The Big Quake is coming this week!

By Che

It was little over a month ago when Canterbury was rocked by the massive earthquake that tore Christchurch up. Christchurch's da­ily newspaper The Press have put together a commemorative book and DVD, The Big Quake: Canterbury 4th Sept 2010, that discusses and documents the impact of the earthquake on Canterbury and it's inhabitants. We're shipping The Big Quake now with proceeds going to the Red Cross earthquake appeal. Many thanks to The Press for linking us up in their article about the huge demand for their book this morning.

The Big Quake: Canterbury 4th Sept 2010 features:

  • Foreword by Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker
  • Scientific earthquake facts
  • A significant photographic record
  • Many personal accounts
  • DVD containing 30 minutes of footage
  • Published in association with The Christchurch Press

There is a very limited run of these commemorative books, so I suggest ordering as soon as possible to secure your copy. These books would make for a great gift, and are also a great way to make a contribution to the Red Cross relief effort.

I know many of our customers were directly affected by the big quake and it's hundreds of aftershocks. So feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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