same period. The total cost would range from about $220 to $360 from our reuseable nappies available.

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New Huggies Range - Out NOW!


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With the release of their new Essentials Range, Huggies has made it easier to find the perfect hug for your baby!

Huggies Essentials is our new value range designed to provide up to 12 hours of reliable protection, available in convenience pack sizes, at a price you’ll love. Our other Huggies Ultra Dry and Huggies Ultimate ranges feature a number of additional benefits for your baby. Huggies Ultra Dry is designed for comfort and dryness, and Huggies Ultimate is our best care for skin.

Got a few questions? Check out our FAQ!

Why have you launched the Huggies Essentials range?

We know times have changed, and so have the needs and budgets of most Kiwi families. So, we’ve listened to your feedback and have launched Huggies Essentials – our new value range designed to provide up to 12 hours of reliable protection, at a price that won’t break the weekly grocery budget.

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Subscribe and WIN with Huggies & Sigrid's!


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Mighty Ape is going to be at the 2017 Baby Show, and to celebrate, we have a fantastic prize pack to giveaway!

Just subscribe to our Baby Mailing List and you're in the draw to win 12 months supply of Huggies Nappies and Wipes, as well as Sigrid's Baby Care products! All up, that includes:

Which is valued at more than $800!

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Claim your Huggies Personalised Storybook!


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Step 1: Buy selected Huggies products to collect points during the promotional period (31st July – 8th October, or while stocks last!)

Step 2: Download your Mighty Ape receipt, which you can find through your Mighty Ape Account. Your Mighty Ape Invoice should have all the details you need already included!

Step 3: Sign In to your Huggies Rewards Account to upload your receipt. You will receive an email from Huggies to say your receipt has been uploaded successfully. Once your receipt has been approved, you will receive an email confirming the number of points collected to date. Be sure to only upload one receipt at a time!

Step 4: Once you have collected 100 points, you will receive an email with your unique code to redeem at where you will be able to select and personalise your book. Enter your unique code at checkout when ordering your book. Please note a $4.95 P&H fee applies per book

Step 5: Once you’ve ordered your storybook, you will receive an email confirming the dispatch of your personalised book. Don’t forget there’s 3 books available, so keep collecting your Huggies points!

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Claim your pack of 5 free HUGGIES ULTIMATE Nappy-Pants!


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Rewards are kind of like hugs. The more you get the better.

To claim yours, simply purchase one pack of HUGGIES Nappies, HUGGIES ULTIMATE Nappies, or HUGGIES ULTIMATE Nappy-Pants, keep your receipt and go to Huggies Rewards to claim.

There are 3,000 packs of 5 free HUGGIES ULTIMATE Nappy-Pants to claim. The offer is valid 3rd April 2017 – 7th May 2017, or while stocks last (whichever is the earlier!)

To find out more and for full Terms and Conditions, head to Huggies New Zealand.

10 Essential products to help your Baby sleep!


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Happy baby, Happy parents!

1. Grobag Sleeping Bag

Babies often wake from the cold, particularly once they are active enough to kick off blankets. The temperature between 3–5 am is significantly cooler than when you put your baby to bed.

If your baby is waking around 3–5am and can self settle at bedtime, then cold is highly likely to be the reason. Plus it is a very simple problem to resolve, so you can then see if there is any other cause for waking in the night.

We recommend you use a quality baby sleeping bag. This means you don't need blankets (which can be kicked off) and ensures your baby stays a comfortable temperature all night.

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Potty Training Tips


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As your little one grows beyond the need for nappies, you'll begin training them on potty and toilet use. We sat down with our friends at Huggies to get their advice on how best to start your child down the path of becoming one of the big kids…

Knowing when the time is right

Every child is different,so there’s really no ideal time to begin. The majority of children are ready sometime between 18 months and three years old. Some children will take months to toilet train, and others can go sailing right through.

The key to successful toilet training is timing. The more ready your child is the smoother the process will be. You know your child best but if your toddler shows at least two or three of the following signs on the next page, it’s probably time to start toilet training.

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Subscribe to WIN with Huggies and Finding Dory!


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Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes fun in the sun and trips to the beach!

If your little one is keen for some adventures in the ocean, we've got the perfect giveaway for you!

Thanks to Huggies, we've got some of the fantastic Little Swimmers to giveaway!

Best of all, they're themed after Disney Pixar's latest underwater adventure, Finding Dory – just in time for the film's release on DVD and Blu-ray!

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