Mighty Ape at Armageddon

By Dylan

Many of us here at Mighty Ape spent the weekend at the ASB Showgrounds in Auckland for the annual Armageddon Expo, and despite the aching feet and the huge backlog of work we've created for ourselves back at the warehouse, we had a LOT of fun and can't wait for next year's show.

It may come as a surprise to you that, despite being made up of a bunch of geeks and nerds, this was in fact our first appearance at the show. We've learned a lot, and reckon getting out there and meeting so many of our awesome customers (and some new ones, too!) was one of the best experiences we've had so far in 2010.

So a big “thanks!” to those who managed to swing by our stand…it was really cool to meet you, talk geek with you and put a face to your order number :P

A special thanks too to our new friends at VendHQ for their awesome web-based point-of-sale system…highly recommended for retail n00bs like us (well, some of us).

For those who couldn't make it…we'd love to see you next year. And if you live in Wellington, a little bird tells me we're investigating a road trip down to the capital for the next show…what do you think?!

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  • Paul says: 27 October 2010, 2:00pm

    Is the Wellington show as dumbed down and crappy as the Christchurch one?
    If not could be worth the trip up.

  • Jay says: 27 October 2010, 2:18pm

    Wellington is definitely a lot smaller than Auckland. Usually very crowded as well due to the limited space :(

    Any news on the 'tweet a photo of the stand' competition over the weekend? :)

  • William says: 27 October 2010, 2:57pm

    It was a great event this year! Good to see you guys made your first appearance at Armageddon!

  • Mata says: 27 October 2010, 4:21pm

    Took my 2 sons and they loved it. Great to see Mighty Ape in 3D too. We'll be there next year without a doubt

  • Andrew says: 27 October 2010, 4:41pm

    Wellington MA stall would be awesome!!!

  • Nicola says: 27 October 2010, 4:55pm

    yes yes, plz do come down to Welly XD.
    aww, missed the AuckGeddon this year, but there's always next :-)

  • Umang says: 27 October 2010, 4:58pm

    haha i came and said hi and totally annoyed you guys and listed what i brought off you and why =P

  • Annette says: 27 October 2010, 6:09pm

    Was great to see you guys there (hi ben).
    Keen to see you guys again next year, esp if you're doing sales again.... some of the stalls I checked out had actually marked UP some of their stock.... NOT COOL.

  • Matt says: 27 October 2010, 9:15pm

    I take it MA won't be showing their face to Christchurch?

  • Paul says: 28 October 2010, 9:58am

    If the Christchurch show is anything like last year it will not be worth going, best to spend the cash and hit the Welly one or Aucks next year.

  • Matthew says: 29 October 2010, 11:52am

    awesome to see you guys, still kinda disappointed that I didn't buy I game from you though . . .

  • Jonathan says: 18 November 2010, 11:33am

    Come visit us down in ChCh sometime ;) We promise we won't rock you too much!