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Mighty Ape LEGO Month!

By Karena

November is Mighty Ape's LEGO Month! Be in to win weekly prizes, receive free gifts on LEGO Toys $30 and over plus you will get a 3 month Primate subscription on qualified purchases!

The deal:

  • Any LEGO Toy purchased in November will be in the draw to win weekly prizes. Orders placed in the specified week will correspond to an entry to that week's prize. Each item purchased will equate to 1 entry to the prize so multiple items purchased will give multiple entries to the draw. Winners will be selected at random following the entry close date. Entries are valid for New Zealand and Australian customers only.
  • Buy $300 or more LEGO Toys in November and receive a 3 month Primate subscription starting Dec 1st 2018. Primate is a paid subscription that offers unlimited free delivery within NZ on all products, free upgrades, exclusive Primate discounts + early access to our big site-wide sales! If you are already a Primate customer your membership will be extended by an additional 3 months on Dec 1st.

Winners Are…
Week 1: LEGO Millennium Falcon = Jennifer Su!
Week 2: LEGO City pack = Gail England!
Week 3: LEGO Harry Potter pack = Jeremy Halewood!
Week 4: LEGO Technic pack = Paula Martin!

Congratulations to all our winners!

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  • Beverley says: 8 November 2018, 12:35am

    i really hope i could win it would change my families life

  • James says: 8 November 2018, 9:14am

    Gidday Apesters, when is the draw for the MF taking place?

  • Hamish says: 9 November 2018, 10:06am

    Who won last week?

  • Beany says: 10 November 2018, 2:09pm

    who won last week???

  • Richard says: 10 November 2018, 6:32pm

    Enjoying LEGO month Mighty Ape! Who was the lucky winner of the awesome Millennium Falcon last week?

  • Bruce says: 2 December 2018, 9:38am

    So ... that Primate Membership for spending $300 on lego doesn’t seem to be kicking in ?