Mighty 24 Days of Christmas

By Che

We're getting into the Christmas spirit by giving away an amazing prize to one lucky customer every day between now and Christmas Eve in our Mighty 24 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

All up we've got over $30,000 worth of prizes to be won! Simply place an order for any product on Mighty Ape to get in the draw! Visit the Mighty 24 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar each day to see the day's prize.

Stay tuned each day for new prize packs to be won.

Here are the 24 Days of Christmas prize pack winners so far:

  • Day 1: Ultimate LEGO Prize Pack Winner: JP du Bois
  • Day 2: MOR Christmas Gift Pack Winner: Leisha Avis-green
  • Day 3: Maxwell & Williams Prize Pack Winner: Julian Hadfield
  • Day 4: PS4 Pro Bundle Winner: Amanda Long
  • Day 5: Gifts for Kids Prize Pack Winner: Tom Dargaville
  • Day 6: Pop Culture Prize Pack Winner: Robyn Manley
  • Day 7: White Christmas Home Computer Winner: Alex Geenty
  • Day 8: Home Entertainment Bundle: Ella Powell
  • Day 9: Gifts for Music Lover: Kynan Wilton
  • Day 10: Fantastic Foodie Prize Pack: Scott Harland
  • Day 11: FIFA 18 PS4 Console Bundle: Brooke Mellsop
  • Day 12: Hasbro Christmas Prize Pack: Jess McNicol
  • Day 13: $1,000 Mighty Ape Gift Voucher: Rob Smith
  • Day 14: Ultimate Star Wars Prize Pack: Cree Thomson
  • Day 15: PS4 Pro Bundle: Joanne Crofskey
  • Day 16: Ultimate Audio Prize Pack: Jason Deetlefs
  • Day 17: Summer Outdoor Fun Pack: Michael Davys
  • Day 18: Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Bundle: Sarah Corkin
  • Day 19: Secret Santa Home Computer: Yuliya Khrypko
  • Day 20: $1,000 Mighty Ape Gift Voucher: Samir Brown
  • Day 21: Family Boardgame Fun Pack: Danelle Kurei
  • Day 22: PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle: Mark Alleman
  • Day 23: Gifts for Gadget Geeks: Tom Leamy
  • Day 24: Kiwiana Prize Pack: Glen Goodger


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  • Dustin says: 1 December 2017, 2:58pm

    How awesome! Good luck everyone!

  • nicole says: 1 December 2017, 4:00pm

    Omg that would be AMAZING!

  • Jay says: 4 December 2017, 11:17am

    Now this just got me into the Christmas spirit!! Awesome stuff Mighty Ape & good luck everyone ??

  • Raymart says: 5 December 2017, 4:26pm

    Thanks for this!

  • Reuben says: 6 December 2017, 10:10am

    What a great idea :-) fingers crossed

  • Tim says: 6 December 2017, 12:19pm

    How do we see who has won each prize?

  • Che from Mighty Ape says: 6 December 2017, 12:31pm

    @Tim – The prize winners' names are displayed below the advent calendar on this page:

  • Mike says: 6 December 2017, 5:03pm

    holy smokes am i glad i put my order through today - this would be amazing!!!

  • Joel says: 7 December 2017, 10:49am

    Just had to order something. I'm saving for a gaming PC right now, but if I won this... Dang.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Matt says: 7 December 2017, 1:58pm

    If i won this i would legit run down my street in my underwear screaming "MIGHTY APEEEEE" is that bad? Meh, ive just been saving for yonks to build a PC so fingers cross! Good luck everyone!

  • Cam says: 7 December 2017, 5:35pm

    Go Banana's to win one of those

  • Sam says: 7 December 2017, 5:49pm

    This is awesome! Good luck everybody

  • Robin says: 10 December 2017, 9:58am

    A kiwi girls dream package ? good luck everyone ??

  • Susan says: 10 December 2017, 2:21pm

    My order is nearly here, that’s super quick, fingers crossed as I’m not a lucky person

  • Kenneth says: 10 December 2017, 3:34pm

    When’s Day 8 going to be drawn?

  • Jane says: 10 December 2017, 4:45pm

    I would love to win and share with my family!!!!!

  • Reagan says: 12 December 2017, 10:23pm


  • Daniel says: 12 December 2017, 11:19pm

    This is so cool! Love this

  • nicholas says: 13 December 2017, 9:23am


  • Shelley says: 13 December 2017, 11:04am

    Woohoo will buy now !

  • Grace says: 13 December 2017, 2:19pm

    Would love to win today's prize as it would be a huge help with the Christmas shopping!

  • Robert says: 13 December 2017, 5:02pm

    WoW!!! good luck everybody Great for Hoilday !!!

  • Shae says: 13 December 2017, 5:16pm

    Woaahh This is crazy. Good Luck everyone!

