Share Your Order & Win a $100 Mighty Ape Voucher

By Paul

Want to win a $100 Mighty Ape voucher to spend at your favourite online store?

Next time you order from Mighty Ape, snap a picture of your order when it arrives and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #mightyapegoodies and you're in the draw to win. You can also enter on Facebook by posting your picture directly on the Mighty Ape Facebook page with the hashtag #mightyapegoodies – it's that easy!

You can improve your odds and enter a maximum of three times per order by sharing on all three social networks.

We'll draw the winner at the end of each month and get in contact via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (so keep your eyes peeled).

We'll look favourably on creative images and good use of bananas – so get those thinking caps on and get those creative juices flowing!

Check out the terms and conditions for full competition rules.

Good luck!

Our winners so far:

June 2015: @miss_aviatrix

July 2015: Rimoni Sagapolutele

August 2015: Warren Goodwin

September 2015: Troy Rawhiti-Forbes

October 2015: Steviie Nicole

November 2015: Emily Roycroft-Stone

December 2015: Angela Mason

January 2016: Travis Thompson

February 2016: Phil Janssen

March 2016: @short_tall

April 2016: Felicity Lowe

May 2016: @i_like_plants

June 2016: @erinlaas

July 2016: @finnyproductions

August 2016: Rhonda Covich

September 2016: @bengiebenge

October 2016: @angelajoyfell

November 2016: Inaah Vitale‎

December 2016: Marc Hancox

January 2017: Hazel Anderson

February 2017: Dairne Woods

March 2017: Jay Byrne

April 2017: Judy Cope

May 2017: Sonia Williams

June 2017: Sam Carew

July 2017: @sammiistorm

August 2017: @i_am_krang

September 2017: @jaygrayriver

October 2017: Robyn Anderson

November 2017: Timothy Whale

December 2017: Louise Tasker

January 2018: Mark Patrick

February 2018: @freulalu

March 2018: Asher Watson

April 2018: ‎Vix Leolahi Foai‎

May 2018: Leslie McGregor‎

June 2018: Nick Ackroyd‎

July 2018: Tokuko Kishi‎

August 2018: Ben Bandshaw Poke‎

September 2018: @spicyblu_‎

October 2018: Danielle Bueno‎

November 2018: ‎Sarah Frankie

December 2018: Jane Bratt Daining

January 2019: Mica Bos

February 2019: Rachael Thomson

March 2019: Vera Shlapatckaia

April 2019: Bryce Cunningham

May 2019: Justin Pilcher

June 2019: Kate Riordan

July 2019: Anna French

August 2019: Claire Grant-Leach

September 2019: Jared Rive

October 2019: April Asumbra-Trillana

November 2019: Stephanie Upperton

December 2019: @grassangel

January 2020: Natasha Scott

February 2020: Serapheir

March 2020: Andrew Johnson

April 2020: Edrick Danao

May 2020: Jasper Lim

June 2020: @koralite

July 2020: @SplinSlash165

August 2020: @popsvspaycheck

September 2020: Tsehai Hastie-Broughton

October 2020: @camera_benjamin

November 2020: @blackgoliath

December 2020: @kirst_haylee

January 2021: Izzy Melachaia

February 2021: Gareth Scurr

March 2021: Jamie David Turner

April 2021: @ribbononmywrist

May 2021: Beth Marriot

June 2021: Raven Fallon

July 2021: Lauren Moore

August 2021: Countess Myth

September 2021: @toffee.fv

October 2021: @sarahiously_ga­ming

November 2021: @handcraftedby­nessie

December 2021: @romeguarin

January 2022: Maxine Samways

February 2022: @AmishCharmand3r

March 2022: @cyborcinus

April 2022: @jt.pudding

May 2022: Allister Broome

June 2022: @kirst_haylee

July 2022: @popsvspaycheck

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  • KEELEYZ SMITH says: 17 June 2015, 5:13pm

    hi guy u us cool

  • hayden says: 10 July 2015, 10:37am

    Monkey Ffion was very helpful ,epic service, I was very happy with the help i received from him to get my gear to me instead today instead of Monday thanks heaps !!!!
    I will definitely shop again and recommend Mighty Ape to others due to this Monkey!!......Legend!

  • Daniel says: 15 July 2015, 6:16pm

    All done, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With my own giant gorilla, too!

