Black Friday - Record Day

By Che

Just in case you live under a rock and didn't realise, Friday last week was Black Friday and was a record day for Mighty Ape. We received and shipped more orders than any other day in Mighty Ape's history! Black Friday is the informal name for the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, and is known as a day for massive shopping deals; a practice that has caught on worldwide in recent years including here at Mighty Ape.

On Black Friday, seventeen products were sold every minute at Mighty Ape. In 24 hours, we sold 13 tonnes of products, in the same volume as 76,000 litres of water! Every 2 seconds a product was picked, packed, and shipped from our warehouse during work hours.

Games was our most popular category. Some of our top selling games include: Call of Duty: WWII, Assassin's Creed Origins, FIFA 18, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Gran Turismo Sport, to name a few. In fact we sold so many games, that if you played through the main story of just the top 5 games alone, it'd take 2 years of non-stop gaming!

Here are the top 10 items from other categories:

  1. Sands Alive! Box of Sand (Toys)
  2. Nestle – Little Rolo Giant Tube 100g (Food & Drink)
  3. L.O.L: Surprise! Doll – Little Sisters Series 2 Blind Bag (Toys)
  4. Logan (Movies & TV)
  5. Hatchimals: CollEGGtibles – Egg Carton Set 12pk (Toys)
  6. Nestle – MilkyBar Buttons Giant Tube 100g (Food & Drink)
  7. The Secret Life Of Pets (Movies & TV)
  8. Rowntrees: Fruit Pastilles Tube 125g (Food & Drink)
  9. Bunch O' Balloons (Toys)
  10. Cadbury Freddo Faces Tube 72g (Food & Drink)

The biggest order placed was $5,762.12 in total! They purchased a very powerful computer and a bunch of components to go with it.

The smallest order placed was just $2.00. They purchased a Sands Alive! Box of Sand. The shipping was free because they are a Primate member.

This year we gave our Primate members early access to our Black Friday Sale on Thursday. The total sales from Thursday and Friday grew more than 70% than last year's. It's clear that Black Friday is gaining popularity here.

Now with Black Friday being over, we are heading into our busiest month of the year. We will have a post about this shopping season after the frenzy is over! Happy holidays everyone!

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  • Phil says: 29 November 2017, 8:01pm

    Brilliant job guys! Finally got myself a PS4 (beautiful white, 500GB WITH Evil Within 2). Had been ready to get one from either of a few other retailers then your mail hit my inbox -had a look and BAM! Clickity clickity click! Bagged 3 other games for $30 each as well . Way happy :)