  • Adrian says: 13 December 2017, 8:17pm

    i hope i win the $1000 great for shopping for xmas for the kids HOPE ITS ME
    good luck everyone

  • kellie says: 13 December 2017, 11:01pm

    Ordered and received same day

  • Sammi says: 14 December 2017, 7:11pm

    Oh my wow this would make the perfect gift for the person I’m even on this site to buy for ?

  • Taziyah says: 14 December 2017, 8:33pm

    How to you get in the draw?

  • Marie says: 15 December 2017, 8:17am

    You monkeys are great!! Have ordered of you quite a few times now and never been disappointed. The service is A M A Z I N G ???

  • Jo says: 15 December 2017, 1:07pm

    Ooooh - Yes please - This will makes someone's Christmas super-special. Awesome prize Mighty Ape :)

  • Jocelyn says: 15 December 2017, 2:00pm

    This prize would make me the world's best grandmother!! Mighty Apes rule!!

  • Sherylene says: 15 December 2017, 3:06pm

    This would be SUCH a great xmas present for my partner and I! So glad I put my order through today – thanks Mighty Ape for making it so easy for me to get surprise gifts for my team at work! It'll be so fun to see their faces on Monday. :)

  • mark says: 15 December 2017, 8:14pm

    This would be Amazing to win

  • mark says: 15 December 2017, 8:14pm

    This would be Amazing to win

  • Matthew says: 16 December 2017, 12:15pm

    That would be awsome I never have won something on here before need a new speaker as well and all that plsssss I want to win so bad

  • Timothy says: 16 December 2017, 6:37pm

    good luck everyone

  • Rebecca says: 17 December 2017, 11:02am

    This is actually the best website I''ve ever used. I wish id known about it sooner.Awesome prizes , awesome service, and awesome products.
    Keep up the good work guys:)
    Merry christmas

  • Jason says: 18 December 2017, 2:04pm

    I've bought so much stuff this month mainly for the chance to win :D

  • Sean says: 18 December 2017, 4:13pm

    fingers crossed. goodluck everyone and Mirry Christmus

  • Winston says: 18 December 2017, 8:42pm

    This is one of the many reasons why I always recommend MIGHTY APE :D

  • callan says: 18 December 2017, 9:45pm

    This is why mighty ape is the best online retail store by far!!
    Fast shipping, cheap prices, great customer service its almost too good to be true!!!

  • Tere says: 18 December 2017, 9:47pm

    WOW, Awesome!

  • Youngjin says: 18 December 2017, 11:25pm


  • Marta says: 19 December 2017, 10:45am

    OMG..... soooooo excited. Definitely need a new PC!

  • Donna says: 19 December 2017, 2:19pm

    That would be so awesome as our home computer has died:(

  • Rowan says: 20 December 2017, 6:13am

    This would change my life!

  • Lori says: 20 December 2017, 8:12am

    What a generous prize ❤️

  • Donna says: 20 December 2017, 9:22am

    Good luck everyone and have an awesome xmas

  • Rosie says: 20 December 2017, 9:25am

    I've been buying all the time for the chance too, there are still some days left, my fingers have fallen off from crossing them. Congrats to all the winners, I am sure you are ecstatic with your win, every prize is so generous, I can't believe they are giving away so much. Even if i dont win though, i got some great buys and mighty ape makes christmas shopping so easy.

  • Alex says: 20 December 2017, 9:57am

    OMG i need this so bad, it would help us so much this Christmas! I have two little boys 3 & years and they desperately want dome Nerf toys. Fingers and toes crossed! Does each purchase today go into the draw or does it have to be a certain amount?

  • Che from Mighty Ape says: 20 December 2017, 11:28am

    @Alex – Every order placed today gives you an entry into the draw :)

  • Phillip says: 20 December 2017, 3:08pm

    What a cool prize, nice one Mighty Ape

  • Jinlin says: 20 December 2017, 3:48pm


  • Rebecca says: 20 December 2017, 3:52pm


  • Stevie says: 20 December 2017, 4:33pm

    Wooow ?

  • Charles says: 20 December 2017, 6:08pm


  • David says: 20 December 2017, 9:47pm

    oooh yea! This would be handy

  • Ben says: 21 December 2017, 8:11am


  • Rosie says: 21 December 2017, 10:08am

    Oh man I'm actually super keen for the board games :O

  • Willie says: 21 December 2017, 2:40pm

    super keen! GL all, Merry Christmas and GAME ON!

  • Rosie says: 22 December 2017, 8:45am

    At this point I don't even know what to buy any more. There is nothing I want or need anymore... I've never felt so empty!

  • Rachiel says: 31 December 2017, 9:10am

    My first order with mighty ape was for Cosmo my son found on you tube. Couldn't believe I found it in nz on special with you guys. Ordered the week of Xmas and it arrived within 2 days. Absolutely would recommend you to everyone. I now have an account with you which will be well used.