  • Shaun says: 4 August 2015, 11:34am

    at Might Ape they for great job A+ in my book

  • jesse says: 11 August 2015, 2:41pm

    It would be cool if we could see how the books are stacking up.....see what I did there

  • Patrick says: 18 August 2015, 11:24am

    Hi MightyApe Staff

    I haven't heard any news/notification from you guys on regarding the winners of this $100 MA gift voucher competition, and that goes with the $500 MA gift voucher - whenever you purchase any Mophie products via MA E-store.

    Please let us know asap thanks!

  • Corrie says: 19 August 2015, 6:30pm

    Your service was excellent and will use you in future.

  • Patrick says: 3 September 2015, 12:59pm

    I'll try my best again.

  • Gretta says: 3 September 2015, 5:49pm

    "We'll look favourably on creative images and good use of bananas"

    Hmm. So are you the reason there's a banana shortage, Mighty Ape? ;)

  • Steviie says: 25 September 2015, 7:32am

    Love this! hope to win :)

  • Robyn says: 30 September 2015, 2:13pm


  • Kathleen says: 5 October 2015, 12:33pm

    Hope I win, there's still empty space in my boardgame cupboard and bookshelf :D

  • anetta says: 16 October 2015, 6:23pm

    Best customer service!

  • Julius says: 12 December 2015, 8:23pm

    Totally just made a Facebook to enter this contest!

  • Valerie says: 21 December 2015, 2:21pm

    Your service is incredible as it is a Christmas present it hasn't been read yet but we will comment when she has Merry Christmas

  • Daniel says: 22 December 2015, 9:24pm

    wish i had some way to take a pic etc, but wrapped them all up and ready to give on xmas to family hours before I found out about this heh.

    service has been once again amazing all year round.

  • Nakita says: 4 February 2016, 2:52pm

    "We'll look favourably on creative images and good use of bananas"
    riight because last months was soooo creative

  • gonzalo says: 26 February 2016, 3:28pm

    I buy a lifeproof case for my Galaxy S6, the case had a problem, but the team of Mighty Ape, especially Chris Nicholls, he contacted me and after a few days I received a new case! thank you! they are the best!

  • Pauline says: 16 March 2016, 3:48pm

    Wow what great service only ordered yesterday and for a nana I did well lol

  • leanne says: 14 April 2016, 1:00pm

    Love your items you have excellent staff and the products are super fast thanks mighty ape love buying your products and I will still buy your products

  • Polly says: 30 April 2016, 11:53am

    Left my picture. Fingers crossed.

  • Leo says: 9 May 2016, 6:53pm

    I'm gonna enter this once my item is here ;)

  • Lyn says: 15 July 2016, 6:20pm

    Great service. I am delighted to find such a great company.

  • Wilkie says: 6 October 2016, 11:19am

    You are the very best Mightyape! I love my orders and will definitely be ordering more from you. I will do my best to encourage others to join up. cheers! from Wilkie.

  • whitney says: 8 October 2016, 5:18pm

    great way to shop from mighty ape!!! best of the best!

  • Liam says: 26 October 2016, 4:24pm

    Thanks for the good deals

  • Peter says: 1 November 2016, 9:01am

    Wow Mighty Apes that fast that I just can not keep up with it

  • Lisa says: 14 December 2016, 5:14pm

    Hiiiiii... YAYYYY!! Got my Parcel today my boy will be a happy chappy on Christmas Day... Just as happy as I am on the freaking awesome delivery time... I AM STOKED !! YAYYYY!! A+++

  • Cliff says: 21 December 2016, 3:29pm

    Thank you Mighty Ape, Your service is so quick, delivered to door.Who could ask for anything more.
    A really satisfied customer AAAA++++

  • Dalissy says: 28 December 2016, 1:50pm


  • Wendy says: 12 January 2017, 4:33pm

    Thanks Mighty Ape, awesome service! :)

  • Linley says: 14 February 2017, 10:01am

    thanks as always fast and a lovely calendar, will deal again soon thanks Linley

  • Joshua says: 28 February 2017, 11:15pm

    Sent in my photo :D

  • Japnoor says: 19 April 2017, 12:14pm

    u are a worm

  • Mighty Ape says: 19 April 2017, 12:52pm

    Thank you Japnoor.

