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Top Gift Picks for Christmas 2019

By Saskia

Needing a bit of gift inspiration this year? Mighty Ape has you covered! Check out our 2019 Christmas Gift Guide and read on for ideas to suit anyone!

1. Christmas Treats

Sweet treats are the best kind of gift as they are likely to be shared with you! Christmas themed chocolates are ideal for when you’re on a tight budget but still love letting people know you’re thinking of them at Christmas time… or for that colleague you’ve been eyeing up as friend material (but you don’t want to come on ‘too strong’).

2. Summer Fun

Make sure your friends and family members are well stocked for Summer activities this year! Get your boisterous niece or nephew a Nerf N Strike Elite so they can terrorise the rest of your family at the Christmas BBQ. A quirky Ride-On inflatable unicorn lounger for pretty much anyone you know with a pool (who on earth doesn’t love unicorns!?). A portable BBQ for mum/dad/partner so you can all enjoy sausages on the go and a cute beach seat for an optimistic parent (you know they’ll be chasing kids up and down the beach all summer long leaving that seat wide open…for you).

3. Hot Reads

The gift of a book is really a gift of limitless possibilities. It’s a gift that conjures up images of lazy summer days reading in a hammock. It’s the gift of quality toilet-time entertainment. The gift of new meal ideas and healthy eating options. Most importantly it’s the gift of knowledge – so next time your friends and family are at a function they can say things like “Goodness me, do you know what Flea from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers did during the tour of 1983?”

4. Board Games

Has it been way too long since a table has been furiously overturned at a family gathering? Then it’s time to give the gift of Monopoly! Heading camping with some friends? Give them the perfect group tent game – Uno (make sure you train hard beforehand so you can reign as Uno overlord). Or is it just time to expand the horizons of those around you? Catan, Tapestry and Wingspan are the perfect games to begin someone’s journey into a whole new world of Tabletop gaming.

5. Eco-Friendly Gifts

Help make 2020 a more eco-friendly year for your friends and family! From reusable straws and beeswax food-wraps to stylish travel mugs and bento lunch boxes – there’s something to suit everyone’s needs!

6. Pampering Time

This is the section that you leave open on your desktop monitor in a ‘subtle’ fashion for your loved ones to see. Every now and then when they’re within earshot point to this gift guide and say things like “I’ve heard amazing things about the MOR range of hand creams” or “I’m almost out of my favourite fragrance ”. If you’ve found this computer left at this page – buy them the things. Don’t they deserve a little pampering?

7. Kids

Let’s be honest, Kids are the most fun to buy for! The little ones can stay shaded during waterplay with the Intex Mushroom baby pool while the toddlers zoom around on their new Radio Flyer Trikes! Keep the older kids off Youtube with ease thanks to KidsLabs Crystal Science and the time-consuming construction of Lego (both of which we’re sure you’ll love to get involved with too!). Don’t forget our Addictaball range (for a wide range of ages) and kids books as stocking stuffers for the final touch!

Get in quick! We cannot guarantee that these items will remain in stock for long!

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