Expand your PS5 Storage with M.2!

By Andi

PlayStation's sof­tware update is here, and in addition to some nice UI tweaks and enhanced features for TV audio, there's a much-desired feature that fans have been craving… support for expanded SSD storage!

While for a long time it looked like compatible drives were going to strictly be first-party, it's now been confirmed that we can use storage from manufacturers other than Sony. That isn't to say you can just yank any random hard drive out of your PC and slap it to the side of your PS5 – this console is still all about that speed, so there's some minimum requirements in place to keep your sleek new gaming system running at peak performance.

First of all, you'll want an M.2 SSD with an integrated cooling structure. It'll need a sequential read speed of 5500 MB/s or faster, and be no larger than 25mm wide, up to 110mm long, and up to 11.25mm thick. For the nitty gritty, that thickness breaks down to up to 8mm above the board and up to 2.45mm below.

Sony has provided a full page of FAQs and Minimum Requirements for storage, but we've gone ahead and curated a list of Compatible PS5 storage for easy upgrade options!

Ready to install your M.2 SSD? Taking your precious console apart might seem like a daunting task, but it's surprisingly easy – and PlayStation designed the console with home-installation of SSDs in mind, so grab a Phillips screwdriver, get yourself set up in a well-lit area, and we'll walk you through the whole process.

1. Power down your console

This one should be obvious, but ya know… unplug your console from the power source. We're not looking to redefine the term “plug-and-play” here.

While you're at it, lay your console out on a flat surface, and remove the stand. There's no medal for doing this while balancing your $900 gaming machine on your lap.

2. Removing the cover

Time to pop that snowy hood off and get into it! Make sure the console is laid with the PlayStation logo facing down, and the power button facing away from you. Pulling the left corner closest to you up, slide the panel to the left and it should lift away easily.

Next, you'll want to remove the expansion slot cover located near the front of the console (see video below.) Using your handy-dandy Phillips screwdriver, remove the single screw then lift the plate away.

3. Installing your M.2 SSD

Before connecting your SSD, be sure to line up the spacer screw to the groove corresponding to your M.2's size. To do this, remove the screw, then reposition the spacer and screw it in place.

Next is the fun part. Go ahead and align your M.2 with the notch on the expansion connector then, starting from diagonally upwards, firmly insert it all the way in. Once your M.2 SSD is resting flush on the spacer, fasten it to the spacer with the screw.

4. Close it back up

Reattach the expansion slot cover and screw it in place. If the cover won't close properly, it's likely your M.2's got just a little too much height to it.

After that, reattach your console's panel by sliding it back into place, then fasten your stand for either horizontal or vertical placement.

5. Format your M.2

You're almost done! To enjoy the use of your expanded storage drive, you just need to format it for use in your PlayStation 5. Once you've connected your console and turned it on you'll be prompted with a formatting guide that'll run you through the process.

6. Enjoy!

You're all set up with that extra storage (so much space for activities!) So be sure to download all your favourite games, apps and more – then enjoy them all at lightning fast speed.