  • Mar says: 9 June 2017, 11:53am

    fantastic services A++++

  • Lois says: 28 June 2017, 11:16pm

    I've been with mighty ape for so long now and their service is still spot on and amazingly quick. I remember my first order was the jak and daxter trilogy on ps3, so long ago. Love mighty ape, the only website that stops me doing school/uni work :)

  • Lois says: 1 July 2017, 2:24am

    I've been with mighty ape for so long now and their service is still spot on and amazingly quick. I remember my first order was the jak and daxter trilogy on ps3, so long ago. Love mighty ape, the only website that stops me doing school/uni work :)

  • Helen says: 26 July 2017, 12:03pm

    Thanks team, I'm so delighted with my books, they got here so fast, you guys rock :)

  • Cheryl says: 4 August 2017, 2:37pm

    My order arrived so fast , thanks heaps .Will definitely be ordering more .??

  • Jesse says: 16 September 2017, 3:02am

    i want to enter but i dont have a facebook

  • Karmel says: 20 September 2017, 12:15pm

    I don't have any social media accounts to post a comment but I just wanted to say how incredible Mighty Ape's service is. I ordered a Trunki for my daughter at 4:10pm yesterday and it was here when I got home at half 11 today. Amazing.
    Thank you

  • Reef says: 3 October 2017, 5:32pm

    Amazing customer service!

  • Michelle says: 24 November 2017, 3:26pm

    So pleased only took 1 day to get here and they got to be with great for Christmas thank you Marty apps for your quick service

  • Joanna says: 16 December 2017, 1:21am

    Thanks Mightyape great service express delivery well worth the money. Will definitely use you again. Merry Christmas

  • John eric says: 11 January 2018, 9:17pm

    Thanks Guys! Good packaging, Great service. Will order again soon...

  • Tayla says: 17 January 2018, 7:02pm

    The product came in a few days and wasnt damaged. ?

  • Alice says: 25 January 2018, 7:02pm

    You guys are magic!!! I started using Mighty Ape in Dec 2017 and you have been bang on with all the deliveries. Our son recommended you guys and you havent disappointed. Your communication when and order is placed is superb. Keep up the awesome work guys and girls...Mighty Ape Legends

  • John says: 28 February 2018, 7:25pm

    As always I love what I’m seeing at Mighty Ape my first place to shop for sales , specials and new release DVDs always reliable fast delivery. The wish list makes treating myself or others easy,Thanks to team at Mighty Ape.

  • Finn says: 7 March 2018, 1:02am

    Absolutely love using mightyape

  • Francine says: 10 March 2018, 12:50pm

    So appreciate the integrity and efficiency of the Mighty Apes.

  • Faye says: 20 March 2018, 4:50pm

    I received my dvd today looked at it already It is Avery good true story and thank you very much for your excellent and efficient service

  • Danny says: 20 March 2018, 5:08pm

    Hey are you guys doing your giveaway of $100 from Feb 2018?

  • Finn says: 27 March 2018, 3:23pm

    I got the chase pop vinyl so that was awesome of you guys

  • Zacharey says: 13 May 2018, 6:49pm

    I give all my bananas to you

  • Rea says: 24 May 2018, 10:19pm

    Thank you mighty ape for the affordable price and fast service.. keep it up guys!! A+++

  • Esta says: 27 May 2018, 10:25am

    Cheers Guys ....super fast delivery

  • Rea says: 30 May 2018, 2:47pm

    Thanks again for fast delivery and sooo affordable price.. keep it up guys.. A++++++

  • Janet says: 6 June 2018, 8:15am

    Love love mighty ape it has never disappointed me and delivery so quick

  • Karen says: 7 June 2018, 2:52pm

    Awesome, fast, kick ass service!!! Thanks Mighty Ape you rock!

  • Nasser says: 23 June 2018, 9:08am

    Very impressive same day purchase and delivery in great condition...

  • roy says: 3 August 2018, 2:58pm

    hi there many thanks parcel ok roy

  • JUDY says: 14 September 2018, 12:30pm

    You service is incredible less than 24hrs and I have my book in my hands. Can't post a photo because I don't do any kind of social media sorry. But you at Mighty Ape are the best.

  • Rina says: 17 January 2019, 3:47pm

    I totally recommend MightyApe 100%. They go outta their way to satisfy their customers ????

