What's in the box? Deadzone!

By David

Tabletop gamers rejoice, as the massive Deadzone Boxed Set has just arrived, as well as a host of Deadzone new releases.

The pre-release edition sold out so fast back in December that we didn't get a chance to take a look at the contents more closely, so lets take a look at What's in the Box!

The Deadzone Boxed Set contains two faction starter forces, the Enforcers and the Plague, as well as their faction decks which contain the rules and stats for each of the models. These faction starters provide all the model's you'll need to start playing regular sized games and offer a number of different ways to customise your force.

Also included is the full colour rulebook, with the core rules and background for Deadzone, 130 colour cardboard counters to mark objectives and keep track of in-game effects and 6 eight sided dice.

Of course you'll also need a battlefield to fight over, and the Deadzone boxed set doesn't disappoint, with some amazing scenery included! First up is the Urban Gaming Mat, a 2" by 2" full colour gaming matt printed on crease-resistant, hard wearing rubber, with a non-slip backing, kind of like a giant mouse-pad.

The Deadzone mat is one of our favourite pieces in the range, as its got heaps of cool details printed onto it, like craters, spent shell casings, blood stains and more. Plus its also printed with a 3'x3' grid, since movement and weapons ranges are determined by grid squares in Deadzone.

By adding some additional mats you could easily create an epic gaming surface for larger sci-fi games such as Warpath or even Warhammer 40K.

Finally there's a massive pile of modular scenery sprues, plastic accessories and connectors which enable you to build customised urban battlefields to battle over. The plastic tiles are designed to click together using the connectors, so you can create unique scenery for each game and then take them apart afterwards. Or for larger structures you can glue them together for increased strength and durability.

The connectors fit quite tightly into the connection points on the tiles, so it may pay to file or sand them done a little bit to make them easier to slot into place, especially if you've painted the modular tiles first. Its also highly recommended to use a small, thin object to push the connectors out of the tiles when you're taking down your scenery so as to avoid damaging them.

The contents of the Deadzone box are available separately, so its easy to pick up just the rulebook or some extra scenery upgrades if you're looking to start off small but buying the Deadzone Boxed Set you'll save over $70 compared with buying it all separately. Click any of the images to see the full box contents.

To see more of how the Deadzone scenery goes together be sure to check out this video from Mantic Games showing how to assemble the terrain.

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  • Casey says: 19 February 2014, 10:08pm

    These figures are awesome, I managed to get some from a friend who helped kick start it and they look really good. Just have to get them painted and I will be on my way.