  • Margaret says: 2 February 2019, 4:11pm

    Was very happy to receive the DVD today instead of Monday thanks heaps !!!!
    I will definitely shop again and recommend Mighty Ape to others due to the to awesome service from the Monkey

  • Sande says: 6 March 2019, 12:34pm

    Oh my goodness. Ordered in the afternoon. Email saying it was shipped when I opened the computer and the courier tapping on the door at the same time. From Auckland to Dunedin in less than a day. That's what I call superb service. Oh and the products I ordered. Super pleased. Well done Mighty Ape .

  • Hugh says: 10 May 2019, 6:13pm

    Once again. Awesome speedy service... awesome gift for the neighbor

  • Skye says: 18 May 2019, 11:25am

    Hey is this monthly prize thing still up and running?

  • Lona says: 21 May 2019, 7:56am

    Best packaging
    Best prices
    Fastest delivery
    Mighty ape you’re the best thank you

  • jia shuan says: 7 June 2019, 4:09pm

    hi friends

  • Carolyn says: 12 June 2019, 2:55pm

    Thanks Mighty Ape. I'm impressed with your service. I only ordered the book yesterday and voila - it's here! Thanks you so much. Will use you in future. Great service.

  • Geoff says: 6 August 2019, 3:43pm

    Very quick delivery.
    Though I'm wondering if you were short of small boxes as this came in one that wouldn't fit in our letterbox properly, the lid was sticking open.260×210×60, big for 4×aaa batteries. I guess OSH requires the dangerous goods label!

  • Jared says: 2 October 2019, 11:13am

    As Christmas approaches, plus four birthdays in my household alone between now and January (not mine though ?), MightyApe has been absolutely the best with giving me the best deals and service! Highly recommended team of monkeys helping my monkeys... thank you so much!!!

  • Kaylee Sandra says: 28 December 2019, 4:44pm

    Awesome service

  • george says: 6 January 2020, 4:01pm

    So happy it and very fast delivery

  • Quan says: 22 May 2020, 11:51am

    Myyyy package ? came through!!! Thanks so much very HAPPY ?

  • jenny says: 12 June 2020, 10:30am

    you guys are really wonderful and yes I have ordered quite a bit

  • jenny says: 12 June 2020, 10:31am

    you guys are really wonderful and yes I have ordered quite a bit

  • jenny says: 12 June 2020, 10:32am

    I would not go anywhere else, you are so helpful

  • Carol says: 19 July 2020, 8:29pm

    Fantastic service mighty ape ,I order from Australia to send gifts to grandkids in NZ always deliver on time and never any issues thanks

  • Gareth says: 29 July 2020, 1:24pm

    First time and certainly not the last. Wanted the dirty on Donald Trump from his neice, Book was sent same day it was in stock along with John Bolton;s book.. more dirt on that funny man they call POTUS

  • Sarah says: 3 September 2020, 6:46pm

    My order arrived. Thanks to all the people who made it happen.

  • Richard says: 2 December 2020, 5:57pm

    Collected my Turtle Beach Stealth 700 gen 2 today, easy and painless, excellent service, I will post a review after first use.

  • Craig says: 15 May 2021, 7:50am

    Thank you so much Mighty ape. Much Appreciated in your delivery time. Thanks.

  • Julianna says: 19 May 2021, 9:22am

    Hi guys I dont have social media so I've never posted photos. How can I get around that? Cheers Julianna

  • John says: 22 July 2021, 7:24pm

    Always effortless shopping on line, and courteous service with a minimal wait when I come to collect my purchases

  • Solomon says: 11 August 2021, 10:29am

    Bussin Bussin

  • Quintin says: 2 September 2021, 8:27pm

    Thanks Mighty Ape, awesome service!

  • Yvonne says: 16 September 2021, 2:20pm

    Happy with mighty ape as always

  • Roger says: 30 September 2021, 11:50am

    Absolutely excellent. Service and delivery could not be beaten. Yep, you got me Mighty Ape, I’ll be back before long

  • Kathreen says: 15 December 2021, 2:55pm

    Love mighty ape. Very fast delivery and receive exactly the same product as described

  • ian says: 28 January 2022, 11:35am

    great stuff

  • jeremy says: 11 March 2022, 1:44pm

    hi guy u us cool

  • Sheree says: 17 April 2022, 11:19am

    Love my sunbeam vac , great service as always, love your products cheers sheree, I give you all 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️